You can't be who I think...Mature

 He smiled and opened the door, letting her out first. She smiled leading him around the streets to the concert hall. Many other people were waiting outside too. Some were tourists who dressed in jeans and a smart top and Melissa laughed. "What happened to the good old days huh?" She smiled, not at all feeling over-dressed.

"Ugh," he muttered, looking around at the people in jeans. "People. People are what happened to the good old days."

"I feel sorry for the pianist." She laughed handing the woman their tickets. She pointed them down the aisle and she smiled leading Lazarus to the front row. "Even now I would never come in jeans."

"Yeah, me too. It's fine for a restaurant or a bar where they have live music, like in the hotel... but this?" Lazarus shook his head. Melissa felt a shiver run down her spine. "It just got cold really quickly." She mumbled.  He looked at her, a slight frown on his face.

"Did it? I'm fine..."

She turned her head and growled: "Wolves." Lazarus wrapped his arm around her. "I'll keep you warm," he said with a smile. She leant into him, ducking her head from view of the wolves that had just sat a few rows behind them.

"Thank you." She smiled back. He sighed, doing his best to ignore the presence of the other wolves as he sat, but it was hard.

"Just enjoy the music." She whispered as the pianist walked to his piano after taking a swift bow.

Lazarus nodded and tried to relax into his seat, his arm still around Melissa. He closed his eyes and listened to the music, waiting for the melodies to pull him out of the reality, but for the first time in his memory, the music wasn't working and he was all too aware of the pack members behind him. She let out an almost silent growl and kissed his cheek softly.

"It'll be okay. Just relax." She tried to smile, "please."

"Sorry," he whispered, twisting his head a little to flash her a smile, before he looked back at the pianist, carefully taking in the man's appearance; the dark curls that sat on top of his head in a carefully arranged mess, his dark eyes concentrating on the score before him, his hands as they caressed the keys. It helped him ignore the eyes of the alpha boring into his back. For a little while anyway.

"Who are they?" She mumbled, flashing the pianist a warm smile as he looked at her for a moment.

"The wolves? Well the dark skinned guy staring at me is the alpha. The one that called me vampire bait." Lazarus murmured, not taking his eyes off the pianist, though he was no longer drinking in his looks. Melissa's face lost all colour - what colour she had - and she took a deep breath.

"Why can nothing go right?" She whined quietly. He glanced at her for a moment, kissing the top of her head quickly, before staring back at the pianist on stage.

"And that woman and the blonde guy with him must be like... I dunno, alpha female and beta male or something. I never figured it out; they just stood in the doorway and watched the alpha guy sort me out. I guess the bodyguard is probably with them somewhere, but I didn't see him." He continued, his voice low. He didn't blink, his eyes taking in the shadows on the pianist's face now, in another attempt to distract himself.

"I wanna talk to them." Melissa muttered suddenly.

"Don't." his hand tightened on her shoulder as he tensed.

"I can't let them control you like this, they just ruined my evening!" She placed a hand on her neck, grasping the cross that lay there. He turned and kissed her gently.

"They're the dominant pack, Melissa, I have no choice over whether they control me or not. And no, no they haven't ruined the evening." he smiled and relaxed his body again.

"You've been tense ever since I mentioned them Lazarus." She sighed, sitting up, her back pressed into the chair. "You're lying." He closed his eyes again and exhaled gustily before opening his eyes again.

"I'm fine." He told her firmly. She sat there, ignoring the music the pianist was playing, in her head she weighed up her chances against three wolves.

"How strong do you think the alpha is?" She mumbled absently. Lazarus shook his head almost imperceptibly.

"Don't even think about it, Melissa. Please." The rest of the concert played on with an uncomfortable silence between her and Lazarus. She turned to him as the pianist gave his final bow and the people started applauding him,

"Come on, I need to talk to them." Lazarus clapped absent-mindedly, looking at Melissa.

 "Why? Why do you need to talk to them? I promised I wasn't going to cause trouble, or 'bring any vampires with me'. I don't want you to get hurt." he said, twisting in his seat so people could shuffle past.

"One of them looks familiar." She muttered as she turned to look at them.

"Which one?"

"The beta..." She mumbled trying to place him.

"Maybe you saw him when you were travelling." he shrugged. "Shall we go?" his voice brightened as he attempted to distract her. She shook her head.

"Who is he...?" Before she knew it everyone else had left leaving her and Lazarus and the wolf party alone in the concert hall. The beta turned her head up to look at her and she caught his green eyes. "No..."

"What is it?" Lazarus looked between Melissa and the blonde wolf, confused. She got up from her seat absently walking toward the blonde man.

"You can't be who I think..." She mumbled, reaching a hand to touch his face, forgetting what he was and who was watching him. The woman put out a hand, grabbing Melissa's wrist.

"Watch it, leech." she hissed, pushing Melissa back. Lazarus followed Melissa, hovering beside her anxiously. The alpha male glared at him with unconcealed disgust. Her hand shook as she grasped the cross again. The blonde wolf remained silent.

The End

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