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"I have an idea, but do you know Hallelujah on piano?" She wondered, searching her head for the notes if he didn't. He nodded and brought the piece to an end, before moving onto Hallelujah almost seamlessly.

She breathed softly, rising to her feet. She fought back the blush as the bar filled up, new people coming in to hear Lazarus' music. As she caught onto the song she closed her eyes allowing the melody to take her as she began to sing. Her tenor filled with slight sorrow, adding to the atmosphere of the song. A smile came to her lips as she fought her embarrassment. She looked at Lazarus, "but remember when I moved in you and the holy dove was moving too, and every breath we drew was hallelujah." She sung, mouthing a thank you to him as he carried a short instrumental.

He smiled up at her as she sang flawlessly, people's gazes switching from him to her instead, the metaphorical spot light shifting. "What was that other one you know?" he asked her mentally so he didn't ruin their performance.

"Amazing grace." she replied.

“Okay, I'll see if I can remember it." he replied quietly as he reached the coda of Hallelujah. Her eyes opened wide for a small while.


"They love you. You'd sing them just one song and leave them hanging?"

"Not as much as you I hope." She smiled, "well, go on."

What d'ya mean not as much as me?" He let out a small laugh as he paused between playing Hallelujah and Amazing Grace.

"I hope you love me more than what they do." She grinned.

"Ah. For them to love you more than me, the world would have to stop turning and hell freeze over. No one could love you more than I do," he grinned.

"I wish I wasn't stood in front of an audience." She smiled, as she began to sing Amazing grace, leading Lazarus into the song.

“You're doing fine," he replied quietly, concentrating harder on this song.

She let her tone drop to a deep melancholy song, letting the words roll off her tongue, savouring each note. "I meant, for that comment I would have wrapped you in my arms and not let go."/

"Oh. Multi tasking is a bitch. I don't know how you do it." His mental voice grumbled, faint with his concentration.

"I'll hush then." She laughed in her head, carrying the song with ease and grace.

A smile flickered across his lips and he resolved to learn the song better when they got back to the apartment. "I need to practice more," he complained .

“But you play fine." She smiled as the last chorus played and she saw her mother in her head. "For you." She mumbled, forgetting Lazarus was still connected to her. Lazarus saw the image of Melissa's mother, and her quiet words to her, but he didn't say anything, keeping a respectful silence as he ended the song. She took a light bow and blushed slightly at the crowd of people before she took a seat next to Lazarus again.

There was a round of applause for her as she sat, the sound loud in the large room. "You should learn more songs," Lazarus murmured, kissing her softly. "You have a voice as beautiful as your face,"

She looked up at him, searching for any lies in his eyes but she found none. "I would try, but I hate all these modern songs."

"Not all modern music is bad, y'know. But if you dislike it that much, then we could learn some classical stuff. Up to you really."

"I shall see." She glanced at the clock and smiled. "It's 5 o'clock, we should go get ready."

He nodded and rose, "I really need to iron my shirt."

"Hmm and I need to never let you go." She nodded absently, stray, wispy thoughts running through her mind.

He smiled and slipped a hand around her waist as they walked out of the hotel into the dim sunset

She smiled softly. "Which do you like me better doing, singing or playing the violin?" She wondered as they walked the short journey to their apartment.

"I like both equally,"

"I knew you'd say that."

"How am I supposed to choose between them?" he asked

"Well I think I do play the violin better. But..." She shrugged as she pushed the button for the lift. "I don't like hearing myself sing."

"No one likes hearing themselves sing." he shrugged.

She stepped in the lift, pushing their floor number. "I got quite a reception though." She grinned remembering it."

"Indeed you did. They'll be asking you to work there too soon enough," he chuckled

"Yeah, Sorry. I only work night hours or else I burn." She rolled her eyes. "I have never worked. Ever."

"I can't imagine not working, to be honest. I've been working since I was..." he paused trying to remember, "seven. Or was I six? I don't remember. But I've always worked, drunk or not."

She nodded. "Well if you ever get drunk again I'm going to fix that the hard way." She let out a playful snarl, tapping her fangs.

He pouted a little. "I'm not allowed to get drunk ever, ever again?" he laughed. "That's a tall order, but I'll do my best."

 "A tall order? Well. Every time you avoid getting drunk in the face of temptation I shall kiss you."

"You owe me a kiss, then," he grinned. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him firmly and passionately. "There." She smiled.

"Thank you," he smiled back, glad now that he had resisted the temptation when he had been sitting at the bar.

"Now." She kissed him again. "That was for the comment at the bar." She laughed.

Her strengthened grip only made his grin bigger and he kissed the top of her head, wishing he didn't have to release her. "Now." She kissed him again. "That was for the comment at the bar." She laughed.

He arched an eyebrow, confused. "What comment?"

"Declaring... reinforcing your love for me."

He smiled and kissed her back.

She wrapped her arms around him tighter, not letting him go. "I love you."

 "I love you, too." Her strengthened grip only made his grin bigger and he kissed the top of her head, wishing he didn't have to release her.  She rested her head on his chest, feeling warm from his body heat, even though she knew her death-day was only two days away.

Lazarus suppressed a tiny shiver as she pressed her cold body closer. He didn't protest, and he certainly didn't want to break the embrace, but they did have somewhere to be, and he had to find his semi smart clothes in all the boxes. "We should be getting changed," he half whispered, not wanting to spoil the moment.

"Mmm." She nodded, squeezing him one last time before letting him go reluctantly. "Yeah. We should."

He returned the quick squeeze and smiled before turning to his duffel bag. Hopefully, his clothes would be in there. If not... it should be fun finding them. /Or not,/ he thought, unzipping the bag

She pulled the dress out of the wardrobe and pulled off her red dress, replacing it with the black one. "Found them?" She muttered running a hand through her hair. 

Rummaging through the bag with a scowl on his face, Lazarus swore each time he pulled out a shirt that wasn't the white one. Eventually, he found the white shirt and held it up, inspecting the crumpled material. There was a dark brown splotch on the collar and shoulder of the white material. Lazarus stared at it for a moment before swearing again, loudly.

"Watch your mouth!" She laughed, picking up the crimson ribbon again, tying her curls back so they fell down her back like a water fall. "Just wear something else."

"Like what? I'm not wearing a hobo shirt there!"

"Don't you have something else?"

"Umm... Someone at work got me a pink shirt as a joke once, ‘cause he thought I would appreciate the gay joke. I didn’t, and I'm not wearing that either."

She scowled, "we have half an hour, go run out and buy a new one."

He groaned and pulled out his black trousers, quickly changing into them. Shopping. He hated shopping.

"Hurry back," she mumbled. He pulled his wallet and Melissa's rosary from the pocket in his jeans, glowering as Gabriel's ring fell to the floor when he pulled his wallet out. Picking it up, he stuffed it in one of the pockets in his trousers and kissed Melissa quickly. "Will do."

She rolled her eyes. "Give me your wallet. I'll go."

"No pink shirts." He paused, "Actually, I'll just come with you," he laughed

"You're three times slower than me though."

"Hey, I'm not quite as slow as a human." He protested, but handed over his wallet anyway.

"Mmm, true, but you are slow." She took his wallet and smiled. "I'll just get you a white one the same as that, is that okay?"

"Yeah, as long as it fits, it's fine."

"What's your size?" She mumbled, wrapping her arms around his waist as if to measure him.

"I've never measured myself, I don't know..."

"Then how did you order your clothes?"

"I guess. Badly." He muttered. She rolled her eyes slapping her forehead irritably. 

He shrugged. "Sorry. Just get medium..."

She rushed off -description- when she came back she through the shirt at him. "There. That should do."

"Thank you." he pulled the shirt he was wearing off and replaced it with the new one, tucking it into his trousers

She looked at the clock. "We better go." She smiled, linking her arm in his.

The End

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