A SaviourMature

Lazarus shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked out into the street, not looking up at their window. His feet led him to the hotel they had stayed at and without a moment's hesitation; he pushed his way into the restaurant and sat at the small bar in the back of the room, but didn't ask for anything.  

 She sighed before getting up, scanning the bedroom floor for something to wear. She pulled out a knee-length silk red dress and slipped it on sighing once more before searching his mind, finding where he had gone to. "Oh Lazarus." She whined, it was still light outside but she stuck to the shadows as she walked down the street. Her arms burnt as the sun caught it and she cursed under her breath, picking up her speed until she reached the hotel. She asked the receptionist, in French, where Lazarus went and he happily showed her to his bar stool.

His hands were clasped in front of him, and he stared down at his pale skin in the dim light. He had ignored the bar man's attempts to sell him any alcohol, stoically resisting the craving as he sat there. So when the bar man tried to get his attention, pointing behind him, Lazarus didn't respond at first, waving him away.

 She coughed slightly before sitting next to him, ordering a water from the bar man in fluent French.

Looking sideways awkwardly, Lazarus took in Melissa next to him, her hand reaching out and taking the glass of water.

She sipped the water slowly and smiled at the barman, muttering a quick thanks. She looked across the bar to the wide range of alcohol, not once glancing at Lazarus, pondering who should talk first.

He looked back down at his hands again. "Sorry for storming out like that," he muttered quietly.

"No, no. Don't be." She smiled softly. "I...I don't know where to start." She sighed, nursing her drink.

"With what?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so harsh, I realise that it was hard for you to hear that and that I wasn't exactly the number one thing you were worrying about then." She paused, taking another gulp of her drink. "But, I just found it hard accepting that you thought I would leave you so easily. Especially for him."

He nodded, not looking up. "I didn't mean to upset you. I don't know whether I believed it or not, to be honest, it was just a shock to hear you were seen with some other guy and I don't know what the hunter had done to me, but it was like being underwater for the most point. Just... empty and everything was so far away. I dunno, I'm not making sense.”

"I wish you would stop cutting yourself off like that. You make perfect sense!" She downed the rest of the water and looked at him, leaning on her arm sleepily. "I grow so tired of arguing."

"I don't-" He stopped, not wanting to lengthen their argument. "What time do we have to go to that show?"

"You don't...?" She prompted.

"Make sense,” he muttered half-heartedly.

She pushed him on his bar stool slightly. "The show is at seven thirty. As for you not making sense, you do to me, that's all that matters right?" 

"Yeah, I guess."

She turned his face to her with one of her cool hands and kissed him softly. "You don't seem so sure."

"I'd like to make sense to myself too one day"

"One day, maybe I can help with that."

"I'd like that,"

She rubbed her arm as it itched with the healed burning. "So, you wanna go home?" She wondered.

"Uh, yeah. Okay."

"You don't have to if you don't want to. Have a drink if you want."

He shook his head and held out a hand. "Let's go."

She took his hand gratefully. "You know, it's better walking when you have a shadow."

 "Yeah, I can imagine." He got up and walked with Melissa away from the bar.

"Why did you come here, of all places?"

"I don't know. Only place I really know apart from the church, and I wasn't about to go there. I guess I kinda wanted to play the piano again for them," he laughed ruefully. "I'd forgotten how much I missed performing."

She stopped, turning, "well, go ahead."

"Not really many people that would want to hear it here," he gestured around the room, and its sparse population.

"I do." She smiled awkwardly.

He smiled and kissed her gently. "If you'll ask them for me...?"

“Of course" she smiled back, the waiter obliged again but tacked a job offer on the end of her request, she turned back to Lazarus. "He wondered if you wanted to work here as a pianist every Monday, Wednesday and weekend. Six till eleven. Starting next month."

He fought back a small blush and grinned at the waiter. "If you can cope with me being out of the house that long?" he laughed

"Of course, I'll be asleep till seven anyway." She turned to the waiter and nodded and he grinned wildly before departing with a bounce in his step.

"Yes ,but then you'll be waking up without me."

She shrugged. "I don't mind if you don't Lazarus."

He smiled and kissed her on the cheek, wandering over to the piano. "No, I suppose not then. It'll make a change to have a job I enjoy for once."

"It'll make you happy?"

 "I love performing. Though it will never compare to being with you," he grinned, sitting straight at the piano, Melissa beside him. 

 "You're making me blush Lazarus!" She mumbled irritated as her cheeks flushed cherry-red again.

"You don't want me to compose you a new piece in public then?" He asked beginning to play their song as a couple of people looked at him expectantly.

She hid her head in her hands and shrugged simply. "Go ahead, I'm already embarrassed."

He chuckled and slipped easily into a new key. "Hmm, let's see what I can do, then."

"I wonder if this pianist we are going to watch is as good as you?"

"Well, if he's not spent most of his life drowning his sorrows in a bottle, he'll most likely be better," he said slowly, concentrating on what was coming next in the new melody.

She raised a brow contemplating what to do before residing to do nothing as he was busy, so instead she kissed his cheek coolly. "I hope that helped." She grinned.

He smiled at the kiss. Eventually, though, he sighed and switched back to their original song. "It's hard composing continuously, sorry. I'll do it at home." He turned and kissed her back, not lifting his fingers from the pallid piano keys.

"Okay," she smiled. "It has been a while since I have played."

"Mmm. Maybe one night you could bring your violin down here and play with me," he replied

She shook her head. "Not in front of people!"

"Why not?"

"They'll eat me alive!" She mumbled, "in a manner of speaking."

He laughed. "Why would they eat you alive?"

"Compared with you? I wonder."

"Don't be silly, Melissa. You're very good; I wish you would play more often."

"You're lying."

"I'm many things, but I am not a liar,"

She laughed. "What are you then?"

"A wolf that is madly in love with you?"

"That's not many things. But I appreciate it." She grinned.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. "I didn't realise you wanted the full list."

"Oh, you’re busy."

"I can give you a longer list if you like."

"Go ahead."

"A wolf that is madly in love with you, occasional smoker, ex alcoholic, bi-sexual pianist, I'm four hundred and something years old and until I met you I was a complete waster on the verge of suicide. Better?"

"Hmm, I liked the simplified version." She grinned.

He laughed. "I don't blame you; the simplified one doesn't make me sound like such a loser."  She took his hands from the piano for a moment, clasping them together in her own.

"Lazarus. You're not a loser." She whispered. "Please, don't think that." Her tone lifted to a soft voice, she blushed as she noticed everyone watching her, hearing every word she said she dropped his hands.

He smiled, ignoring the people watching him and put his arms around Melissa, quickly hugging her, brushing her lips with his. As he returned to the piano keys, he murmured in her ear: "No, I'm not anymore." He began to play something old, one that Melissa hadn’t heard before. A wide smile lit his face as he watched Melissa listening intently, fighting her blush.

The End

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