"Well, I never was good at picking out furniture. I'll leave it to you."

"it's not how it looks, it's how it feels, and after sleeping on that old bed for god knows how long, it would probably be a good idea to have your opinion too..."

"Why? I'm used to sleeping on floors and stiff inn beds." She shrugged. "Not to mention, I'm supposed to live in a coffin"

"Well it's up to you if you come with me or not,"

"I'll go with you anywhere." She smiled, "And you need me."

He laughed a little. "I know. I'm hopeless without you."

"Well yes." She admitted. "And you don't know French."

"Pfft. You weren't supposed to agree," he grinned

"Oh so if I was to say... get kidnapped, what would you do?"

"Well... after the mental breakdown I'd do my utmost to find you, without the aid of creepy traitor vampires."

She narrowed her eyes slightly at his comment, stopping her pacing. "Right."


"I didn't know did I!?"

“Sorry, sorry. I'm sure you can understand the bitterness, though." He paused and looked at her. "Can't you?"

"Why, what did you think I was doing?"

"You think I was capable of thinking in that state?"

"You're capable of thinking now!"

"I've been trying to forget about it, not think about it."


"And what?"

She rubbed her forehead irritably. "I really wanna hit something." She snarled.

"Go on then." He said, gesturing at a wall. She looked at him an eyebrow raised before turning her fist to the wall, placing all her anger into it, it cracked and the plaster came away. She snarled irritated.

"All that and it didn't even help." She sighed.

"I'm sorry I said anything," he muttered, looking out of the window.

She collapsed to her knees, banging at floor beneath her, being careful to not destroy anything. "Argh!" She growled, angry tears falling down her cheeks as she pounded the ground.

Lazarus didn't know what to do, standing dumbly in the room with her. "Sorry," he whispered.

"Stop it! You don't need to be!"

"Isn't that what you're supposed to say when you upset someone?"

: "Yeah, you have but you don't need to say it." She sighed, falling on her back.

He sat on the floor beside her, just less than a metre away. "Mmm. That ban on saying sorry didn't really work, did it?" he smiled weakly

"No." She mumbled, wiping away the last few tears that lingered on her cheeks. 

"I'll try harder next time."

She turned her head to look at him swiftly before turning her gaze back to the ceiling. "Okay."

He stared blankly at the hole in the plaster on the wall and sighed. 

She rested her hands on her stomach, relaxing from the rise and fall of her breathing. "Sorry."

"Don't be."

"It's a new apartment and I already broke something." She sighed. "I should find something else to divert my anger with."

"Nothing that can't be fixed."

"I don't believe you thought I would have left you like that!"

"Huh. D'ya want a little insight to my state of mind at that point in time then?" He asked irritably, "I don't see how else I can make you believe me when I say I wasn't thinking anything."

"It doesn't matter what state of mind you were in! Lazarus why...?"

"I was drugged out of my mind, Melissa; do you honestly think that I was capable of anything more than basic reactions?"

"Basic reactions... right." She mumbled.  He scowled at her and moved closer to her, putting a hand on her arm. He pulled her into the memory, the numb emptiness, the telephone call that the hunter had received, telling him that Melissa was seen with someone else. The words had been like being punched on a half healed bruise, dull and painful. She countered with her own memory, stinging him with memories of her killing, drinking, the pain of being turned.

 "Now release my arm." He lifted his hand sharply, and got up. She stopped her breathing, closing her eyes against it all.

"I'm going out. Coming? Or would you rather lie there?"

"I'll stay here thanks." She muttered coldly.  He nodded and picked up the new key, putting it in his pocket.

"Okay. I'll see you later."

"Yeah, I'll see you later, unless you think I'm going to cheat on you while you're gone."

"I trust you not to," he muttered, closing the door.

"Yeah, that's a lie." She mumbled as he left, before she crawled to her boxes, flicking through the dusty books.

The End

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