Parading in my UnderwearMature

She kissed him lovingly and firmly. "I thought you said you weren't good with words." She mumbled.

"I'm not. But perhaps I'm getting better. I never had anyone to explain things to before."

"Well, I need your opinion on something."


She picked up the bag of clothes and walked into the bedroom, which was empty and closed the door. There she pulled out a long, sleek black dress that fell over her curves. She pulled on a pair of black strappy sandals. She opened the door again to show Lazarus the silky, strapless dress. She turned once and smiled. "What do you think?"

He took her in and for a moment didn't say anything. "Wow." he managed to say eventually.

She let out a short laugh. "Well, its good to see you lost for words again." She stroked her sides, "you don't think it's too much?"

"No. Is this for tonight?" he asked.

She nodded softly. "Yeah."

A small chuckle escaped him. "I've only got a pair of black trousers and a white shirt. I hope that'll do..."

"Oh it probably will, I just can't help myself." She giggled. "Although I should take it off until tonight."

"Nothing wrong with that," he grinned. "And yeah, it would probably be a good idea."

She took off the heels and instantly felt the difference. "I'm small again..." She mumbled, before slipping off her dress hanging it up in the wardrobe. "Hmm... what to wear." She whispered.

He stood behind her and put his hands on her hips, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Nothing wrong with being small, either." he said softly

She stopped searching through the bag and looked in front of her. "No, but it's certainly a disadvantage."

His arms snaked around her waist gently and he hugged her for a moment before letting her go. "How so?"

"Well look. I am so vulnerable at this height!"

"You're not that vulnerable, Melissa. You would be more unsteady in heels anyway. Unless you're one of those people that can walk in them as easily as flat shoes..."

She shrugged and turned to him. "Maybe the fact I feel vulnerable is because I'm not wearing any clothes." She smiled awkwardly. 

"I'm not stopping you," he smiled warmly.

She nodded, bending over again to search through the bag. "What to wear..." she repeated. “Eugh." She laughed throwing all the clothes from the bag as she searched through it.

"Women," Lazarus muttered amusement in his voice as he watched her indecisive rummaging. She stopped and stood mechanically, turning round to face him, fake anger blazing on her face.


His eyes widened and he raised his hands in a placating gesture. "Nothing! Nothing."

She took a step forward, an eyebrow raised. "What did you say?" She repeated.

"I said 'women', but I was joking. Christ."

"Oh. Right. And what about women?" She persisted, keeping her steps forward.

"Can't decide what to wear. Really. There's no need to be so defensive!"

She nodded thoughtfully before she stopped in front of him. "What do you think I'm going to do?" She wondered.

"How would I know? All I know is you are looking really pissed off."

She kissed him firmly and a little forcefully, when she broke away she smiled. "Hmm, I just can't find anything to wear," she shrugged simply.

He let out a relieved sigh and smiled back at her. "You have loads of clothes."

She giggled. "Really, did I look that scary?"

"Just a bit."

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look that scary, I was faking." She blushed slightly.

He laughed a little. "I think I've learnt my lesson anyways."

"Still doesn't fix what I'm gonna wear."

"Well is there something wrong with wearing the trousers and blouse again?"

"Boring." She huffed. "I'll just parade in my underwear." She said after a moment of thought.

"Thought you said you felt vulnerable like that?"

"Well I trust you." She grinned.

"Trust me with what?" he laughed

"Not to try anything." She winked before joining in his laughter.

"I won't do a thing," he said, holding up his hands again. "Not got a bed, remember?" He said jestingly and chuckled.

"Hmm although in truth you wouldn't need one. The cave didn't have a bed either," she pointed out, walking back into the main room.

"True, true, but beds are comfy. And we did think it was possibly our last night together."

She giggled, "So what you gonna sleep on tonight?"

"The floor?"

"I could turn if you want me too, keep you warm."

"Oh, I don't mind. Sleeping on the floor isn't that bad."

"Mmm," she mumbled, searching through her boxes. "They're all here." She smiled. She stood up and wrapped her arms around Lazarus. "I love you." She grinned, kissing him swiftly.

 "I love you too," he returned the embrace and the kiss warmly. "Bed shopping tomorrow," he grinned .

The End

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