Broken Heart and SoulMature

He followed her gaze and noticed the guy who had nearly dropped his TV. "They better be more careful this time," he chuckled.

"It's okay. I'll be able to catch him if he falls." She fought back the slight giggle that pursed her lips slightly.

He grinned and got up. "We should probably go up and open the door."

"Yeah, I'll wait here and make sure they don't drop anything." She smiled, "Those tickets are for tonight, by the way." 

He bent and kissed her quickly. "Thank you," he muttered.

"I love you. There is no need to thank me," she whispered into his ear as he bent down to kiss her.

"I would sound ungrateful if I didn't, regardless." He told her as he straightened again.

"Yeah, they're growing as impatient as I am." She grinned, folding her legs so she gracefully balanced upon the wall with ease.

He smiled and turned, walking into the apartment block with his bag and the removal men in tow.

The men carried a few boxes as they followed him, remembering where their apartment was. One of them grunted. "What's in these boxes?" The young man complained.

"Stuff," Lazarus smiled annoyingly.

The young man peered through the small fold. "God. Who needs so many books!?"

"People who like to read?" he suggested

"Pfft. Stupid people with their heavy books and furniture I knew I shouldn't have taken this job, 'It's good money' mum said, yeah until I break my back." He mumbled beneath his breath.

"Funny. You'd have thought people who read wouldn't be so stupid. And get another job if you hate it so much,"

"What? You heard that?" He exclaimed. "You have really good hearing man."

Lazarus smiled. "Yeah. I do."

He plonked the box on the floor next to the rest of them and mumbled as he walked back downstairs to grab more stuff, ignoring Lazarus.

“Such a pleasant young man," Lazarus grumbled inaudibly he looked through the boxes and began to move the furniture as it came up until Melissa came up holding the other side of the TV. She placed it down and stood next to Lazarus. “We need to get a bookcase.” She grinned.

"Yeah, okay. I'll let you choose what one you want," he smiled

"Well I don't really have anything else other than my violin."

"How did you manage to travel with that many books?" he asked

"I would never leave them behind!" She exclaimed, "Plus they are extremely light."

"I wasn't suggesting that you do leave them behind. They just look like a lot to carry, that's all."

"Nope." She smiled, kissing him before grimacing as she heard a screech of strings. She let out a low growl in response to their protest and ran into the corridor, "What are you doing?" She cried as she saw her violin in its case on the floor. The young man took a step back, "I... I saw a spider." He shuddered. She bent down to pick up the violin, cradling as if it were as precious as her own soul.

Lazarus followed her and glanced angrily at the one who had dropped it. "Is it okay?" he asked Melissa.

She nodded letting out another growl. "Yeah, it's fine." She sighed. "I would show you worse than a spider if you broke it you kid!" 

He put a hand on Melissa's shoulder. "Calm down." He murmured.

"No!" She growled her eyes flashing dangerously as she gazed at the kid.

"Please?" He tightened his fingers just a little for less than a second.

She let out a deep sigh closing her eyes for a second. "Fine." She growled, stamping back into the apartment as the last piece was brought up, his piano.

He hesitated, before going into the apartment after her. "Why are you so angry about it?"

"Because this holds so many memories for me! What if they had dropped your piano?" She sighed. "You gave this to me. I played for you when you were in jail, when you were captured. This is my soul Lazarus." 

"Have you seen how many dents I've put in that piano?"

"Well, what if it had been me then?"

"I wouldn't let them drop you. I'd be carrying you," he grinned. 

"Oh you don't get it!" She whined, gracefully placing her violin upon her boxes that were tucked in the corner.

"No, sorry. You say that it's your soul but... it's a cheap violin I got you for Christmas. So no, I don't get it."

"You care how much it cost? It was from you! It's like a cross to a Christian. It's as precious to me as you are, well no. You are more important." She nodded. "But..." She sighed in defeat. "There is no point in me explaining."

"I'm probably just being stupid. Sorry." He muttered and then turned to the removal guy standing awkwardly in the door waiting to be paid.

She stamped once angrily on the floor before letting out a really deep sigh, mumbling quietly to herself. He grimaced and walked over to the removal men with a slight scowl. "How much?" 

Melissa closed the blinds and leant her back against one of the walls gazing down to the floor. “Hmm, seeing as your girlfriend seems really upset £500 will do. I hope you will come to us again if you decide to move. Despite this kid’s clumsiness.” The man said, forcing a smile to his face.

Lazarus shrugged and pulled out his wallet, handing over the cash, but he turned to the kid. "Seriously. Get a new job." He turned away and closed the door, facing Melissa again

She stared absently at the door, her eyes glazed with anger. Her arms hung loosely by her side and she had one leg up on the wall.

"Sorry... I didn't mean to upset you by not understanding..." he trailed off, awkwardly. She waved her hand to dismiss it.

 He sat heavily on the piano stool and pulled the rosary she had given him out of his pocket. "As important as a cross to a Christian..." he murmured, trying to understand as he stared at it.

"Do you remember...?” She murmured ghostly, "I broke my soul for you." She still gazed at the door as she spoke in the airy monotone.

"Broke your soul?" he repeated.

"My first violin." She tilted her head so she could turn her absent stare to him. "Do. You. Remember?"

He nodded slowly. "I remember."

"I broke my heart as well, I was so angry at you. But you gave me a new one. A new hope. You fixed my heart and soul." She paused, opening her arms wide to welcome him to her. "That's what that violin means to me."

He rose and embraced her, "I think I understand now," he whispered.

She rested her head on his shoulder, whispering into his ear. "That's what you mean to me."

"It's certainly what you mean to me. Perhaps a little more; you're my music, as well," he smiled.

The End

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