When the night slowly turned to day Lazarus was already awake and he turned to her gently calling her name. “Yeah?” She replied, stirring slightly.

 "Time to go,"

 "Oh, okay." She mumbled. "I don't believe it."

 "What's up?"

 "It's here and it’s really hard to believe." She smiled.

"You've got a long time to get to grips with it."

 "Oh yes. I'm looking forward to it."

"Me too." He grinned

She threw her arms around him unexpectedly. "Oh I love you!" She exclaimed rather loudly. 

He laughed at the randomness of the hug and put his arms around her, holding her tightly. "I love you too."

She moved so her lips were inches from his. "Would you like me to call a taxi, or do you want a more personal ride to the station?" 

"Hmm, well it's up to you. I don't want you to wear yourself out in the sun just for me. You've done enough of that recently."

"Oh, maybe you're right. But I can't stand taxi-drivers."

"Well I don't know what else to suggest. Taxi is easiest." He shrugged.

 I remember when you used to carry me." She giggled.

 "Yeah, me too. I'm just not as fast as you," he mumbled, smiling a little sheepishly.

She smiled. "Well, maybe going a shorter distance then." She grinned, pulling on her jeans.


 "Well, maybe when we have to go a shorter distance you can carry me then." She continued to grin as she pulled on her blouse, turning to him as she did it up.

 "Oh, right. Yeah. I'd go long distance carrying you, too, but you'd get impatient."

"Not true! I'm very patient, with some things..." She blushed.

"Some things?"

"Yes you know!"

 "Mmm. Definitely not for a certain wedding, though." he said with a chuckle.

"Well, with quite a few things then. But I could still be quite content for long periods of time just gazing up at you in your arms."

He smiled and fought back a creeping blush. "I'm not that interesting to look at."

"Oh, you are." She bent down on the bed to whisper into his ear. "Especially when you're turning red." She grinned, before walking out of the bedroom door. 

 He scowled at her back as she left the room, before grabbing his towel and clean clothes.

She went to the fridge and downed the last two bags that were in the fridge before binning them. She stretched herself out and smiled, taking in his apartment one last time as he showered. She walked to the bathroom door once she had done and she leant on the wall beside it, awaiting him to come out.

 Lazarus dried and dressed quickly, wrinkling his nose a little as the smell of wet dog rose up. "Ugh," he muttered, reaching for the cologne by the sink. 

 She giggled at his moans, not at all bothered by the smell of wet dog coming from the bathroom.

Finally, he came out of the little room, a scowl on his face.

 "What is wrong with you? You only went for a shower." She mused trying to hide her smile.

 "I stink. I hate how I smell. How can you live with it?" he asked, shaking his head a little, incredulous.

 She shrugged. "I love you, I learn to live with it."

 "Hmm. I feel sorry for you, having a good sense of smell and all." He went to the bedroom and took out the duffel bag from before, packing it with the last of his clothes

 "It's not as good as yours though." She admitted. "Nor is my eyesight. But I live." She grinned. "So, figured out how you want to get there?"

"No. Multi tasking is hard, forgive me."

"It's not as good as yours though." She admitted. "Nor is my eyesight, but I‘ll live." She grinned. "So, figured out how you want to get there?"

"No. Multi tasking is hard, forgive me.”

She smiled, looking at him as he finished packing the bag. “Forgiven.” She tilted her head slightly, her brown curls falling in front of her face slightly. “Are you ready?” She whispered softly.

He looked around, checking everything. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready."

"Sure you don't want to say goodbye to the place?" She laughed, "before we go?"

 "I've been living here for far too long. I can't wait to get out of here."

She smiled. "Okay, let's go. If we leave now we can walk there and still have time for your train."

"Yeah, sure." He avoided the lift after what had happened last time and instead took the stairs, swiftly descending them with Melissa. He placed the key and Melissa did the same with hers, in the safe labelled ‘Please leave keys here, signed P. Hardy,’ before she blew a kiss toward the building, saying goodbye to it. She pulled two tickets out of her jean pocket making a thoughtful “Oh!” sound.

“Here.” She smiled, showing them to Lazarus; they were tickets to a piano show by some French guy.

  "Oh, wow," he murmured looking at the tickets. "Thank you." he smiled and kissed her on the cheek, taking her hand.

She placed the tickets back in her pocket and grinned. "I bought them out of the money I got from my rent. I always pay in advance and when you cancelled it I got my money back. Plus a leaving present sum." She laughed.

"Hmm. We should put all your money in a shared account. I still feel bad having everything."

"Heh." She smiled, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly. "I don't need it." She nodded thoughtfully, taking his hand again; she was trying not to start another argument. "All I need is blood and you. Nothing else." She shrugged.

"I love you." He smiled, kissing her again, this time on the lips.

When he had finished she tilted her head to him slightly. "And I you, but that was rather sudden wasn't it?"

"What was?"

She tapped her lips softly. "That." She laughed, turning to begin walking again.

"Nothing wrong with spontaneity, is there?"

"Oh I don't know, nah. Nothing wrong spontaneity."

"That's good." He grinned. 

"So. Who'd you think is going to win?"

"Depends how fast you go. It's a high speed train, after all."

"Hmm. Fast enough to walk on water."

"Hmm, probably you. But I shall keep my faith in the train, until I'm proved right." he laughed

“If I can, you're going to have to try it to." She grinned. "You only have one life after all."

 "As long as you're confident I won't drown."

"Yes. I will save you anyway. I have no breath after all." She grinned.

"I trust you." He said with a chuckle.

"Oh, you'll have to." She giggled with an evil grin.

 "I would anyway."

"Good." She smiled. "I trust you to. Well, depends."

"Depends on what?"

" What I am trusting you with."

He shot her a questioning look and she rolled her eyes. "If you say to me, 'Oh, I'm not allergic to silver.' Then I wouldn't trust you." She laughed, "but only then it’s stupid."

"No, well we both know what silver does to me," he laughed too.

"Yes and to me if it gets in my bloodstream."

He nodded thoughtfully. "Mmm. That scared me so much that night."

"I'm sorry." She mumbled, turning to him as they stopped outside the train station. "I wouldn't let him take you, even if I was shot in the stomach and feeling like I was burning inside-out." She hung her head, her curls falling around it. He lifted her face up again, hooking a finger under her chin. Ducking in for a kiss, he smiled.

"Neither of us have any sense of self preservation, do we?"

The End

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