Dead RosesMature

‘I'm just worried about the coven and that hunter of yours and I just wanted to stop everything for a moment.' She sighed, looking into the shiny metal surface of the elevator doors. He brushed a hand through her hair, his gentle touch filled with comfort and consternation.

‘The coven will get over it. Tell them I'm just a food source, or something. The hunter? He'll have a lot of fun trying to get to me in the pack's area. We'll be fine.'

She sighed, closing her eyes through his touch. ‘What about your pack, what will they do if they find you bought a hunter into their territory?'

‘They won't be happy. I guess it depends on how long it takes for the hunter to find me. But I s'pose I have a chance if he's looking to "domesticate" me, rather than outright kill me.' He shuddered a little and grimaced. She matched his shudder and sighed.

‘No. No. No.' She closed her eyes against the thought.

‘We'll get through it, Melissa. We will. We have to.'

‘I don't want to Lazarus!' She opened her eyes. ‘I mean I want to get through it, but I don't want to have to!'

He sighed, his lips pulling down unhappily. ‘I know. I don't want to either, but these are just problems that being a vampire and a wolf bring about. At the very least the hunter problem would be happening regardless of what we did.'

‘I knew I should have left you at your door.' She murmured quietly.  The words shot through him and he blinked, shocked.

‘Sorry.' He whispered almost inaudibly.

‘No, I didn't mean that!' She exclaimed, a hint of sorrow in her voice.

‘Of course.' He looked away.

She sunk to the elevator floor, clutching her legs to her stomach. ‘I didn't, but I knew it wouldn't be any good! We're too different.' He sunk to the floor with her, leaning back against the wall of the elevator.

‘You really do have a habit of falling for the wrong guy.' He murmured.

‘Oh I know it's a curse.' She growled, hiding her head so she sat in a tight ball. He sighed again, not knowing what to say. ‘It's okay. I know I screwed up. My heart always was stupid.'

‘If only I was a vampire, eh?'

She glanced at him side-ways. ‘You wouldn't want that.'

‘I don't know. It can't be much more painful than a transformation. Anyway, the point was more that we wouldn't have to worry about the coven if I was. Or the hunter.'

‘We are still killers Lazarus.'

‘I know.'

She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. ‘I might never have looked at you again if you were a vampire and you wouldn't think me so beautiful either.'

‘You don't know that.'

‘Oh, I do.'

He shrugged. ‘Either way there's no point in thinking like this, all the "if I was something else," or "if I'd done that differently," it's all a waste,' he shook his head, ‘we just need to get on with it. I know it sounds rich coming from me, but you know what I mean.'

‘Yeah, I do. It's just, ifs and buts are the only things that plague my mind and I can't get rid of them.'

‘I wish I could help you with that one.'

‘Yeah, me too." She cried, giving up she returned her head back to its original position, tucked beneath her arms which was folded on her knees. Tentatively, he reached out a hand, brushing it down her back in a small attempt to comfort her. Small, muffled sobs came from her as she thought. But she thanked God that she had Lazarus beside her. As he rubbed his hand up and down her back in slow compassionate strokes, he found himself wishing either he could somehow be better for her, or that the rest of the world would just go shove itself where the sun didn't shine.

She fell into him, unfurling herself from her tight ball, she instead curled herself tightly against Lazarus, her legs tucked under herself, close to Lazarus', her head rested on his lap and she folded her arms tightly against her chest, her hands gripping each of her shoulders like people thought vampires slept and she cried. Her tears running pure due to her remorse, her sorrow, the clear tears left no blood on his trousers.      He stopped moving his hand on her back and instead wrapped it around her waist, holding her tight, silencing his mind.

‘I'm not meant to be here. I'm not supposed to exist.'

‘Neither am I, but here we are.'

‘Why?'She cried, rocking herself in his arms.

‘I don't know. I wish I did.'

‘Then why do you love me, when I shouldn't be here, when I am cold and dead, when I should be long buried and mourned by now!?'

‘Because you are here and... you saved me from myself. I'm not good enough with words to explain it...' he trailed off.

‘Just try.' She pleaded. ‘Please. It would heal me just to hear it.' Lazarus closed his eyes, trying to find the words he needed.

‘I love you because you are the best thing that has ever come into my life. You took away the need for alcohol, and mind numbing jobs where I could sink into the tedium and not have to think about anything. You made even my transformations worth the pain. The night you found me...' he trailed into a pause, remembering exactly how he had felt, even through the alcoholic haze. ‘That night you knocked on my door for the first time, and the reason I had been so willing to let you in, was probably because I had nearly thrown myself out of my window in an attempt to make my brain stop torturing itself with half faded memories of a man who was long dead.' He bit his lip. ‘And I love you because of who you are, not just what you have done for me. You're sweet, and good company and wonderful to be around. You're not dead, to me, you're very much alive, and though your body may be dead, you're not. I'm not making sense anymore, I'll shut up.'

‘You're making perfect sense, Lazarus.' She smiled weakly through her tears, staring into his eyes as he confused himself over those words.

‘Well I'm glad someone understands them, because I know I don't.'

She nodded, placing her hand on his chest she pulled herself up before placing her hands on his cheeks, holding his face in them. She turned his head to face her and smiled. "Oh, I do." She nodded softly.

‘I understand everything, perfectly.' She took one of her hands from his cheek so she could wipe away her tears, before replacing it. ‘You needn't say anymore.' The smile that stretched his lips was halting and unsure as he looked at her.  ‘I love you,' he thought, and the words echoed and repeated in his mind. She hugged him to her, so his head rested on her shoulder and she rested her head on his.

‘Oh, Lazarus,' she paused, turning her head so she could kiss his neck softly. ‘Lazarus...' She repeated. ‘I love you too.' He smiled dumbly at the wall before him, and shifted a little so his lips were on her shoulder. Kissing her cold skin softly as she kissed his neck, he felt as though they were the only ones in the whole world. Nothing else mattered. She still sobbed, but her tears no longer held the remorse and sorrow they had before. ‘If only this was forever.' She mumbled, her soft tenor almost unheard as she pressed her head into his neck, trying to muffle everything around her.

He imagined what they must look like, clinging together like survivors; Survivors. That's what they were, in a way; Unnatural, supernatural, extraordinary survivors that had walked the earth for far too long. It was so wrong, their love for each other, yet so indescribably right. It was a moment that would be over in the blink of an eye, but it would last forever, within them.

‘It can last forever, if you keep it in your heart,' Lazarus murmured softly. ‘It will and it will keep it beating. Forever.' She replied, lifting her head so she could look at him. He matched her movement, staring noiselessly into her green eyes. She moved closer, unsure, as if like a teenager in her first kiss. She pushed her lips softly onto his, taking in that feeling, giving her love to him and taking his in return.

He felt her uncertainty too, his heart racing, though it wasn't fear or anxiety - it was the exhilaration that knowing she loved him filled him with. He moved his lips with her, parting them slightly, their breath mingling. She let go of her heart, feeling it beat on its own and she closed her eyes, taking one of Lazarus' hands she placed it on her chest just above her heart and within her head she echoed the words she had said just moments ago. ‘And it will keep it beating. Forever.'

‘I hope so. Just as mine will.' He smiled, placing her hand over his own heart.

She felt his heart beat beneath her hand, and balled her hand into a fist, but only loosely and once again fell into his arms, breaking their kiss. ‘Lazarus. Never let me go. Stay with me, just hold me and never let me go.' She pleaded. He nodded wordlessly and put his arms around her, keeping her close against him. Melissa was the first to break their embrace, the first to snap back to reality. She reached up and pressed the button to allow the lift to start again. ‘Maybe one day, we can make that moment last forever.' She smiled.

Lazarus reluctantly left the empty space where it was just the two of them and sighed, picking himself up off the floor. He reached down a hand for Melissa. She took his hand with a smile, ‘we still have a whole night to forget about the world.' She grinned. ‘And your apartment must be like this lift, just a little bigger.' He pulled her to her feet and hugged her close to his bare skin until the lift opened on their floor. He pulled her to her feet and hugged her close to his bare skin until the lift opened on their floor. She softened her eyes.

‘It's our stop.' She smiled, but didn't break their embrace.

With a grin he shuffled with her out of the little box, not letting go of her. She laughed as the door closed, going to its next call. She stopped, kissing him softly, pushing her lips gently upon his. ‘Oh!' She mumbled, breaking their embrace she almost ran to his door, pushing it open. She walked over to the white roses that had died on the kitchen side. ‘Oh no...' She sighed.

The End

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