Emergency StopMature

He pushed himself up and kissed her before quickly pulling on his jeans. Buttoning them, he walked to the door and opened it.

She let out a deep sigh as she pulled back on her clothes, finishing with a whispered curse. She walked into the living room; ‘Oh you're here.' She smiled warmly to the rather burly men who grunted in return. ‘Lazarus have you explained what you wish them to do?'

‘Piano, TV, washing machine, desk, stereo, umm...'

She held back a laugh as she finished the list, including the boxes next door. ‘Now, Lazarus, please would you join me downstairs? Let's leave these men to their jobs.' She smiled sweetly and could swear she heard one of the men whisper a thanks.

‘I thought I had more stuff than that...' he trailed off, following her.

‘Well, we can buy some more stuff when we are there I am sure.' She smiled, sighing as they descended the stairs.

‘Oh I didn't mean that. I just always felt like I had too much junk, but I don't. What's the sigh for?'

‘Oh, it was a thoughtful sigh. That was rather an abrupt end, don't you think?' She let her breath steady as she cleared all thoughts that had still previously lingered from the moment before. He laughed.

‘Do you think we'll manage to have uninterrupted sex at all before we get married? Maybe it's god being a dickhead.' She paused and shrugged, in a slight shock at what he had just said.

‘Maybe.' She whispered as they sat on one of the benches in the lobby just outside the lifts where the smokers normally sat in the evening. ‘I still feel slightly funny though.' She laughed.


‘I was so... close.' She smiled awkwardly.

‘Why didn't you let go, too then?' he asked curiously.

‘It would have been improper, what with others just beyond the door.'

‘You and your old fashioned ideals.' he smiled, brushing her hair back.

‘Well I would also be embarrassed for a lifetime twice over!'

‘Maybe I just have a lot less dignity than you,' he chuckled.

‘Well it's not something public!' She exclaimed, blushing again.

‘Hmm.' He muttered,

‘Plus I think once is enough.' She giggled.

‘I've heard different, but I guess it's all about personal preference,' he smiled and kissed her gently. She smiled as two of the men appeared carrying his piano from the lift. She returned his kiss and blushed furiously as she imagined if one of those men had seen her...

‘Blushing at a kiss that's not restricted to our own home?' He grinned at her shyness. She nodded, not wanting to tell him the real reason why.

‘I'm sorry.' She muttered.

‘Don't be sorry,' he said.

‘Oh, sorry.' She mumbled.

He put a finger over her lips. ‘That's It. "Sorry" is banned.' he smiled.

Her eyes widened slightly before they softened once more. ‘Okay.' She mumbled, pushing his finger from her lips she kissed him firmly, her blush disappearing. He returned the kiss happily, running his fingers through her hair. She pulled back smiling. ‘I think I'm used to it now.' Caressing her cheek with a hot hand, he matched her smile.

‘I love you.' he murmured.

‘I love you too.' She whispered back, placing a cold hand upon his.

‘I can't wait to move our stuff into the new apartment,' he mumbled happily, watching the removal men carrying his over sized flat screen out.

‘Oh, me either.' She matched his tone and let out a sigh. ‘I should have done it myself.' She got up, quickly moving to catch the TV as one of the younger men had begun to lose his grip. ‘Watch it, you might hurt yourself.' She smiled, holding his end with one hand she gave it back to him. ‘There.' She mumbled, sitting back down beside Lazarus. ‘Honestly.' She grumbled under her breath.

    Lazarus couldn't help but laugh at the man's expression. ‘I don't think he should be so concerned about the TV hurting him, but what I might do if he breaks it.' he gave the man a friendly smile as he spoke. The man's eyes widened a little as he moved off to the van with the TV. Melissa slapped him playfully on his arm.

 ‘Be nice.' She grumbled. ‘He's young, he'll learn.'

‘What? It took a long time to pay off the loan I took out for it.' He leant in a little and whispered so the removal people couldn't hear. ‘But maybe you shouldn't talk about him being young so loudly; we don't look very much older than him.' She nodded, whispering softly.

‘I wish they would hurry up.' her voice was as gentle as it ever was and she watched as the stereo made it's why into the van. She rested her head on his shoulder as she spoke next. ‘But you can't rush something good hmm?' She whispered keeping her voice quiet.

‘No, rushing something good just ruins it.' He agreed.

‘All the time?' She asked, her hands wrapped around his waist.

‘Well... most of the time.'


He shrugged. ‘I didn't have anything specific in mind.'

She laughed, ‘like our wedding.' She offered. ‘Because now waiting is killing me...again.'

He smiled. ‘In the autumn, when everything is settled and the nights are a little longer. Unless you want to risk a summer wedding?'

‘No you're right. At least if I die I want to die after we're married.' She sighed, hating the fact they had to talk in hushed whispers.

    ‘You're not gonna die.' he muttered.

She looked at him. ‘One day, I will. I know it.'

He shook his head. ‘It's a long way off. There's no point worrying about it.'

‘Yeah, after my wedding!' She beamed, her voice rising happily. He laughed and kissed her swiftly on the lips. Her smile didn't fade as she kissed him back, her arms moving to his neck as her smile changed to a large grin.

‘Hmm, so are we to take the train back to Paris, or are you gonna try walking on water?' he asked his expression happily matching hers.

She laughed. ‘Which do you wish?'

‘You know I don't mind.'

‘What if I can't walk on water and we sink?'

‘Then maybe we should take the train,' he smiled.

‘As long as I don't get any random presents that send me crazy."


‘Ha, never mind. Although I'll race you. You go by train. I will walk.'

‘   Alright then.'

‘Well, tell me when,' she laughed, ‘then I will see you in France.'


‘Till then,' she grinned kissing him forcefully as what seemed like the last few boxes came past them.

‘Indeed. I'll call the council and tell them to get rid of the sofa and the bed, hand over my keys and then we shall race, yes?'

‘Deal.' She grinned, flashing her fangs at him playfully, closing her mouth again when the removal man walked over to them. He smiled at her and turned to the removal guy.

‘So, we're done here so I'll see you and your girlfriend when we get to France and deliver your stuff.'

‘Cheers.' He smiled, ignoring the man's glance towards Melissa.

She smiled warmly at him and the man winked before walking back to his truck. She turned to Lazarus and laughed. ‘It's never gonna happen. Poor soul.' Lazarus chuckled as he watched the man walk away.

‘You shouldn't tease like that. It's mean.' He grinned. ‘You have no idea how much power you hold over a guy with just a smile.'

‘Me?' She asked, innocently shocked as she pointed to herself, her finger pointing directly in the middle of her chest.

‘Well he wasn't looking at me,' he laughed, kissing her.

‘I didn't know looks meant so much to men, or how vivid their imaginations are.' Although she knew it was just a memory of someone else he had slept with, but the woman had changed.

He shook his head incredulously. ‘You know now.'

‘Yeah, great, now I know not to listen into too boy's thoughts.'

‘If I remember correctly, I did tell you we men are pretty shallow creatures. You'll find the occasional guy that's not interested in sex all the time. But that's probably more to do with the fact said guy will most likely be struggling with his sexuality.'

‘That is a very unfair stereotype!' She growled. ‘Plus, what side do you fall into?' She placed emphasis upon the word you as if she was poking at him. He laughed.

 ‘I'm joking, you know I am.'

She prodded him. ‘Answer me.'

‘I like sex, but I've had long enough to discover that it's not the only thing in life that is enjoyable.'

‘Oh?' She asked shocked, her eyes wide.

‘Music, art. TV. Hugs for the sake of hugs and not as a way into a person's pants are good too.' She laughed, hugging him tightly. He hugged her back and smiled.

‘You need a lot more than a hug to get into my pants anyway.' She shrugged.

‘I know. A composition written especially for you and a mauled sofa to make up for.' he laughed. ‘I'm joking,' he added. She narrowed her eyes.

 ‘You better be, or else getting into my pants will be a lot harder.'  He nodded, smiling warmly. ‘I'd smile back but I wouldn't want to tease.' He laughed at this.

‘It's okay, I know I have a chance with you.'

‘Oh really are you so sure?' She teased.

‘I thought I enthralled you,' he pouted.

‘Humph. You did until I found your ideas on my pants.' She fought back her laughter and her smile and a frown appeared on her face instead.

He made a noise of complaint. ‘How can I be enthralling again?'


He shrugged. ‘Something about the thought of you seeing me as just a horny bastard annoys me. I like being enthralling,' She giggled like a kid when she heard what he thought she saw him as.

‘I wouldn't call you a bastard.' She disagreed with a smile. He thought about that for a moment.

‘No, I suppose technically I'm not.'

‘See. You're not a bastard.' She laughed, purposefully missing the point.

He rolled his eyes. ‘No. I'm a... I dunno, I can't be bothered to think of something.' he laughed. ‘Just an average guy with a dog problem.'

‘A horny average guy with a dog problem.'

‘Not such a good description, is it? This is why I prefer "enthralling".'

‘Well you're gonna have to work on it.'

‘Well the first time you saw me and found me enthralling was when I was pissed out of my head and in a really bad mood. I don't think it would be such a good idea to do that again.' He sighed a little.

‘Hmm, stand up.' She muttered. He did as she asked and looked at her quizzically.

‘What?' She stood up, ruffling his hair slightly, she also placed one of his hands on his hip and the other loosely by his side and sat back down, looking at him in thought. He gazed down at her questioningly, pushing his hair back out of his face. ‘Drop your arm.' She mumbled.

He hesitated for a second, before putting his arm back by his side. She folded her arms across her chest, looking up at him thoughtfully. His bare chest was perfect in every way to her, his blonde hair, his eyes, his questioning look, everything. She sighed dreamily. He smiled a little at her sigh, but he couldn't keep the curiosity out of his eyes.

‘You want to ask something?' She wondered, her voice light and absent.

‘Yeah, why have you got me standing here like this? I feel like a fool.' He grumbled, embarrassed.

‘Oh you don't look like it.' She giggled. ‘Sit back down if you like.'

‘I don't have to if you'd rather I was standing here...'

‘No. I'm good. I just realised why I'm with you in the first place. You can sit down.' She smiled.

‘Oh?' He asked in a mumble, sitting down.


‘And why is that?' his curiosity wasn't concealed.

‘Why do you want to know that?' She blushed.

    ‘I'm interested.'

She rubbed the back of her head awkwardly. ‘Well, you see I saw...' She paused, gathering her thoughts. ‘I didn't see the alcohol and smoke. I saw you, the wonderful, protective, polite, musical, dreamy, sexy you.' She trailed, letting out another dreamy sigh before shaking her head. ‘I saw who you were, not what you looked like and seeing you there, your cute oblivious look upon your face I remembered everything.'

He felt a blush rising, but he smiled. ‘Thank you.'

‘Oh you've thanked me enough.'

‘Not really. It's been a long time since someone saw me.'

‘Oh, you have. Oh god you have. More than you know.' She smiled.

‘I'll have to take your word for it,' he laughed

‘Trust me. If you only trust me on one thing let it be this.'

‘You make that sound like you don't think I trust you.' he frowned.

‘No, I know you do. I'm just trying to show how important this is!' His mouth formed a small "o" of understanding and he nodded. She laughed and then her face fell into a serious, straight look.  ‘Lazarus...' She drifted, falling into him. ‘Just...what can I say?' She mumbled, sitting so her head lay on his lap and her legs were tucked next to her. ‘I'm enthralled.' He smiled and put an arm around her, holding her close.

‘I love you.' She mumbled, rolling so she could look up at him and she reached up a hand to place a cool finger over his lips.

‘I love you too,' he replied in his mind, his lips curving up under her finger. She slowly dropped her finger, allowing it to linger for a while on his bottom lip.

‘You don't need to tell me.'

‘I want to.'


He shrugged. ‘I can stop if you'd rather.'

‘I'm just curious.' She mumbled, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

Smiling, Lazarus kissed her softly and repeated the words ‘I love you,' aloud. She laughed, blushing as a man walked past, staring at them.

‘Stop it, you're gathering attention.'

He inclined his head and smiled at the man. ‘Apologies,' he murmured to Melissa. She smiled, rising from his lap.

‘Accepted.' She rose from the bench. ‘Shall we go back upstairs?' She mumbled.

"If it's what the lady wishes." he flashed her a crooked smile and stood beside her, taking her hand. She clutched at his hand and stood in the lift that was already called on the bottom floor. She looked at him and bit her lips as she mulled things over in her mind. He squeezed her hand gently and smiled at her comfortingly, jabbing at the fourth floor button. As the numbers flicked to the 2nd floor she pressed the emergency stop button and turned to Lazarus. He looked at her questioningly and his eyes flickered with concern, ‘what's wrong?'

The End

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