She caught the image in his head and looked at him questioningly. ‘What's wrong?' She wondered feeling kind of scared seeing herself from someone else's eyes. The sun had begun to light up the blinds.

‘Nothing's wrong. Why?' He held her at arm's length, looking into her eyes curiously.

‘Well, why are you thinking back?' She muttered.

‘I didn't know there was something wrong with admiring you?' His brow furrowed slightly and he dropped his arms so she stood on her own.

‘You admire me for looking like that?' She wondered, shocked; her eyes opened slightly at his words. He shrugged and pushed the image from his mind.

‘Sorry.' She shook her head furiously.

‘No! By all means, go ahead. I'm just shocked to see myself through someone else's eyes. That's all.' He smiled and looked at her, taking in her eyes and her full lips, the curls of russet hair that fell about her face and then sent the image back to her. She raised an eyebrow slightly and looked at him a smile on her face as she took in his features. His long, slightly wavy hair fell just above his shoulders. His pale blue eyes piercing hers and her smile became wider. ‘Mmm.' She mumbled in thought.

‘What are you 'mmm'ing about?'

‘Oh, just thinking.'

‘What're you thinking about?'

‘You.' She smiled.

    ‘What about me?" he asked with a grin

‘Oh, everything." She moaned slightly before laughing.

‘Everything is a lot to think about."

‘Then I'm thinking a lot"

   ‘Your head will explode if you think too much,' he said jestingly.

 ‘Mmm... It would be worth it.'

‘Well what am I gonna do if your head explodes?' he tilted his head and gave her a questioning look.

‘Clean up?' She laughed.

‘But then I'll be alone again. Please don't make your head explode,' he whined, pouting.

She nodded, stroking his cheek slightly. ‘Well, okay.'

‘I'll protect my heartbeat if you protect your head from blowing up,' he grinned.

She nodded, ‘but I like thinking about you.' He laughed and pecked her on the lips, his eyes sparkling brightly.

 ‘As long as it doesn't make you explode,'

‘Mmm...' She nodded, when she heard it she realised it sounded less thoughtful this time and she kissed him back firmly.

He smiled as they pulled apart. ‘When are the removal people coming?' he asked, looking around the front room. She shrugged, still gazing at him dreamily, lost in thought. He chuckled softly as he noticed the look in her eyes.

‘Because I was thinking, the bed can stay here. We should get a new one when we get a new sofa. But it looks like your thoughts are a bit preoccupied to be thinking about that right now,' he grinned. She nodded absently.

‘Yeah...' His smile widened and he fell quiet, leaving her to her thoughts. She raised a brow as her thoughts became more intense before shaking her loose curls vigorously.

‘I'm sorry. Yeah. I think we should.'

‘Don't be sorry. Only be sorry if you make your head explode.'

‘Would you stop that already, if something's going to explode it's not going to be my head.' She sighed, irritably.

‘Oops, sorry,' he mumbled.

‘No its fine,' she smiled, "I'd like a new bed and of course the sofa goes without saying."

‘Let's just hope I don't maul the next one,' he laughed.

She nodded. ‘Yes I hope so too,' She laughed, ‘bad dog.' He whimpered at her, putting on a puppy dog face.  She huffed, folding her arms across her chest, obviously not buying it. ‘Cute though.'

‘How do I make it up to you then?' he paused and the puppy face fell as he laughed. ‘Wait, it was my sofa!'

She giggled, trying to stifle them with a hand in front of her mouth. ‘No but you could still make it up to me?' She giggled.

He arched an eyebrow. ‘How do you want me to make it up to you?'

She shrugged. ‘Improvise.'

‘Hmm.' he thought for a moment. ‘But how am I to know what you want me to do to make it up to you?'

‘I'm sure you can think of something.'

He smiled and kissed her firmly, the contact hot with passion. ‘Am I on the right lines?' he asked as he pulled away. She shrugged coolly, her heart beginning to beat again involuntarily under his touch.


‘C'mon, dogs need clear instructions.' He said jokingly.

‘I'm sure not step-by-step.' She giggled kissing him back with just as much passion.

‘Some kind of clear direction.' he chuckled. She nodded slightly. He smiled and bent in for another kiss, moving their lips together. She hooked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. She parted her lips slightly beneath his. Lazarus' hands linked in the small of her back, bringing her hips forward a little. She smiled, taking her lips from his reluctantly.

‘You're definitely on the right lines.' She murmured softly.

‘Wanna go say goodbye to the bed?' She grinned nodding again. He picked her up with a wide smile to match hers and carried her to the stripped down bed. She writhed on the bed like a cat in heat, trying to get into a comfortable position. Laughter bubbled between his lips as he crawled over her, gently pinning her down to the mattress. She looked up at him with innocent eyes; stopping her writhing she allowed to pin her down. His lips curved up in a knowing smile as she stopped moving, gazing up at him; his jeans did very little to hide his growing desire as he kissed her again.

She laughed; kissing him back she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. He pulled her hands away from her shirt gently and unfastened it for her slowly, his eyes teasing. She shuddered beneath his warm hands and she watched him intently before wriggling out of the shirt when he was done. Her flat stomach rose and fell quicker as her heart-beat accelerated.

Her eager movements only made him move to her trousers even slower, pushing his thumbs below the waist band to stroke tauntingly just above the flesh that craved for his touch. She threw her head back, her hair becoming a tangled mess around her head as she forced back the urge to undo her trousers herself. He withdrew his thumbs and traced hot lines over her body with them, kissing her exposed collar bones lightly.

She moved her hands down to her trousers, slowly unbuttoning them. A quiet moan forced its way to her lips as he kissed her.     He slapped her hands away from the button of her trousers grinning as she protested. She looked at him obediently moving her hands away with a small whine. ‘Someone's impatient today,' he murmured in her ear as he slipped his hands underneath her, unclipping her bra and sliding it off her.

‘You're just being slow.' She moaned.

‘The longer you look forward to it, the better it is when you finally get it.' he replied smoothly, his voice so tantalizingly close.

She closed her eyes and nodded, placing her hands behind her back. He knelt back; their bodies so teasingly close, separated only by their clothes. His hands lifted to the buttons on his own shirt, exposing the skin that hid beneath bit by bit. She reached up, slowly sliding his shirt off him. Glad that her hands were finally doing something to divert her own hunger.     He grinned as she threw his shirt aside and he finally stripped her of her trousers, slipping them over her legs and brushing his fingers gently over her skin as he pulled on them.

She shuddered again, moving her hands over her body slowly as she yearned for his touch. He watched her hands roving over her skin for a moment and bent down for another kiss, putting his hand between her legs, softly pulling away the material that covered her. She arched her body toward him, kicking off the last remaining part of her clothing.

He smiled and returned his hand playfully between her legs, gently stroking the skin on her thighs, probing the flesh that wanted his touch the most. She moaned softly, pushing herself into the mattress. He massaged the skin before pushing two long fingers inside her, caressing the lukewarm flesh there. She groaned, clutching at the mattress to give her something to hold onto. She let a small smile appear on her face as her stomach tightened. He flexed his fingers against the muscular wall, enjoying each moan that he extracted from her as his own body begged for attention. Ignoring his need, he brought her so close to her own climax that she was teetering on the edge of it before pulling away from her with a mischievous grin.

She shivered, letting out a faint whimper as her own hand moved down her body to between her legs. With a laugh, he watched her as he finally unfastened his jeans, pulling them off and sending them across the room. She released herself with a soft groan, her body quaking as she let herself go, her breathing beginning to slow down slightly.

Lazarus freed himself of his boxers and bent over her again, whispering in her ear: ‘Now remind me what that fantasy of yours was?'

She turned her head and whispered back. ‘Just you and I, right here, right now.' She mumbled simply, running the image back through his head.

‘Anything you'd like to add to that while we're here?' He grinned. She shook her head plainly, reaching down between his legs, moving her hand in a slow rhythm. He groaned at her touch and kissed her warmly, her rhythm slowly got faster as she kissed him back firmly. Without breaking the kiss, he moaned and lowered himself over her a little, almost as if he was asking permission. Although her body hungered for what he was offering she crossed her legs and moved her hand faster. Her increased speed made him pull out of the kiss as the sensation took over him. She brought back her hand with a mischievous grin. He laughed and smiled, though his eyes begged her for release. She un-crossed her legs and pulled him down on top of her.

He sunk into her with a grateful, animalistic groan. She let out a light moan herself, wrapping her arms tightly around him, ‘Oh God.' She sighed, feeling every bit of his strength within his movements. The ability to speak had completely abandoned Lazarus as he moved, making himself last long enough to bring Melissa back to the edge. Her muscles tightened as a loud knocking came from the door and she cursed slightly. Lazarus swore and grimaced, his eyes flashing angrily towards the bedroom door. She rolled them over so she was on top, moving with him with as much speed as she could muster. ‘Just let go.' She murmured as the knocking came again. He closed his eyes and did as she said, shuddering as he climaxed at last. Her stomach tightened at the force of it and tried her best to hold back her own. ‘Go answer the door.' She mumbled, ‘unless you would like me to?'

The End

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