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She shook her head, "no. No. It's fine." She nodded, trying to convince herself more than him. "But that's a lot of blood and it's so sticky." She shuddered again.

"Mmm... Is werewolf blood much different to human blood? I know we have more of it, but I don't know if there's any other difference." he asked curiously.

"It tastes better and from the looks of it, it's darker." She nodded, the smell hitting her nose. "Yep. Smells stronger too. So no wonder it's so appealing to vampires."

"More chocolatey."

She laughed and nodded. "Yeah, it's rich, sweet, rare and warming."

"Well I'm glad I don't taste horrible," he laughed.

"Oh you taste great." She drooled over him, her head pressed into his neck softly.

He smiled and moved his head a little to give her more room.

She laughed, "I'm not hungry, just... fantasizing." She smiled.

He shrugged a little and stayed where he was. "Fantasizing?"

She nodded slightly. "Yeah. Of you, don't worry."

"I wasn't worrying. Fantasizing about what that involves me?” She grinned and tapped her nose secretively. "That's not fair. I can't see your thoughts the way you can see mine!"

"You might not want to."

"Tell me,"

"No." She shook her head defiantly, pushing herself up so she could stare into his eyes. He pouted and pulled a cute face to try and persuade her, though he doubted it would work. She giggled. "My mind is mine. And what I think of is my business." She grinned, sticking her tongue out slightly.

"I could say the same, but you don't seem to have much trouble seeing what I think any more."

"Then I'll stop it if you wish." She paused. "But it'll be hard seeing as I'm sharing blood with you."

"No, it's okay. I'm just being curious." She whispered her fantasy into his ear and blushed, ashamed of her now dirty mind. He chuckled and kissed her quickly. "Why are you blushing?" he grinned.

"Why do you think?" She shook her head, her blush becoming more furious.

He pretended to contemplate this for a moment. "I have no idea." he kissed her and let a little smirk shape his lips as he pulled away. She narrowed her eyes slightly. "You know full well!"

"I'm teasing you," he mumbled, kissing her again.

"Now you know why I wouldn't tell you! It's embarrassing."

"It's not embarrassing at all."

"Not for you maybe."

He nodded. "You're cute when you're embarrassed."

"You've said." She mumbled, her cheeks becoming even redder she sat up, placing her hands over her cheeks.

"So don't cover it." he sat up with her and gently tugged her arms down.

She allowed him to remove her hands but kept her head facing downwards. "I find it embarrassing. My cheeks turn so bright!"

He rolled his eyes and hugged her close, letting her blush fade as her head pressed into his shoulder.

She closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around him tightly. "Thank you." She smiled.


"How can me being red be considered cute?" She asked.

"You're shyness and inhibitions make you cute," he smiled.

"Well, it's not good to be involving myself in fantasies like that all day and night." She nodded absently.

"You can still indulge." he smiled

"But it's so improper!"

"You're so old fashioned!" he countered with a laugh.

She huffed. "Well it is. Today is all about sex. No one cares about anything else."

"Well we can focus on something else if you would rather,"

"Well I never said that but I just..." she sighed "I am old-fashioned aren’t I?"

He smiled. "I wouldn't want you any other way."

"Oh good. Because I have a lot more flaws."

He rested his head on her shoulder and stayed like that for a few moments. "We're all flawed."

She wrapped her arms round his neck. "Some more than most."

"Yeah." he agreed.

She smiled, kissing his forehead softly. "Like curse my tears, innocence and easy blushing." She giggled.

"Innocence isn't a flaw."

"It is when you're me."

"How so."

"I'm a vampire; I have to drink blood I'm going to constantly live my life my eternal life being scared of my thoughts!" He tightened his arms a little, not saying anything. She let out a short sigh, falling back onto the bed, her arms outstretched as he clung to her. "You know. I love well... everything about you." She smiled, wrapping her arms around him again.

"That's good to know," he mumbled. "Just as I love everything about you." He smiled.

She nodded, "Aren’t you cold with no shirt on?" He shook his head.

She raised an eyebrow, "so wearing no clothes, it still isn't cold?"

"My body is very adaptable."

She nodded. "Good to know."

"Yeah, it is."

She laughed. "How adaptable?"

"I don't know. But I still haven't found the limits of my liver," he shrugged. "Why do you ask?"

"Curious." She grinned softly running her hands up and down his back. "You just seem to know so much about me."

"Vampires are more complex than werewolves. We're just dogs in a human skin." he shrugged.

"Oh you're much more than that!"

If you say so. So what else are you curious about?"

She wondered for a moment and shrugged, "a lot of things. But I don't know where to start."

"Anywhere is good." he smiled.

She moved her arms down to his waist before she spoke. "What's it like, being a wolf?"

"In my wolf form?"


He considered this for a moment, and realised the best way to tell her was to show her. He sent her a memory of being in his wolf form, of running wild in the woods. The sense of terrifying freedom and savage hunger.

She nodded. "But how do you get control, how do you talk to it... him."

"It's like talking to another part of you. Another voice in your head... Now I just sound like a mental patient."

"No. I understand. Sort of."

"Good. Any other questions?"

"Not right now." She laughed. "You?"

He shook his head and covered his mouth, stifling a yawn.

She rolled over so he was below her, before she got off him. "So cute." She smiled.

"What's cute now?"

"You being sleepy like that." She grinned.

He scowled at her and shifted into a more comfortable position.


"How is me being sleepy cute?"

She shrugged. "You just do, might just be me and not seeing people sleep properly for ages."

He smiled and lifted a hand, brushing her hair behind her ear. "I don't want to be rude and just fall asleep on you though."

"No, it's fine. You're not being rude at all." She smiled, kissing him passionately. "Just sleep."

He kissed her back and pushed himself up, tugging his jeans off. Grabbing a pair of jogging trousers, he pulled them on and got in under the covers, lying on his side.

She ran a hand through his hair and smiled. "Go on, sleep."

He watched her for a while, smiling. As he felt his eye lids droop a little more, he put an arm around her and let his eyes shut.

"Good night." She smiled, kissing his forehead softly.

His smile widened for a moment before sleep slackened his muscles. She smiled, moving herself closer to him she placed a hand lovingly on his cheek, listening in to his dreams.

He sunk straight into a deep sleep, dreaming of nothing for the first couple of hours, before the all too familiar face of the hunter punched its way to the surface.

She growled softly, showing the image of her protecting him from Fenris and James. Then, how she had the hunter against the wall by his neck. "I'll protect you." She mumbled.

He rolled onto his back, his eyes flickering underneath his eyelids. The blood, still damp on his pillow clung to his hair, staining the blonde strands deep red. Inside his mind he was searching for the hunter, trying to see what he was doing behind him. The memory of the hunter taking a blood sample surfaced and a frown appeared on his face.

She cursed at the blood and lifted his head gently, shifting it so it rested on her lap. She ran a hand through his hair. "Hush. You're okay. You're safe." She mumbled, projecting the images of her in his arms through his mind. His mind quietened for a while, as he remembered just how easily the hunter had beaten him down, how he hadn't even struggled as the hunter led him to another room and chained him to the wall. She smiled, wrapping her arm around him tightly. "Don't lose yourself to him."The memory played on, the time he stared at the blank steel door seeming to stretch on and on.

She sighed, trying to find an image to fight it. She thought for a moment then thought of the time he was in prison, how she had spent all night on her own playing, playing their song for him. She kissed his forehead softly, running through every happy moment they had together. His gaze dropped to the cold floor and he remembered his eyes closing, ignoring the memory of the pain as the long chains had been clipped back short, and almost holding him in a slumped crucified shape. The melody entered his mind and the memory became a dream. The chains slackened a little and he fell forward, straining on them as his body relaxed like a puppet's.

She used the rest of her energy to project herself into his dream, standing before him she reached out a hand, caressing his cheek. "I love you Lazarus." She smiled, taking his head in her hands, holding it up so she could stare into his eyes. He looked at her wearily, unable to speak, unable to even reach up a hand to touch her. She softened her eyes, kissing him firmly. "Don't let him take you like this." She paused thoughtfully. "I will protect you even through your dreams." She smiled gently, pushing his hair from his face.

The hunter appeared behind him, a hand on his shoulder, pulling Lazarus back against him. Lifelessly, he slumped back against the hunter's legs as the man stroked his hair the way he would a dog; "Good doggy," the hunter muttered, leering at Melissa. She growled. "I have as much power as you here, if not more! You are an illusion. Lazarus. Stop this! This is your creation." She pleaded, standing in a defensive stance. "And how do you know, Melissa," he drew out her name, rolling it around his mouth with a smirk, "that this isn't real? Hmm? I left you alone, but... who's to say that I haven't been looking for a way inside the dog's mind?" his smirk became a grin. "I've been doing a lot of research, and though I only had him for three weeks, it was enough to make a few breakthroughs. Ways of killing your precious mutt that neither of you could even dream of."

"You're right, I don't know that. But whether you are real or not, I will still defend him. He, after all, is mine. Not yours!"

"Cute." the hunter ruffled Lazarus' hair; the movement making his head sway under the hunter's hand. He didn't blink, gazing up at Melissa blankly. "But kinda boring. Constantly fighting for what you want is so very boring."

"Then you give up. I will never back down. There is a difference between want and need."

"I'm not giving up until the dog is dead, Melissa. He took my family from me. He doesn't deserve the air he breathes."

"So you'd take him away from me? Make me feel like you?" She cried, staring into the hunters eyes coolly.

His shadowed grey eyes pierced through the space between them as his hand became a fist clenching Lazarus' hair. Lazarus' eyes closed again tiredly, a muscle in his jaw jumping a little as the hunter pulled at his hair. "You didn't lose your family the way I lost mine. You didn't lose them to a mongrel like him."

"No. I lost him to my father. I lost my first love to the humans but I didn't hunt them down!" She sighed. "Think about them, would they want you to kill? To take away the only person that actually means something to me?"

"I'm removing the world of a /threat/ to mankind. If a human had killed my family there could have been a bit of justice, he could have gone to prison for it, but you saw what happened when this thing got stuck in jail. He killed more people on the way out. He made more families fatherless, brotherless and childless. Can you live with that?"

"I have to. I have an eternity, you will die soon enough and you'll be able to see your family again! Don't you think being what we are is punishment enough?" She growled. "So what do you want to do? Place his blood on your hands. Stain your consciousness? I let you go! I allowed you to live! This is how you repay me?"

"Oh yeah, the leech showed a bit of mercy. You think that would help? It's him that has to be sorry, not you."

"We are much in the same!" She moved a step forward. "Release him." She demanded.

His hand uncurled and Lazarus' hair fell free. He looked down at the prone figure on the floor and drew in a breath, about to say something. And then let it go, pulling a thinking face. "Maybe I'll let him live. He can be a pet. Maybe I can domesticate him," the hunter laughed and pushed Lazarus forward, sending him sprawling at Melissa's feet.

She fought the urge to clutch Lazarus close to her and she stepped forward, standing in front of the hunter. "Oh, the murderous, meat bag showed some mercy." She growled, mimicking his tone.

He laughed. "No, I just can't hurt him as much in a dream as I can in reality."

"I'll be waiting." She snarled. "Just try me. Human."

"Of course you will. You're about as predictable as I am." He smiled and stepped back away from the two, leaving them.

She collapsed to her knees. "Damn, I'm out of practice." She laughed to herself, crawling over to Lazarus. She brushed the hair from his face and kissed his cheek softly. His eyes flickered open and he stared at her for a moment, before the scene around her melted away, his mind too exhausted for any more dreams. As her consciousness snapped back into her body she collapsed on the bed, falling into a deep sleep. "Oh Lazarus, you're going to be the death of me." She thought as she clutched to remain breathing.

His mind took in the thought and without waking up, he mumbled in his sleep: "I love you."

"I love you... too." She smiled. "If you wake before I do. I just need to sleep. It may take a few nights. I have spent all my energy. I so hope that hunter doesn't come back. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything more."She paused. A small hint of sorrow in the voice of her consciousness, it being the only form she could take. He clung to her like a child to its mother in his sleep and moved no more, falling silent. She sighed, her breathing stopping as her body fell into the deepest type of sleep. Even the feeling of Lazarus’ warm body next to her own was lost.

The End

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