Thunder AngelMature

He watched her fangs, fascinated by them for a moment, before looking up at the clouds. "Shall we find somewhere sheltered to sit?"

She shrugged and laughed as the rain began to fall. "What's up?" She giggled, seeing him stare at her in interest.

"Nothing. Retractable teeth. It's just odd."

"Thanks." She laughed. "Feels funny."


"Yeah, it tickles but it feels like someone's pulling my teeth out." She shrugged. "It feels funny."

He laughed. "One of the most random mix of sensations ever."

"It's funny." She laughed, elongating them again, poking the shiny bone as it pierced her skin. "They don't need to be elongated to drink; they're more a defence mechanism."

"Defence against what?"

"Werewolves and humans."

He looked at the fangs for a moment and laughed. "I'd like to see two teeth beat a hulk of pissed off muscle with teeth and claws."

"You know how fast we can be, and we have special powers out our disposal too. Wanna find out?" She grinned, laughing with him.

"Telepathy is cheating."

"I only have telepathy to you. To anyone else I don't."

"Umm... how? I thought your power was memories?"

"Memories don't help me in a fight."

"Hmm. So what are other vampire's powers?"

"Anything; from controlling Fire to controlling the weather, telepathy, shape-shifting and talking to animals." She laughed. "Think X-men."

"I hope I never come across one that can control their environment." he laughed. "But really, if vampires didn't have those kinda powers, how would a couple of teeth be any help?"

"If I bite you, with elongated fangs, they sink deep into your flesh; I pull back with extra-ordinary strength. How much of your leg do you think you'd have left?"

"Ah but how do you expect to get close enough to bite without your head getting caved in first?"

Melissa disappeared, re-appearing behind him. Her arms were around his waist, constricting his arms. Her head was beside his neck, breathing cold air upon him, her mouth firmly closed.

He laughed. "That's not fair, Melissa. I wasn't ready, and I'm in my human form."

"That's what you'd be like if I was truly a vampire intent on killing you." She sighed. "You have to be careful." She smiled, kissing his throat again, loosening her grip and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"This may sound horribly naive, but really. If I've not done anything, why would a vampire feel the need to hug me from behind and bite my neck?"

"I wasn't hugging you." She shook her head, "and the neck is the fastest place the blood flows apart from..." She coughed. "Yeah."

"I was being sarcastic about the hugging. I meant more why would a vampire attack if I'm in my human form doing human things?"

"Because that's when you're weakest, they would attack when you were away from other humans but still in human form." She leant her head on top of his shoulder, gazing at the street in front of her.

"But if I've done nothing to provoke them?"

"Then they won't. Unless they have a grudge against Werewolves." She shrugged.

"Exactly, so then unless they had a grudge, they wouldn't attack me like this, therefore, they're much more likely to be attacking me in my wolf form." he laughed.

She rolled her eyes. "Fine, whatever." She growled sitting back on the wall beside him.

He put one arm around her and used his free hand to push his sodden hair out of his face. "You love me really." he grinned.

"Hmm, yeah I do." She nodded and then jumped slightly, a small scream escaping her as she heard a clap of thunder, closely followed by a bolt of lightning.

He kissed the top of her head gently, remembering what she had said about thunder before, about Albert and his death. About the gunshots sounding like thunder.

"I hate thunderstorms." She mumbled, wrapping her arms tightly around him.

"I know. Wanna go back inside?"

She nodded, "Eek!" She screamed as another flash appeared before her.

He pulled her up and kept his arm around her as he walked her back to the hotel.

She put a hand in his pocket before thinking of a mouse, she transformed, sitting in his pocket. "Eek." She squeaked, rolling herself into a ball.

He laughed as he felt her curl up in his pocket. "That tickles!" he exclaimed

She let out a small squeak, wrapping her tail around herself.

He chuckled again and opened the door to the hotel, letting himself back in. He got a couple of curious glances as he walked back in, alone, but he ignored them. He took the lift up, trying to keep his pocket as still as possible.

She transferred a thought through to his head, of her singing when she was a younger vampire, the whole song of Hallelujah.

He frowned at the image. Though the voice in his head was clear and beautiful, he could remember hearing it when he was in the church, drunk and alone before the memorial candles. He fished through his other pocket for the room key and unlocked the room, sitting on the bed. But he made sure Melissa was comfortable too.

She stopped, squeaking at him once more. "I love you," she relayed to him.

"I love you too." He murmured.

She jumped from his pocket, transforming back mid-jump; a smile upon her face.

He looked at her, returning the smile before realising he was shivering a little. "I need to get changed." he muttered. "Excuse me." She nodded and he began to get changed, pulling the clothes from his suitcase.

"We should have gone back earlier. I forgot that the wet would just make you colder."

He laughed. "It's fine. I've been colder; I just don't like being wet. I end up smelling of wet dog, and no one wants that."

She laughed and shrugged. "I don't mind, although, I'm sorry."

"You're an odd one, you know that, right? People usually complain about the smell of a wet dog."

"Most people aren't madly in love with their dogs."

He laughed and kissed her wordlessly.

She returned the kiss, almost losing herself in the moment. "Maybe, 'madly in love,' wasn't strong enough."

He grinned and held her against him gently, his arms firm around her waist. She smiled and rested her head against his chest. Tightening her arms around him instinctively every time the thunder echoed through the room. He sent her calming thoughts, images of his piano concerts and happy memories as he played back their song in his mind, hoping this would soothe her. She smiled, but still clutched to the shirt on his back like a kid looking for comfort in its mother. But her breathing became slower and found its rhythm again. He continued to send the memories and images as they calmed her, and thought of different compositions, remembering them for her. She looked up into his eyes, smiling with her own. "Thank you." She mouthed. He smiled, but said nothing; his concentration taken by keeping the old melodies in his mind. She kissed him softly, not wanting to talk. She didn't want to break the midnight melodies playing in their minds. He brought up composition after composition, half of them patchy and too old to fully remember, but he improvised a little and smiled. He remembered playing in a large hall, hundreds of rich people staring at him, and he recalled smothering a grin as they watched him - a pauper boy's entertainment worth so much. She entered a thought of her own. "You're my angel." She smiled. "And you're mine," his mind said before he could stop it. He laughed. She placed a finger on his lips, stopping his laughter before she pressed her lips to his. The memories faltered and faded as he kissed her back, his arms tightening a little around her. She closed her eyes, taking in the feeling of him so close to her and their touch. One single memory played in her mind and she smiled. "Will you, marry me?"

He looked at himself as she remembered it and grimaced. "Is that really how stupid I looked?" he asked

The End

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