Dreams and NightmaresMature

The taxi driver pulled over at the train station. "We're here." The driver announced, turning round so he gazed at them between the two chairs. Lazarus gave him his money and the driver smirked. "Have fun in Paris." He smiled, winking at Lazarus as he got out the car, making his way round to Melissa's side of the car. She smiled as he let her out, providing her with a shadow.

"Is that all anybody thinks about?" She groaned, after the driver sped off; once again ignoring the speed limits.

“You've not spent much time around guys have you?” He said, tilting his head a little. “But I can assure you it's not all I think about. Even if I accidentally make myself look like I do...” he grimaced.

"No, I haven't. I tended to avoid human contact as much as possible." She smiled at him and grabbed his hand as they walked into the station. "And I know. It’s fine."

“I was worried I was making myself look bad.”

"No. You're okay." She looked up at the dark black board that had the times glowing in orange upon them. “Do you have the tickets?” She asked, her eyes not leaving the board.

“No you get them at the thing. I have my card though. That's what you need to get them out the box.” He laughed, realising he wasn't really making any sense.

"I'll let you deal with the modern technology." She giggled, still gazing at the time board.

“Okay.” He laughed walking over to the machine, placing his card in the slot and punching the random buttons before it finally gave him his ticket and his card. When he returned he looked at the tickets then at her. “Platform one.” He nodded, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Will it be here soon?” She asked, stifling a yawn.

He looked from the tickets to the board and back again. “Twenty minutes.”

“Good.” She smiled and giggled. “I can’t wait.”

“Me neither.” He agreed as they began to go down the stairs and toward the platform.

“Thank you.” She grinned, kissing his cheek softly.

“Huh? What for?”

“For bringing us here silly.” She smiled.

“Ordering a taxi isn’t hard.” He laughed.

"No. But you didn't have to agree with me either."

“Well the pleasure is mine,” he laughed, bowing his head

"Ever the gentleman." She grinned.

    “I try.”

"Twenty minutes is too long." She whined.

“Apologies. I'll make it hurry up.” He grinned.

"It’d be faster if we walked" She grumbled before bursting out into laughter.

“For you maybe.”

"Do you think I could walk on water?" She asked, the sounds of trains coming in and out of the station piercing her ears.

“I don't know. Maybe, if you were fast enough.”

"I don't think I'd be trying it out anytime soon." She noted, as the train lumbered to a stop. The gears screech making her and Lazarus cringe.

“Maybe next time, we're gonna have to come back to pack all our stuff up anyways.”

"Oh I feel so tired." She yawned as she stepped onto the train, all the men parted to let her on first and she thanked them absently.

Lazarus eyed the men around them, warding off their curious and over interested gazes. “You just woke up, Melissa.” He laughed

"I'm not meant to be up in the sunlight though." She yawned, sitting a four-seated table.

“True, true. That's why I got us an evening viewing.” He smiled.

"Oh good." She smiled, cautiously looking at man that sat down opposite him. He was busy chatting on his phone and as soon as he sat down he had his laptop out, tapping on the keys. Melissa rolled her eyes and leant her head on Lazarus' shoulder.

He slipped an arm around her waist and held her close as she leant on him. “Sleep. I'll wake you up when we're there.”

She closed her eyes, but felt she couldn't sleep. Something bugged her, something from last night. "Lazarus?" She murmured after a little while. "Last night, were you...okay?" She asked. The man opposite them looked up with an eyebrow raised before lowering his head again.

 “Yeah, why?”

"Well, I don't really dream and my sleep is very closely connected to the outside world." She paused. opening her eyes again. "Your heart was beating fast again." She talked in a whisper she knew only Lazarus could hear.

“Was it?”

She nodded and looked at him curiously. "Yes. Are you sure you were okay?"

He nodded. “I was fine.”

"What were you thinking about?" She persisted; sure that he was hiding something.

“I wasn't thinking.”

"Lazarus. You're hiding something from me."

“Why would I do that?”

"I don't know Lazarus, why would you do that?"

He shook his head. “I don't know”

"Lazarus. The more you deny it the more you make me worry." She sat up, looking into his eyes, searching them with her own.

He narrowed his eyes. “What you said. About me reminding you of James.”

"What about it?" She asked, worried.

“It just... I'm not like that. Am I?”

"No. you're not. Far from it. If you were... well. I wouldn't be here right now." She reassured.

“But I remind you of him.”

“When you hold me up against a wall. Yes, you do." She sighed, realising how much she was contradicting her words. But even she couldn’t fully understand it.

He looked down at the ground. “Sorry.”

She lifted his head up by hooking a finger under his chin; kissing him firmly. "No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you think I thought you were a sex-crazed monster."

“It was my fault, as ever.”

She slapped his cheek as gently as she could, just enough to wake him up. "Lazarus. Stop this."

“What? It was!”

"How was it your fault?"

“I go too far with a joke. Sorry.”

She sighed. "No need to be, we both lose it at times. Was that all?"

“Yeah. Yeah that was all. I just don't want to remind you of him, that's all.” He repeated.

"It's fine." She smiled kissing him again before she sunk back down, resting her head on his shoulder once more.

He tightened his arm around her waist again and closed his own eyes, the lack of sleep finally getting to him. She smiled as he fell asleep, but still found she couldn't. She sighed and looked out the window, gazing at the concrete walls around them. She almost jumped when the man across from them began to talk. “You know. He’s very lucky to have you.”

She smiled softly, although she was getting annoyed at the constant repetition of the phrase. “Thank you.”

“No really, I mean I would love to have a woman so understanding and comforting. Of course you have your looks too.”

Melissa was surprised, Lazarus had painted such a grim outlook on men, yet here this man was genuinely interested in her personality. She let the blush take over her cheeks, “I’m sure you will find one someday.” She smiled. “You a banker or something?” She asked, noticing the suit he was wearing.

“Nah, I run my own business, I’m travelling to Paris for a business trip.”

“Oh really? What does your business sell?”

He blushed slightly. “Well. I may be in a suit but it’s only a small business. I just inherited the business from my dad. I arrange bouquet’s and sell them all over the world. I was hoping to establish a link in Paris.”

She nodded, listening intently. When he said he had inherited the business from his father she looked past the suit and realised he was only in his twenties. “Well. I hope you have good luck with that. I love flowers.” She smiled, she knew the phrase, ‘I love flowers’ would open up a conversation between them. The man talked about the different types of flowers and their meanings and Melissa nodded intently, the tiredness slowly slipping away.

Meanwhile Lazarus stirred in his sleep, the hunter plaguing his dreams once more. His arm tightened around Melissa’s waist and she gasped. “Excuse me a minute.” She smiled to the man across from them; whose name she soon learned was Chris. She kissed Lazarus’ cheek softly and wrapped her arms around his waist. But when he still did not stop his whining she whispered his name into his ear. “Lazarus.” Her voice became more urgent as she felt his heart beat quicken. “Lazarus!” She growled slapping his face as she had before.  

His eyes snapped open and he looked around wildly. He blushed as he looked around at the people on the train with them. “Crap.”

"It would have been worse if you had actually changed." She mumbled as the man across from them turned. "Are you okay?" He asked, surprised that Melissa had just slapped him again. As he asked the train got back to their business.

“Yeah, fine. I just don’t sleep well.” The man nodded at the answer and gave him a relieved smile before returning to his work on the computer.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, pushing his hair back from his face.

“Nothing,” he coughed and pushed himself up so he was sitting straight.

She rolled her eyes. "Right." Lazarus didn’t say anything and simply let out a deep sigh. "You know. You called me a liar. I don't know why I bother." She sighed taking her arms from his waist and gazed out the window. Her head resting in her hands.

“I just don't wanna talk about it in the middle of a train!” He exclaimed making a few head’s turn.

She turned round and looked at him. "You think they're listening to you?" She sighed and placed a hand on his arm. "Show me."

Reluctantly, he showed her a confused mess of dreams, trying to keep out the part where they had been standing in a kitchen looking at their family as it could have been if they were able. "Why were you retrieving a football?" She asked curiously as the dream from a few nights ago played in her head.

“Does that matter?”

"No. I guess not. Sorry." She sighed, curiosity still annoying her. "I knew I shouldn't have let him go." She cursed.

“It's okay.”

Well how long until you will be able to sleep again do you think?"

“How would I know?”

"Sorry." She mumbled.

 No,' he sighed, pushing his hand through his hair exasperated. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to snap.'

She kissed his forehead then his lips softly in response. "We're nearly there I think." She smiled as they emerged from the channel tunnel.

He hugged her tight and stared at an advert behind her. 'Sorry,' he whispered again

"No need." She smiled. Wrapping her arms tightly round his waist.

“We're here,” he said, looking out the window.

She turned, looking out the window for a moment, simply in awe. "Wow." She mumbled as she realised her dream was slowly coming true.

“Wow?” He asked raising an eyebrow. 'We're not even near where we wanna be yet.' He laughed.

"Still. We will be soon." She grinned.

“Indeed we will.”

The End

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