Melissa was sat all day gazing up at the ceiling absently. Her arms tucked behind her head and her legs slightly crossed. She watched as the shadows danced around the room as the sun fell into the horizon with a final flash of light. Lazarus stirred beside her and she smiled. "Good evening." She whispered, her gaze still not lifting from the dull roof. "Mmm" Lazarus moaned softly, not quite ready to leave the warm embrace of sleep.

She threw her legs round the edge of the bed and stood up. "Well, I'm going out." She sighed, rummaging through one of the bags and pulling out a deep crimson ribbon. "Mmk" he said, struggling to open his eyes. Melissa let out a disgusted huff at Lazarus' laziness, shaking her head softly.

She picked up the ribbon, tying it around her hair so it sat upon her head, loosely tugging at her curls, pulling them behind her ears. It also served as a dividing line between her curls and her straight cut fringe. "I'll be back when I'm back." She told him, walking out the bedroom. "I love you!" He called, knowing she could still hear him. "And I you." She sighed in reply, closing the front door behind her. Lazarus rolled over in his bed and waited, his eyes closed but fully awake, for her return.

Melissa swiftly descended the stairs with the grace she always took with every step. She turned the corner, slowly walking down the dark streets that were only lit by a flickering lamp here and there. She sighed, breathing in the cool night air. She was glad to be out of the apartment. She did not know why she had left, she wasn't going anywhere, nor did she need to drink, she just felt the night tugging at her soul and longed to walk within it's embrace again.

Her hair flew back, cradled by the slight spring breeze. A slight downpour of rain caused ripples in the puddles that were dotted around the road. She tilted her head back, smiling. A few men and women walked past her, casting her cautious and some amorous looks but she ignored them, simply following the winding streets. Trusting them to lead her to a place that was secret and subtle, that was not disturbed by a wandering soul. A place where she could sit, reflect, cast away her dead memories.

Her trust was well placed as a few minutes later she stumbled upon a park, running through the park was a river, with benches overlooking it's dark waters. She sat upon one, gazing down into the shadowed pool, smiling when it did not show her reflection. She reached her hands round to the back of her neck and caressed the small silver chain in her hand. The silver had almost turned to black with it's age, showing it's true colours. As soon as he gave it to her she knew it wasn't real silver, but it was from Albert, so it was still precious.

Now she gazed down at the small cross. It's simple design still sparkling in the moonlight. She lifted it to her lips and kissed it softly before casting it away to the dark depths of the river. She got up from her seat and walked closer to the edge of the banking. "Good night, Albert." She murmured as she watched it's shining light slowly dim as it sunk. She closed her eyes and let the final moment's of his life wash over her, sinking in her mind like the cross had.

She smiled, letting a final happy memory of him settle in her mind before turning, walking back down the streets her hand at her neck. It still felt, to her, like the cross still adorned her slender neckline. As she reached the apartment block she looked up. Her own angel probably lay in the bed awaiting for her to return. She dropped her hand and gracefully ascended the stairs again.

She stopped, facing the door to Lazarus' apartment. She placed a hand upon it, feeling the wood beneath her fingers, the memory of the first time she had knocked on this door played in her mind like a moving painting. The first time she looked at him, drunk, devastated and alone. The first time she was taken by his angelic face. She smiled once more to herself before letting herself in, treading lightly back to the bedroom, where Lazarus still lay. Awake. His eyes still closed against the dim light that flooded the room from the lamp.  "Now will the beauty awake?" She smiled softly, perching herself on the edge of the bed beside him. One leg upon the bed so she could turn to face him.

"Beauty?" He croaked, his voice hoarse from not using it. "I think you got me muddled up with someone else." She nodded, not willing to get into an argument with him. "Maybe." She whispered running her fingers through his soft hair again, this time savouring the touch.

"Unless you're talking more about a diamond in the rough sort of beauty." He smiled sitting up to embrace her. She looked at his eyes, still laboured with sleep. "I was thinking more angelic, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right?" She asked, although it was more of a rhetorical question.

"Angelic?" He repeated a little incredulous.

"You are my angel, are you not?" She asked, her head tilting slightly.

"Nahh. I'm not innocent enough. A fallen one, maybe." He laughed wryly.

Melissa was taken aback by his words and although she did not want  to argue she did firmly disagree with them. "That's not how I see it."

"How do you see it then?" He asked, curious for the answer.

"I see you as my saviour; my angel with the purest white wings." She smiled, painting the image in her head as she spoke. "But how you see it, well. That's up to you."

"I quite like that image." He grinned kissing her. "Good," she smiled accepting the kiss, but not returning it.

"So we have a day and a night to kill. What do you want to do?" He asked.

"I don't know, probably sleep the day away. As for the night, I'm not sure."

"We can do anything you like." He paused. "Where's your cross gone?"

"I got rid of it." She said, coolly and plainly.

"Why'd you do that?"

"Forgetting memories gone."

He nodded, "Oh." He replied not knowing quite what to say.

"I didn't need is anymore." She sighed, trying to simplify it for him. He kept quiet and simply kissed her lightly. Melissa looked into his eyes, once again taking the kiss but not returning it. Her lips remaining firmly closed.

He pulled back, "sorry."

"No. It's fine." She sighed again, trying to keep her voice from falling into a monotone.

"I shouldn't have asked." He broke their embrace and laid back down with a sigh to match Melissa's.

"You have your free will." She shrugged, standing up from the bed. "As do we all."

"I'm sure I've heard that one before. I still should have kept my mouth shut."

She looked down at him with curiousity. "Why?"

"I'm gonna have a shower before I upset you anymore." He muttered, grabbing his towel and a new outfit from the wardrobe.

Melissa stood infront of the door to the bathroom. Looking firmly at him, barring his path but not saying a word. Simply gazing into his eyes. He met her gaze evenly and waited silently for her to speak. "Love?" She asked, frowning slightly. "How can it be broken so easily?"

"It's not the love that gets broken, Melissa." He spoke quietly and softly. She simply gazed at him, questioningly. Confusion masking the sorrow that lay beneath. "It's the heart of the over emotional fool before you." He tried to force a smile to his lips, but his face remained blank.

Melissa's eyes began to clear, showing her understanding. Apart from the single question that remained from his words. "Your heart, is broken?"

He shook his head. "I phrased it wrong. I just hurt easily - too easily. I'd say it was more bruised, than broken. And don't blame yourself, I'm often the cause of my own pain."

Melissa nodded, a soft, sorrowful smile appearing on her lips. "What, can I do?" She asked so quietly that even Lazarus strained to hear her. But although he did he looked at her. Not knowing what to say, he found no answer to her question. Melissa nodded again. "I'll let you get your shower then." She sighed, taking a single step to the side, out of his way. He paused, grimacing a little as she sighed. He kissed her cheek as he walked into the bathroom. At that moment, something snapped within her, and she almost ran after him; swinging her arms around him she cried. Tears running down her cheeks in torrents. "I just miss him." She sobbed.

He folded her gently in his arms and soothingly rubbed her back with one hand. "I know. I know." He murmured, letting her cry into his shoulder.

"Why?" She mumbled into his shoulder. The sound of the gunshot in her head making her close her eyes, trying to block out the thought.

"Why what?"

"Why him, why then, why me?" She sobbed thrashing her head about on his shoulder.

"I don't know Melissa. Fate has a cruel way of playing with people." He soothed, clutching her close to him. She linked her arms around his neck, tightly pulling him close to her, as if afraid of him disappearing too. She buried her head in his neck, simply taking in his touch, his smell. Something to remember if he was to leave. "Don't leave me here." She cried, her voice muffled as she talked into his neck. "Don't leave me here." She repeated, feeling that she was drowning, sinking into ever deeper waters. Swollowed by the dark liquid around her. As if everything she knew had left her, as if her own light was dimming, the deeper she sunk.

The End

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