Lazarus yawned. ‘Bed time.' He mumbled, clinging to Melissa under the duvet on the sofa. The television was on, but the volume was low, and neither of them were really watching the bad acting on screen. His arms were wrapped firmly around Melissa's form, one hand at her hip, the other on her shoulder. His warmth as ever kept a small smile on her face as they stared at the screen. She glanced at him as he spoke and her smile widened.

‘Sure. I've had enough crap telly to last me a week.' She laughed.

‘Me too.' Lazarus said sleepily. He didn't want to move, but he forced himself to get up and take the duvet back to the bed. He flopped onto the mattress with it, groaning tiredly. He made no move to undress or move from the middle of the bed as Melissa stood in the door way.

‘That tired, hmm?' she asked. He grunted something, but still didn't move. ‘Am I just gonna sleep on the floor, then?' she couldn't help but smile as she looked at his form sprawled on the bed, his limbs outstretched as though he was trying to hug it. He groaned again and rolled over, lifting his arms to her, reaching for her like a child. Her smile widened as she walked over to him, crawling onto the bed beside him. He dropped his arms again and opened his eyes blearily.

‘Sleepy,' he muttered, wrapping her in his arms, asleep within seconds. She laughed gently, returning the embrace. She let sleep take her too as she rested her head on his chest.

Lazarus was rudely ripped from his sleep by an irritable buzzing from the intercom by the door. He opened his eyes and listened for a second, not letting go of Melissa. He sighed, still tired. Melissa woke up too, and seeing that Lazarus wasn't going to get up to answer the buzzing, she gracefully slipped out of his weak grip, ignoring his mumbled protest. He groaned, rubbing his eyes, before wearily following her.

‘Clothes have arrived,' Melissa told him, covering the speaker with one hand as she spoke. ‘Okay,' she said, taking her hand away again, speaking to the person at the other end of the intercom. ‘I'll send my fiancé down to get them,' she giggled slightly at Lazarus' expression. She hung up and waved him away down the stairs to get the delivery.

He reached the bottom and opened the door, trying not to glare at the delivery person. The man handed over a clipboard and looked at Lazarus' just-out-of-bed appearance.

‘Got lucky last night?' he asked with a grin as Lazarus handed back the clipboard and pen. Lazarus looked up, too tired for the other man's jesting question. Lazarus pulled out the cigarettes that had found their way into his pocket out of habit. He took one out and lit it before glancing back at the man.

‘I get lucky every night.' He said, his voice still gravelly and irritable from just waking up. The delivery guy's eyes widened and he whistled low, not seeming to notice Lazarus' tone.

‘Cool. Here's your delivery.' He handed over the plastic bags with the clothes inside.

‘Thanks.' Lazarus turned away and shut the door in the guy's face. Balancing the clothes all in the crook of one arm, he pushed the button for the elevator and shuffled inside, slumping against the wall as he ascended. When he got back to the apartment, he dumped the packages on the sofa.

‘I dunno which ones are yours,' Lazarus said indicating to the bags as he got himself a glass of water. She opened them one by one, eyeing the shirts she didn't remember buying as they spilled out of the packaging. When she found hers, she took them, gathering them up in her arms.

‘Finally. Clothes.' She muttered as she took them to the bedroom to change. Lazarus picked up his own clothes and followed her, hanging the shirts up in the wardrobe.

‘You mean you didn't enjoy not having any clothes?' he laughed as she flung his shirt towards him.

‘No! It felt weird walking around with no clothes. Remember, I'm not used to it the way you are,' she said as she pulled on the lacy, black corset dress. She twisted her arms round to the back so she could do up the ribbon that laced down her back over her bare flesh. The front was plain black fabric that flared out like a ballerina dress. It fell to her knees and she had a pair of black tights to go with it. It had no sleeves and a low cut at the top so you could clearly see Albert's cross around her neck. She pulled on her black ankle boots and tied the lace on them before standing before Lazarus.

‘What do you think?' She grinned at him. He nodded approvingly.

‘You'll get a lot of wolf whistles. And not from me. I don't need to wolf whistle you,' he winked.

‘Then you can just feel lucky that I'm yours!' she giggled and kissed his cheek.

‘Lucky? More like God dropped a miracle in my hands for only me to enjoy.' He curled his arms around her, kissing her on the lips, softly, following it with a firmer kiss.

‘And you're mine too!' Melissa smiled, finding nothing else that needed to be said in the moment.

‘I most certainly am.' He grinned, holding her there for a moment longer before looking over her shoulder at the rest of the clothes on the bed. ‘You can hang the rest of your clothes up in my wardrobe if you like, but I have a feeling that we might just be moving out soon enough.' He laughed. ‘Oh! I need to check my email, see if they replied with when we should go see the place.' He broke away, moving to the laptop once again. She nodded absently, thinking about the unpacked boxes in her own room.

‘So, when is it?' She asked in a daze. Lazarus looked at the screen and then back at Melissa.

‘Two days from now, or two weeks after that.' He replied, apprehension and happiness in his voice.

‘Which would you prefer?' she asked.

‘Two days from now,' he muttered, ‘I can't wait to get out of this block of flats.' He laughed lightly.

‘And this town.' She growled. ‘I just wish, one day I could explore Paris in the light.' She sighed, realising her dream would only half be complete.

‘I've heard it looks better at night anyways.' Lazarus said, tapping out a reply to the estate agents.

‘But the artificial lights can be so dull.' She sighed, ‘but I suppose it's my dream just being there.'

‘I'll be there too, I'm sure you'll cope.' He finished the email and closed the laptop again, looking up at Melissa.

‘Yeah.' She forced a smile to her lips. He frowned at the fake smile and got up.

‘What's up?'

‘Goddamn allergy to sunlight.' She laughed dryly. Lazarus' lips tugged down unhappily.

‘I wish I could change that for you.' He murmured, lying back down on the bed.

‘I do too, but there's no point cursing about it, is there?' she watched as his eyes closed again. He smiled.

‘No. Hmm. I should really look around that area for some kind of woodland. Only reason I hung around here for so long.' He opened one eye lazily and looked up at Melissa. ‘But until then, I think I should go back to sleep.' He shut his eye again and shifted so he was comfortable.

‘Lazarus is this the time of year where you hibernate?' she laughed, sitting on the edge of the bed beside him. He smiled and opened his eyes again.

‘No, but you know as well as I do that I've not slept properly for ages. I decided I needed to catch up when I nearly bit the delivery guy's head off.' She shook her head slightly.

‘Fine. I'll be right here when you wake.' She smiled, running his fingers through his hair. He reached out with one hand and tugged on her arm, wordlessly asking her to lie down beside him again. She tilted her head and obliged, lying next to him on the bed, fully clothed. His smile stayed on his lips as he drifted off once again, sleeping until sundown.

The End

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