Cleaning upMature

‘Oh I will be, will I?' Lazarus rolled her over and knelt over her, grinning.

‘Yes,' she replied confidently as she looked up into his eyes, challenging him. His blue orbs sparkled happily, though they were dimmed a little with tiredness. He covered his mouth as he yawned.

‘Sorry,' he mumbled, smiling. ‘I think you might have to wait for tomorrow to make me sorry,' he said, putting his arms around her. She smiled, kissing him softly.

‘The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak.' She laughed, ‘no doubt me drinking from you didn't help your tiredness.'

‘Doesn't matter,' he said pulling her back down onto the bed with him. He gazed at her with happy eyes as he drifted off into sleep, not perturbed by the fact that the duvet was still in the living room on the sofa, or the fact he was still bare. She sighed, wrapping her arms around him, in an attempt to cover up his naked body.

‘Sleep well.' She whispered into his ear, kissing his cheek. Her eyes slid shut as fatigue took her too.

Lazarus woke up a few hours later, the cold lack of his covers stirring him. He rolled over and stared up at the ceiling, remembering what had happened. As strange as it seemed, Melissa had finally drunk from him willingly. And as odd as the feeling was, it simultaneously felt completely natural. He smiled a little before deciding he wanted the duvet back. He got up and smiled as Melissa's own naked form caught his eye. This is probably the most screwed up relationship in the world. But I love it, he thought as he gathered up the duvet. He balanced the laptop on top of the duvet draped over one arm and picked up his credit card. Should have got more shirts, too, he thought, though that was not the only reason he was taking the laptop back to the bedroom with him.

He sat back on the bed, covering both their bodies with the duvet, the laptop on his knees, wobbling a little as he bent over to plug it in to charge. Melissa moaned a little in her sleep as the laptop screen lit up but she didn't wake. He ordered a few new shirts, choosing a size smaller than he usually got, in an attempt to buy clothes worth wearing for once. He smiled at Melissa's slumbering form as he clicked "add to cart". He wondered what she would think of the new clothes. He closed that window and began a new search. He wondered where he was supposed to find an apartment in France online.

Eventually he found a site that looked promising enough, and it was written in English - which made the job a little easier. As he scrolled through the pictures of Parisian apartments, Melissa woke up. She pushed herself up , covering a yawn and rested her head on his shoulder.

‘What're you doing?' she asked, looking at the page he had open.

‘Just looking at buying an apartment for us.' He smiled and kissed her gently.

‘Found anything?' she queried. He shrugged gently.

‘There was one that looked okay, but I want you to decide with me.' He replied, opening the page he had saved with the apartment. The pictures showed light airy rooms, with thick blinds over the large windows. The rooms were a decent size, certainly big enough for Lazarus over sixed TV and the piano. The bedroom was a spacious double room, the bed placed on the back wall in the middle, a chest of drawers placed on one side, a sliding door half open to reveal a wardrobe on the other. The kitchen was about twice the size of Lazarus' current one, a small breakfast bar in the middle surrounded by modern fittings. The apartment was overall modern, the pale walls reflecting as much light as they could to give the impression that it was bigger. ‘Everything is painted cream, but if we buy it, we can decorate it how we like.' Lazarus said, clicking through the pictures for Melissa.

‘It's nice,' she said, looking at Lazarus. ‘Where is it?'

‘Just outside Paris. Not too far from the Eiffel Tower. I didn't like the look of any of the apartments actually in Paris. They were all a bit too much like these ones.' He said gesturing to the damp wall behind the desk.  The picture flicked to an outside shot and Melissa smiled.

‘Well, it looks shaded, so I'll be fine. I like it. It's really up to you about the size of the kitchen and such, since I don't need them.' She told him. He kissed her again and clicked back onto the main page of apartment listings.

‘I'm gonna go have a shower; you're welcome to have a look for something else. I've managed to live here for the last sixty years; anything after this is fine by me. Having said that, you're even more welcome to join me in the shower.' He smiled and got out of the bed, grabbing his towel and a pair of clean boxers. She laughed as he stood in the doorway, the towel in his hands covering him enough to stop her blushing.

‘You're not tired anymore then?' she arched an eyebrow.

‘What are you talking about? I was referring to cleaning up the mess I made last night,' he laughed and walked to the bathroom, leaving Melissa blushing on the bed. Melissa hesitated for a moment before following him into the bathroom. He smiled as she stepped under the water with him. He kissed her, ignoring the water pelting into his face. ‘So you were going to make me sorry?' he murmured, a small smile on his lips. She shook her head and matched his smile.

‘My mum taught me not to play with my food.' She laughed. Lazarus raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh so I'm "food" now am I?' he questioned jestingly.

‘You called yourself a snack earlier,' she replied coolly.

‘So I did,' he agreed. ‘Anyway, I'm interested in how exactly you planned on making me sorry.' He linked his hands behind her in the small of her back, pulling her in towards his body.

‘Well what do you think?' she asked, ‘what do you think would make you feel like you're sorry?' he shrugged in reply, simply kissing her again. Melissa laughed and hooked her hands round his waist pulling him even closer to her.

‘I could think of a few ways. But, I don't think you'll like them. Hence why you'd be sorry,' she said.

‘Oh? What would these "ways" be, exactly?' He asked, tilting his head. His sodden hair dripped as he moved and he quickly pushed it back, before returning his hand to its previous position.

‘I could make you yearn for me again, then leave you.' She shrugged. Lazarus' eyes widened and he shook his head.

‘Just the thought of it makes me sorry!' he laughed.

‘Good enough,' Melissa chuckled a little.

‘Hmm.' Lazarus reached up for the shower gel and the flannel, before gently rubbing the sex from their skin.

When they got out, Melissa blushed and cursed her lack of clothes once more. ‘It's okay; you can wear one of my baggy shirts or something. It'll cover you fine.' He smiled, pulling on his boxers. She looked at him.

‘No, it's fine. As long as you don't mind having a pet.' She returned his smile.

‘I can't talk to a pet, though.' He muttered.

‘Yes, you can' she sighed. ‘Though I will wear one of your shirts if you would rather.' Lazarus shrugged and ushered her out of the bathroom so he could find some clean clothes.

‘I don't mind, it's up to you.' He told her as he disappeared into his bedroom, gazing into the wardrobe at the mess of clothes that still hadn't sorted itself out.

‘I suppose I prefer my human form...' she started. ‘Could I borrow one of your shirts, please?' she rounded the corner to see Lazarus digging through the pile of old clothes in the bottom of the wardrobe. He nodded and pulled a large chequered shirt from a hanger above him without looking. He tossed it to Melissa and carried on looking for a pair of jeans that were clean and not ripped. He sighed, finding none. With a scowl, he pulled out an old pair that had a rip on the inside of one thigh, and was lacking the button. He sat back on his heels, the jeans in his hands. He stared at the tattered material.

‘I bloody hate transformations,' he grumbled as he stuck a hand through the large hole. He looked up at Melissa who had slipped on and buttoned up the shirt while he wasn't looking. She rolled the sleeves up past her elbows and tugged the material of the shirt down so it covered as much of her as possible.

‘It's not exactly flattering... but it will do.' She sighed, laughing as she looked at his jeans. ‘Maybe you should start to undress before you change then?'

‘It's not funny,' he whined, pulling them on, cursing as his foot got caught in the hole. ‘Do you really think that when you're in that kinda state you actually think about saving your clothes? To be honest, I lose half of them in the woods. I wake up ages away from where I started.' His scowl deepened as he pulled another shirt from a hanger and shrugged it onto his form.

‘Well, maybe I can undress you and save your clothes now?' she gave him an innocent look as he raised an eyebrow.

‘You plan on keeping me naked for the next two and a half weeks?' he asked laughing. ‘I'm beginning to wonder which of us was more sexually deprived in the last few hundred years.'

‘Not right now!' she growled a little, making Lazarus' grin widen. ‘When you begin to change, now that I'm here. I can save your clothes for you.' He nodded.

‘I was teasing,' he chuckled, getting up. He moved back to the bed and closed the laptop, laying it on the floor so he could strip the bed sheets off. She shook her head, fighting back the urge to strangle him.

‘You know your Gabriel, what...' she paused, her voice serious. She thought for a moment before looking down and shaking her head again. Lazarus looked up at the mention of Gabriel. ‘No, never mind.' She finished, looking back up.

‘What?' Lazarus asked, balling up the pillow cases and throwing them on the floor as he glanced up at Melissa.

‘What was his last name? Emerson, per chance?' she questioned. Lazarus stopped stripping the bed, instead sitting down on it. He nodded.

‘Yeah. Did you read it on the crypt last night?' he wondered aloud.

‘Umm. No,' she admitted, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly. Realising the movement caused the shirt to ride up, she dropped her arm again.

‘Oh. Knew him then? He was in your social circle, after all.' He looked away, staring at the wall, trying to detach himself from the resentment that grew inside him that Gabriel had so often been carted off to balls and parties that he would rather not have gone to.

‘Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up,' she said, tilting her head a little, as if the movement would allow her to see his face. He lifted his shoulders and turned back to her.

‘It's fine. Did you know him?' He asked, curious.

‘Not personally.' She stopped, trying to recall how she had known him. ‘He married to my mother's sister's daughter.' She stumbled over the family connections.

‘Your cousin?' He nodded. ‘She was nice. She didn't deserve the cold relationship, though. My bad.' He didn't smile, his expression even a little blank as he recalled the nights that Gabriel would sneak out of the manor to spend a night with him.

‘She was horrible without him.' She growled, recounting the childhood she had spent with her. ‘But I suppose even she didn't deserve that.' She looked at Lazarus, still slightly awkward from bringing it up.

‘Gabriel was as kind to her as an adulterous husband could have been. He hadn't wanted to marry, though. His parents forced it upon him.' He got back up and finished pulling the bottom sheet off the bed. Gathering all the sheets up together, he took them into the kitchen where he crouched in front of the washing machine with a scowl. Melissa followed him.

‘I do feel sorry for him though, as much as her.' She said quietly. Lazarus shoved the sheets into the washing machine and looked for the soap powder.

‘Why? He was a bastard. He knew he shouldn't have been involved with me.' Lazarus said evenly as he grabbed the box of powder from under the sink. Melissa's eyes widened at his words, shocked.

‘But... didn't you...' she sighed and watched as he hesitated over which part of the drawer to put the soap powder in. ‘Because he was forced into something he didn't want to do.' Lazarus nodded and then paused. He shook his head instead.

‘No, he was just a bastard,' he smiled.

The End

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