Where Your Heart LiesMature

Melissa listened to Lazarus' cries as they forced a tear to her eye. She gazed into the sun, it's flames igniting her clothes. She fought to keep her eyes open, but the pain gripped her. She closed her eyes against the light, the fire forcing her into unconsciousness. The pain rising through her body. The darkness swallowed her, she could feel herself slump down from where she was sat, it was like a nightmare. She felt as if she was falling, constantly falling.

She rolled down the sloped roof of the church, the sun still scorching at her skin making it glow an eerie white. She reached the end of the roof, then she fell. She was sat upon the steeple so the way down to the floor was at least ft high. She hurtled toward the ground, her naked form slowly burning to dust. Her tears streaming from her face, pure, clear tears. Thoughts of Lazarus swarmed her mind, 'Will you marry me?,' 'my heart of course,' 'I love you so much.'

Lazarus was looking up at the roof, Melissa' song still lilting on the breeze when he saw a figure, shadowed against the orange sky. He swore loudly, moving into position, his arms outstretched. Just then, Melissa stopped dreaming she was falling, something had stopped her. In her dream, a beam of light came from her form. She picked up her hand, gazing at the shining ring upon her finger and smiled. She knew she was safe.

Lazarus cursed again, taking her into the church. Laying her in the shadows just under one of the windows. "Melissa? Melissa? Oh God... what did I do?" He cried, tears running down his face onto her frail body. He took off his shirt, placing it on her. As soon as the cool shadows wrapped round her body, her burns began to heal. But still it took until night-fall for them to completely disappear. But still Lazarus did not leave her side, nor did anybody enter the church.

"I love you." Melissa murmured, her eyes still sealed closed, the words barely leaving her lips. She did not move, but her thoughts were finally spoken as the darkness began to lose it's grip on her.

"I love you too. I'm so, so sorry." He sobbed, placing her head on his lap, running his fingers gently through his hair.

"Hmm, Lazarus...is that you? Don't be sorry." She muttered softly, almost incoherently. "Don't be sorry."

"It's me." He smiled, looking down upon her protectively.

"You heard me...you got my call." She smiled, her eyes slowly flickering open as she began to awake.

"I heard you." His eyes now showing the soft smile that was spread across his face. "I fell asleep. I woke up nearly too late. I'm such an idiot. Nearly letting you slip through my fingers again." He cursed.

"I'm sorry I threw your ring. I just don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to." She whined, her eyes finally opening to meet his.

"Don't want to do what?" He soothed, brushing her hair back from her face.

"Drink blood. Hide in the shadows. Kill people." She paused, "have people die. Because of me."

"You can avoid at least the last two. But I don't see what I can really do about the first two." He grimaced, sitting her up against his chest.

She lifted her arm slightly, gazing at the silver band that caressed her finger. "I'm sorry. I've been so selfish." She cried, leaning back in his arms.

"It was my fault, It's okay." He smiled, as she had returned back into his arms.

"No. It wasn't. I threw your ring, I refused to drink, I drove you back to alcohol and broke your heart because I thought of myself." She cursed, shaking her head furiously, her personality slowly returning.

"Melissa, I was pissed off because I was... well I was in the mood for something else and you couldn't go through with it - you can't tell me that's not selfish," he laughed wryly. "I shouldn't have gotten angry."

"I'm sorry." She mumbled, her brown, singed curls returning to their natural state. "Maybe next time." She laughed slightly, coughing as she tried to regain her voice.

"It's okay, you couldn't help it. I just let it annoy me. I'm sorry." He sighed.

"I can't stop you being a man." She smiled, happy that she remembered.

"I can't stop you being a vampire either," he replied, not smiling.

Her face dropped. "No. No you can't." She sighed, the pain returning in her voice.

"I wish I could, I really do, but I have about as much chance of that as you do of stopping me being a werewolf," he began to laugh stupidly. "Talking about such things in a church. Weird," he smiled, trying to regain a pleasant, happier atmosphere.

"I haven't been to church in years." She trailed, then looked at herself. "Great now all I have is a bodice and a broken pair of trousers." She cursed, "why can't the sun just burn me instead of my clothes?"

"We can order more clothes online if you want, when we get back."

"Not from where you get yours I hope." She laughed, kissing him softly. Glad that her lips had finally reunited with his.

"Why, what's wrong with them?" He asked, his voice taking a higher-pitched, hurt tone.

Melissa smiled, trying to keep back the laughter. "Nothing."

"Then why'd you say you hope you don't get your clothes from where I get mine? It's not my fault I hate clothes shopping. Doing it online just meant it was quicker and I didn't have to try it on." He stated, his tone returning to normal.

"I'll keep my mouth shut from now on." She grinned, remembering last time she had said that. "Unless it's to kiss you, of course."

"Well how am I supposed to make you talk again? I can only propose once." He huffed.

She shrugged. "Find another act of love." She laughed, before making the signal of a zip closing over her mouth.

"Well kissing doesn't need words, sex will only make you hungry after being burnt like that and I've already proposed. Am I missing one?" He raised an eyebrow curious.

She nodded. "I love you." She smiled.

"Ahh, I'm rubbish at this," he lamented. "I love you too."

"See." She giggled. " 'I love you' always requires an answer, even if you already know it."

"So it does." He nodded in agreement.

"Now, can we go home?" She yawned. "If we go now it isn't a Friday. So we shouldn't get noticed." She laid her head on his shoulder.

"Sure." He smiled, picking her up, the same way as before. She rested her head against his chest again. "I love you. And that needs no answer." She whispered, smiling back.

"After last night. I think it might." He replied, kicking open the church door with his foot.

"No." She shook her head softly, the moonlight casting down a beam of light upon her, making her fresh skin glow. "I know where your heart truly lies."

"I'm glad." He smiled, taking in her beauty as he walked down the now deserted streets. Melissa cross her arms over her chest, placing her hands on her heart. "Right here."

Lazarus nodded. "Without a doubt."

"Hallelujah." She laughed softly, her eyes slowly dimming as sleep took her once more.

"Hallelujah." He echoed quietly.

The End

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