Blood and SilverMature

Melissa whimpered, looking down at the hole in her stomach. "Eugh, damn it." She growled pushing herself up, using the door for balance. The bullet wound stung, but didn't burn. She clenched her teeth together as she dove into the wound, pulling the bullet out she threw it to the ground. The hunter looked at her. "What does it take to put you down?" He growled, dragging Lazarus to the door. Melissa gazed up at him. "Move." The hunter sighed coolly. Melissa shook her head solemnly. "MOVE!" He exclaimed, slapping her so she fell down to the ground again. She gasped as she fell on her stomach, but still she reached out a hand, grasping his leg. "No. I...I promised. I wouldn't leave him." She cried, biting down into the hunter's leg, tearing at his flesh. The hunter swore and kicked her off, dragging Lazarus with him who was now struggling and shouting violently, in an attempt to get to Melissa.

Melissa's eyes turned from shining emeralds to dangerous rubies. She growled, using every ounce of her energy to pull herself up the hunter's body like a deranged zombie. She stared into his eyes and muttered the words, "you will not take him while I still move." She growled again and replaced her hands around his neck.

He screamed as she pulled herself up, but it was cut short as she squeezed down on his windpipe. He struggled against her grip, his eyes wide and for once, frightened. He let go of Lazarus. "There! Keep your mutt," he wheezed. "Let go of me!" Melissa looked at him, a tear appearing in her eyes. "I just can't do that. You'll come back." She whispered, loosening her grip a bit but keeping her hand at his neck.

"Get these handcuffs off me you son of a-" Lazarus yelled.

"You would have to let go of me for that," the hunter said, relaxing slightly under her loosened grip.

"No." She snarled. "I'll pry the key from you cold dead body." She stopped, her thoughts snapped to what would happen to them if he was killed. It would be like Connor all over again. She froze, her hand dropping from his neck. "Go." She whimpered.

The hunter hesitated, wondering if it was a trick. He picked himself up and bolted without leaving them a key. "You dick!" Lazarus shouted after him. Melissa fell to her knees next to Lazarus and broke the handcuffs from his wrists with her bare hands, silently. The metal cut into her hands as she put pressure onto the cuffs in order to snap them in half.

Lazarus swore with relief as the silver fell away and then looked at the fresh burns overlapping the old ones. "Christ, I thought I'd lost you when he shot you. Guess it takes you a bit more to get rid of you, eh?" He hugged her tightly.

"Yeah." She mumbled through the tears now flowing over her cheeks as she sat there in his arms, covered in blood, her own and the hunters.

"It's okay. We'll be in France by the time he tries anything again," Lazarus said, kissing the top of her head softly, though he wasn't so sure that he was right. He cursed himself for being so weak.

"I...I.." She paused, nestling herself in his arms. "It hurts..." She whimpered, although this wasn't what she was going to say originally.

"Your stomach? I'm not surprised."

She looked down at the wound still in her stomach. "Why? Why isn't it healing?" She cried, placing a hand over the wound, fresh blood covering her fingers.

Lazarus grimaced an put his hand over hers. "I don't know," he said, worry lacing his tone.

She shook in his arms, panic and worry taking over her. "Lazarus... I'm scared." She whimpered. Her eyes still looking down at the hole in her stomach.

He swore, but he had no idea what to do. "Maybe you do have some kind of.. allergy to silver after all. I don't know." He bit his lip and hugged her. "Do you still have those blood bags in your fridge next door?" He asked.

She nodded slightly, pain racking her body. She coughed, blood spilling over her chin. Her tears began to flow quicker, the red drops mixing with the blood staining her pale skin. "I...Love...You." She mumbled.

"I love you too, I'll be right back," he said. He moved Melissa gently, placing her slightly to the left of the door. He quickly walked next-door, forcing himself through her door, grabbing all the blood from her fridge. He walked briskly back to his apartment dropping the blood bags on the floor. Melissa looked into his eyes, placing a hand on his cheek weakly. Her eyes staring defiantly into his. Her love, pain, sorrow, defiance and terror all reflecting in her dimming eyes.

He gave a bag to Melissa, tearing it open for her. "Drink." He muttered, before turning away. He knew how much she hated being watched when she fed.

She placed the bag to her lips, gently drinking the cool liquid, but she only drank half of it, almost choking as she began to cough again. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

"What are you sorry for, exactly?" He asked raising an eyebrow and turning back to face her. "It's not your fault."

"For... for..." Her eyes began to close slowly, her body shutting down. "For not protecting"

"You did what you could. We should know by now that hunters play dirty." He smiled, but worry still painted his face. He brushed his hand over her forehead, brushing the hair from her face.

"Yeah." She smiled. "I hate blood." She laughed, coughing blood over her hand as she covered her mouth. "I'll see you soon." She smiled, her eyes finally closing. Her hand dropped from his face, falling to her side.

"What?" Lazarus asked, his voice rising in pitch as he panicked. But no reply came. Melissa fell, no longer able to stay sat up on her own accord. Blood stained her porcelain face like red war paint, painting a picture of her vampiric side. Lazarus swore, falling to his knees. "Melissa!" He cried.




The End

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