Melissa turned in her sleep, her body not feeling as warm as it would have if Lazarus was there. She woke with a start, realising he was missing. But when she realised it was half past three she knew where he would be. She got up, the covers still hugging to her half-naked form. She rubbed her eyes slightly, allowing them to adjust to the dimly lit room. She got up, shrugging the covers off her.

She strolled into the living room and decided she would practice her shape-shifting, finding she could not do anything else in the middle of the day. She got down upon all fours and thought simply of a cat, her form changed quickly and she soon saw the world through a cat's eyes. Next she thought of a bird, something small; but she found she did not change. She thought of many birds, bluebirds, eagles, blackbirds, falcons, robins and yet still she did not change. So, she found that perhaps her shape-changing was limited to mammals only.

By this time she had found she rather liked the slender form of the brown cat. Slowly she prowled the length of the room trying to find her feet before jumping with ease upon his piano top, falling off and landing on her feet with subtle grace. She liked the feeling of her tail, gently sweeping behind her and the fact she could hear the cars race down the street from three blocks away. So, still remaining in her cat form she perched herself upon his couch and curled up, awaiting for him to come home, little did she realise however that sleep had begun to claim her again. Although she was in cat form she still had her silver cross dangling loosely from her neck.

Lazarus returned a few minutes later, dropping his keys upon the kitchen table. He walked over to the sofa and prepared to sit down, before he turned realising a brown cat was already sat before him. "What's a cat doing here?" He wondered as the cat lazily opened one eye, staring up at him before blinking slowly and letting out a low purring sound.

"Hey," he muttered to the cat. Noticing the silver cross dangling loose around its neck he realised suddenly the cat was Melissa. "I hope you didn't lose that ring practicing your transformations," he laughed. She placed her left paw upon his leg, as it had previously been tucked beneath her stomach. On it was a thin silver band. She purred again softly, her eyes gleaming with joy, as if she was smiling. He stroked her fur and smiled. Melissa stretched her back, before turning back into her human form without warning. "So, how did it go?" She asked moving into the bedroom to get dressed.

He followed her, sitting himself down on the bed as she slipped on her dress. "Oh, it was okay. That guy escorted me back again, no one likes me, and he told me to move town. It was great..." He sighed, rolling his eyes.

Melissa finished zipping up her dress when she stopped, turning abruptly. "Wait, what? Move town?" She tilted her head curious.

"Everyone knows I should still be in prison, Melissa. The police might have given me a formal apology, and said they got it wrong, but everyone knows they didn't."

"Yes," she nodded in agreement. "But where will we go?"

"I don't know. Bennett said maybe Scotland will have us. I guess when I escaped it stopped being local and started being national, huh??" He sighed

"Well if we're going to move might as well move away from the whole United Kingdom!" She exclaimed, with a hint of excitement.

"Where d'ya wanna go?" He asked, pulling her down onto his lap.

"Anywhere, France, The united states, Italy, wherever! Start anew." She smiled, dreaming of the possibilities as his heart thumped gently next to her ear.

"Sounds like a plan, but you can choose."

"I can't!" She laughed, shaking her brown lock so they bounced upon her shoulders. "and more to the point I don't really care. Anywhere as long as it's with you. You should know that." She chuckled.

"Where have you always wanted to go?" He inquired, gently pushing the hair from her face.

Melissa stared into the distance, lost in a daydream. "Paris, France. To the great city of love." She shook her head defiantly. "Oh but that must sound so stupid."

"Not at all. I'll brush up on my French and see if we can get an apartment there."

"You know French?" She asked, raising her eyebrow curiously.

"Just a little, enough to order a coffee." He laughed.

"It could come in handy," she smiled. "Oh I shall have to make that transaction tonight too." She nodded, sliding herself off his lap.

"Yeah, I'd like to bu an apartment, not a coffee, though. And you really don't have to."

"No, but I would like to." She sighed, unwilling to get into that argument again. "Will you come with me?"

"Come with you where?"

"To the bank of course. I need a shadow." She laughed, realising the sun was beginning to set.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

She smiled and grabbed his hand. "No need." He smiled back, clutching her hand tightly.

The  journey to the bank was quick and they got there just in time. Melissa looked at the woman behind the plastic pane, who looked back at her with tired eyes. "What can I do for you?" She yawned. Melissa smiled, handing over her credit card. "I would like to transfer all my money into Lazarus Thorn's account." The woman punched things into her computer and her eyes widened. "All thirty-six million?" Melissa simply nodded in reply. "Can I have your card and pin sir?" She asked Lazarus, her gaze as shocked as his.

He handed over his card and looked at Melissa with wide eyes. He punched in his PIN number and glanced again at Melissa. "Th...thirty six? Million?" He whispered.

She laughed and kissed his cheek. "Thirty-six." Lazarus simply stood by her side in shock. "You may also de-activate my account." She looked at the woman as she nodded dumbly. By the time the woman had finished the sun had gone down and the weary woman still seemed in shock. Melissa smiled, careful not to reveal her fangs and gave her thanks to the woman before wrapping her arms around Lazarus. "Now that is finished." She smiled, "Let us go home."

The End

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