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When he had finished with the rabbit, he tossed the remains aside, the blood staining his muzzle. He noticed Melissa watching and growled a little, wondering if her stare was challenging him. She looked away and then back to reassure him and he grunted, satisfied. He dropped himself to the floor with a thud and curled up to sleep. Melissa smiled as he snored softly on the floor beside her.

He jerked in his sleep, whimpering, transforming without waking up. Melissa draped a few opened up shirts over him in lieu of a blanket and kissed him on the cheek. She sat outside, watching the stars as she waited for him to wake up. Lazarus slept heavily through til the evening and though she tried, Melissa couldn’t stay awake with the stubbornness that Lazarus seemed to when he watched over her. She wrapped an arm around his figure on the floor and joined him in his peaceful slumber.

Lazarus surfaced from his sleep and opened his eyes to the dark house around him. Melissa was curved against his back, her arm around his waist. He turned over and smiled at her, though she was still asleep. He took in her beauty as he lay there dumbly. He didn’t often sit and stare at her, though he wanted to. She was so touchy about how people only liked her for her appearance that he didn’t want to stare in case she started to doubt his love for her again. His smile widened and he kissed her gently on the lips, his warm skin caressing her cold flesh. Her eyes fluttered open and as she saw Lazarus’ grin, her own lips pulled up into a matching smile. He kissed her again.

‘Evening,’ he said, ‘I think I finally caught up on my sleep.’ He sat up stretching. Melissa looked away from his naked form, blushing.

‘That’s good to hear,’ she stammered.

‘What’re you stuttering for?’ he asked with a light laugh as he looked for a clean-ish pair of jeans and a shirt to wear.

‘Your... lack of clothes.’ She replied. He looked at her sideways as he pulled the jeans on.

‘I’m amazed you’re not used to it yet, really,’ he smiled, putting the shirt on, but not buttoning it up.

‘I don’t think I ever will,’ she looked at him, avoiding looking at his bared flesh. ‘I will try, though,’

‘I’m not gonna force you. I might have lost a lot of my old ideals and mannerisms, but I’m still a gentleman at heart,’ he laughed, ‘I’ll wait til you’re ready. Always.’

‘Thank you,’ she smiled. ‘I suppose it’s just a big change, that’s all.’ He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her close.

‘We gonna go meet that police guy then?’ he asked as he pulled away. Melissa nodded and he grimaced. ‘I need to shave. Real bad. And I really don’t wanna go back to that police guy.’

‘Do you want to stop running?’ she asked softly.

‘I don’t wanna go back to jail,’ he said quietly. It wasn’t the running that bothered him – though he missed his shower.

‘If they try to put you in jail, I shall dismember each one of them.’ She growled. His eyes widened and he looked at her surprised.

‘That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?’ he asked laughing a little, the edge of nervousness showing.

‘That’s the price they pay for taking you away from me again,’ her tone was serious and Lazarus kissed her quickly.

‘Well... let’s see what they have to say first, yeah?’

‘Sure,’ she laughed. He buttoned his shirt up and picked up his wallet. He shoved it in his pocket and took Melissa’s hand tightly. She squeezed back gently, noticing that his palm was slick with anxious sweat and his pulse was higher than normal. They walked slowly, the police car in sight long before they reached it. The policeman from the night before was sitting inside, a colleague beside him. Lazarus tapped on the window, making the men inside the car jump. The window was rolled down and the officer from the previous night looked up at Lazarus in surprise.

‘Wow. I didn’t think you would actually come back,’ he muttered. Lazarus shrugged. ‘Yeah, well anyways the sarge wants to talk to you about the hunter gang. Said something about rewarding you if you help us out.’ The man got out of the car and opened the back door for the car. Lazarus got in, shortly followed by Melissa. The officers looked a little bemused, but they said nothing. Who, after all, would argue with someone as beautiful as Melissa getting in their car? Melissa did her best to hide her disgust at the men for letting her ride with them just for her looks. Lazarus never let go of her hand the whole journey to the police station. 

Melissa managed to persuade her way into the building with Lazarus using her charming smile. They were bundled through the busy offices to the sergeant’s private office.

‘Take a seat,’ the sergeant said. His voice was gravelly with the strain of too much cigarette smoke and not enough sleep. Lazarus obediently sat down and watched as the man shuffled through pieces of paper, muttering Lazarus’ name under his breath. ‘Thorn. Right. You were... ah yes, you got convicted for killing Connor Hope and then after that you broke out of jail... somehow.’ He looked up at Lazarus and scrutinized the dirtied face before him. Out in the woods, the month’s worth of dirt and his dishevelled appearance didn’t really matter, but suddenly, in the clean offices around clean people, Lazarus was beginning to feel uncomfortable, realising that the sergeant wasn’t leaning forward to get a better look because he probably smelt. He grimaced and began to play with the bottom button of his shirt.

Lazarus met the man’s gaze though, and the man soon enough, looked back down at the papers before him.

‘I hear you also had a run in with these...’ he sighed, exasperated, ‘vampire and werewolf hunters? They’ve been catching a lot of innocent people, none of which – obviously – are what they’re looking for. They’re lunatics. Holding prisoners and torturing them. That what you experienced?’

‘I was unconscious for most of it. The guy who caught me said he was running tests to see if he could find new ways to kill werewolves. He seemed to think I’m one.’ Lazarus replied. The man nodded and scribbled some notes down on a small pad of paper.

‘I think...’ the sergeant sighed again, tired and almost incredulously, as if he was having trouble believing what he was about to say next, ‘I think that we can come to some kind of arrangement over this. You help us and we help you kinda thing, yeah?’ Lazarus glanced at Melissa.  

The End

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