Carry Me, When I am WeakMature

"Isn't this nice." The figure laughed, as James emerged from the shadows. "Now, now. Down doggy." Lazarus' fur bristled as he let out a series of low, angry growls. Lazarus took a step forward then James took one back. "Now that's not nice is it? I'm a guest."

"Not wanted." Lazarus growled, the thought was projected to James via his telepathy.

"What you going to do about it?" James growled back. Melissa wished she could turn into a big bear and rip James limb from limb. Just has her thoughts finished the shadow ate up her form making it grow twice as big into a giant grizzly bear. Melissa's eyes widened. "What the hell?" She thought, then shook her great head, bounding toward James she swiped a paw at him. Then let out a ferocious growl, baring her teeth.

Lazarus edged away from the bear, whining. Melissa looked toward him and shook her head again, turning back into a wolf. She didn't want to scare him. "James. What are you doing here?" She growled, it translated into barks but James knew what she meant. The thought was printed in large letters in her head, "Get away."

Melissa approached him carefully. "You smell like hunter." She barked. James rolled his eyes, "you got me," he laughed. Melissa lunged toward him. Her teeth bared. James simply shook his head and lifted an arm, batting her away with little effort.

Melissa whined as she hit the wall of the cave, bouncing to the floor. She snarled half-heartedly as her eyes began to close, the darkness taking over again as she returned back into her original form. She forced herself to keep her eyes open, she wanted to get up but she couldn't. All she could do was watch.

"Now. Dog. Make your move." James laughed, signaling him to attack him. Lazarus carefully circled, passing Melissa, quickly checking that she was okay. he snarled protectively and tensed, snapping every time James moved. He kept moving, trying to find a way to trap James in the cave

"Eugh. I grow bored of your games." He waved his hand as if dismissing him then turned round. "I need to report back. Fun's over." He laughed jumping backward into the night, disappearing amongst the shadows and darkness.

Lazarus wanted to chase the vampire, but he turned instead to Melissa. He padded over to her and nudged her with his nose, whining at her

Melissa forced a smile onto her face, her eyes dimming. She held up an arm, running a hand limply through his fur.
He whined at her again and lay down beside her, trying to keep her warm.

Melissa mouthed the words "I love you." Before closing her eyes, she wasn't sure if he had seen it or not. Her back ached and she was sure something was broken but all the pain faded as her whole body went numb. She couldn't see anything, her eyes refused to open, but she could feel the warmth filling her body from the wolf that lay beside her. She could still feel the soft fur beneath her fingers. "Lazarus." She whimpered, half of his name fell silent as her mouth refused to move.

He howled, wishing he could speak, his mind possessed with the most humanoid thoughts he had ever experienced in this form. He didn't know what to do, but he knew a large part of him wanted to rip James apart.

 Melissa's fingers twitched in his fur as her spine cracked into place. Pain shot through her back and she whimpered under her breath, but still she could not open her eyes. She was stuck between consciousness and unconsciousness. He yelped as Melissa pulled at his fur and turned his head to her angrily, forgetting for a moment that she was hurt. Her face contorted as she squeezed her eyes shut, the pain came flooding back as she began to wake.

Lazarus's snarl faded as he looked at her pained face. He lowered his muzzle, nudging her gently with his nose, he stared down at her, his pale eyes filled with worry.

Her eyes flickered as she whimpered, a tear of pain ran down her cheek. "La...Laz.." She stuttered, her eyes slowly opening. When they opened, her eyes were a dull green and they searched around for him. He licked the tear away and nudged her again

She gently wiped her cheek and blinked. "Laza...rus?" She smiled weakly, her eyes finally found him in his wolf form staring at her. She placed a hand on his muzzle and smiled.

He yelped as he began to transform back, his body shifting. His bones began to snap back into shape and Melissa's hand dropped as he rolled away from her, clutching at his stomach then relaxing again.

"La...a...z..." She stopped. Her mouth still felt numb and she cursed the fact that she couldn't even say his name.

"Melissa!" He cried, crawling back to her. She winced as another jolt of pain shot through her, her spine finally straightening out. She simply smiled.

"Are you...? Oh my God, I'm going to kill him!" He shouted.

"I...I.." She held out her arms, beckoning him closer to her. He crawled toward her and she wrapped her arms around him. Letting the pain run out through her tears as she sobbed onto his shoulder.

He hugged back, trying to suppress the thoughts of shredding James the way he had Logan. "Hunter," he muttered, disgusted. "We need to move."

 "I...I.." She paused. "'t." She sobbed, trying to push herself up the pain in her back felt like an electric shock and she fell back down again.

"Could I carry you, do you think? Would that hurt too much?"

"I... I don't know." She shook her head weakly.

He rubbed his neck slightly. "Okay, you wait there," He broke their embrace and Melissa let go of him reluctantly. "I'll pack and get dressed and I'll try picking you up." He pulled on his boxers and turned back to Melissa. "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault." She mumbled. 

"It is!"


 "If I hadn't lost my temper with Connor, if I hadn't run off and got caught. You can't deny it, Melissa."

 "I can. And will." She laughed weakly, before breaking out in a bought of coughing.

"This is hardly the time to be arguing." He sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Then stop disagreeing." She smiled after the coughing had stopped.

"I think that's your job." He laughed.

"Yeah." She croaked, trying to laugh with him.

"Rest yourself," he said firmly, his voice taking a demanding tone.

She nodded slightly. "I..May be heavy." She warned.

"I doubt it," he muttered cockily. 

"I'm dead. That means a dead weight." She sighed.

"I fail to see how that makes a difference, Melissa. You're not exactly big."

"Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you." She thought for a moment. "Although, I've never been picked up by a werewolf before."

"First time for everything, even if you are a four hundred year old corpse." He laughed.

"Thanks." She scowled

"No problem," He winked at her, picking her up in his arms, cradling her.

"I'm sorry." She muttered looking up at him.

"Sorry for what?"

"For being so weak, for not healing so quickly. For being me."

He looked down at her, shocked. "You can't help that, Melissa. If you were any other creature you'd probably have died from that! I love you for you, you've got nothing to apologise for."

"I really don't deserve you." She smiled, limply reaching her arm up to touch his face.

"No, you deserve better. But let's not get into that argument again."

"Lazarus. Let me at least try to stop this argument, Without your heart, right here." She dropped her hand from his face and placed it on his chest. "I would not have healed so quickly. Also, who else, when facing hunters would pick me up and carry me instead of leaving me behind?"

"Don't know. Plenty of people, I guess...?"

"Then let me ask you this, who would do it, not because of my looks, but because they love me?"

"Me," he laughed.

"Exactly." She nodded. "And you are mine, my one and only. As I am yours. Please, let us never have this argument again." She smiled.

"I'll try."

"You'll have to do better than that." She scowled.

"I promise I'll never voice my concern that I'm not good enough again."

"Don't even think about it Lazarus!" She cried, balling the hand that was on his chest into a fist.

"Can't promise that one, I'm afraid." He stopped, looking down into her eyes. "But there's no need to doubt yourself because of it."

"But... can't I do anything to dispel that thought? A kiss? A cold embrace? What about my heart?"

"When we're together, awake, I'm fine usually. It's when I sleep, when I'm alone. Sorry."

"Then you will never sleep alone. I promise I shall always be there with you and here." She tapped his forehead gently.

"Thank you." He whispered.

"No need. I love you, and as such I promise to be with you always and when I can't..." She paused, thinking but for only a moment. "When I can't I give you my heart. So a part of me shall always remain."

"I love you too. You will always have my heart."

"And I shall cherish it always." She smiled, resting her head on his chest she moved her hand, from his chest to hers. Lazarus smiled and kissed her forehead. Her eyes slowly begun to close. "Damn." She muttered as sleep embraced her.

"Sweet dreams," he whispered. It was the last thing she heard before she finally let the darkness take her.

The End

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