"Well, if we are all done here I suppose I need to go get a drink." James spoke in an almost yawn, stretching his arms out.

Lazarus shrugged, "okay."

James walked back over to the door, opened it but did not leave. "Oh!" He exclaimed, turning round to face Lazarus again. "Before I forget, how is the shadow?"

"Shouldn't that be something you ask Melissa? It's not like rude, or anything to tell you? I mean, it's her heart."

James nodded. "Ahh, but it belongs to you." He smiled.

"Err...well." He stuttered, "Melissa said it had disappeared."

"Oh? I suppose she will be getting her power soon then." He smiled. "It's good to know. I wouldn't want to see her die, like so many have." He nodded to Lazarus, before closing the door. Not giving him a chance to reply.

"Wait! what does it do?" When there was no reply, Lazarus cursed, "Bastard," he grumbled tilting his head against the wall behind him.

Melissa appeared a short time later. "I'm back." She smiled, placing the bag on the table she began to unpack. "James has been here?" She asked, as she began to clatter through the cupboards taking out the pans and started to cook the steaks.

"Hi." He smiled back, getting up from the wall, stretching his limbs. "Yeah, he was here."

"What did he want?" She asked, turning the meat over.

"Asked about the shadow." He stopped stretching and turned to her.

"Oh." She froze for a moment, "what did he say?" She muttered curiously.

"Nothing much, said he was glad you weren't going to die and that you'd be getting some kind of power soon. You don't mind that I told him it's gone, do you? Sorry."

"Not at all." She smiled, handing over the plate of meat. "It's fine. I'm glad too." She sighed.

Lazarus picked up the meat with his hands and began tearing at it. "What power?"

"I don't know, you get a power depending on why it is there. I have no idea what it could be." She sighed, leaning against the wall.

He nodded. "You should go get something to... eat yourself."

"I'll be fine," she shrugged.

"Like you were last time? And I ended up force-feeding you? I don't have the strength to do it again... please, just feed."

"I didn't even want to!" She cried, "it was your own fault."

"My fault? You chose to stay sitting at the basement door instead of going to feed."

"I wasn't going to leave you! Plus, you were the one that slit your wrists." She growled.

"You should have left, I was fine. Just like I am now. Please go feed? For me?" He widened his eyes, then whimpered like a puppy before laughing.

"Lazarus." She laughed, "fine. I'll go."

"Thank you," he smiled and kissed her quickly on the lips. "Hurry back,"

"I'll try." She smiled, closing the door behind her. The night was cold, making it extremely hard to pretend to be human. But eventually she found someone. A man, sat crying at the side of the road. She sat next to him. "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked, the man looked at her. "My wife just died." Melissa looked at him. "I'm sorry. Come here." She smiled, opening her arms. The man fell into them, sobbing. Melissa carefully lowered her head, gently biting into his neck. The man moaned softly, but it was muffled in her shoulder.

In her mind she saw a memory, the man's memory. It was of him, his wife and their daughter... the wife, it was... the hunter? Melissa withdrew from his neck and kissed it, lowering the man down onto the path. "I am so sorry." She muttered. kissing the man's forehead. "I am so sorry about your wife." She sighed, getting up. The memory repeated in her head as she dragged herself back to the apartment. She opened the door softly and closed it without making a sound. "Lazarus, I'm back." She whimpered.

"What's wrong?" He asked, worried by her tone.

" know that hunter that James made me kill?" She mumbled, dragging herself toward Lazarus, gazing at the floor.


"I just.. I just... I just drank from her husband!" She sobbed, the tears began to force themselves out from behind her eyes. "I didn't mean to, but as I drank I caught his memory... and...and." She rubbed her eyes but it didn't stop the tears. "I didn't mean to!"

Lazarus opened his arms, wrapping them around Melissa. "You didn't kill him though, right? So it's okay, you weren't to know.

"No. I didn't but... I killed his wife." She shook her head, thrashing it about into his shoulder.Lazarus stayed quiet and just tightened their embrace. "I'm... I'm not a killer, am I?" She whimpered.

"These things happen." He soothed, running a hand through her hair.

"Yeah, but normally people don't have to drink from their victim's spouse!"

"Coincidence, Melissa."

"Yeah," she nodded burying herself in his arms.

"I think we should be moving on soon."

"Yeah, but don't you have your change tomorrow?"

"I need to find somewhere to hide. I can't change here. I can't go back to the basement at Gabriel's, the hunters will expect it. If it wasn't too badly damaged, that is. Where else is there to go? Somewhere new." He kissed her forehead softly.

"Yeah, you're right." She closed her eyes as he kissed her. "When do we move?"

"I was going to wait for James to get back, so I could thank him and say good bye. It's kinda rude to just up and leave. But we're kinda getting short on time."

"James doesn't live in this apartment block, he lives somewhere else." She noted, Lazarus' heartbeat echoed in her ear.

"Oh, he hangs round here often enough." He said, confused.

 "Maybe he's just curious about how you're doing?" She turned her head and loosened their embrace so she could look at him.

"Why would he care how a dog's doing?"

"Not this again." She sighed. "I don't know, he must have his own reasons. But I care, because I don't see you a dog. I see you as an extraordinary human."

"It's just odd, thats all."

"How so?"

"You know as well as I do that werewolves are not well liked by the majority of vampires. It seems very unlikely that I would have the fortune of meeting two so close together."

"Hmm, then maybe he is reporting back to someone higher? Giving us all the more reason to leave." She begged, her eyes gazed into his, pleading for them to leave.

"If he was reporting back to someone else, why would he help me?" His lips creased into a frown "I don't get it."

"To gain your trust? He's not stupid. But he is suspicious." She sighed, "If you are okay to move please, can we do it tonight?" She kissed his lips firmly, to remove his frown.

"Hmm. Have you got some paper and a pen? I'll leave him a note, instead of going and saying goodbye in person. I'll eat and then we can go. If that's okay?"

"I think there was some around her somewhere." She opened the kitchen drawers until she found a small notebook. She gave it to him and then gave him a pen from the kitchen top. She walked over to him, kissing him firmly on the lips. "Thank you, Lazarus. I love you."

He began to write, 'James, thank you once again for your hospitality and helping Melissa. However, we must move on, tonight, to find somewhere before the cycle begins. I apologise for being unable to thank you in person. Take care, Lazarus & Melissa.' "I love you too," he smiled once he had finished.

"I know." She smiled back, speaking confidently before leaning back against the wall. Lazarus laughed slightly and Melissa winked, before laughing herself.



The End

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