A KissMature

 Melissa froze, she only just realised what she had said. "Wait, no. Lazarus. I'm sorry." Her eyes became shocked. She didn't mean to hurt him.

"Are you?" He asked, his voice cold.

"Yes, I am, Oh God... yes." She whimpered.

"Huh." He said, but continued to walk.

Melissa found herself rooted to the spot, frozen with horror from what she had just done. "Lazarus!" She screamed after him.

"What!?" He growled, stopping. He turned briskly to look at her.

She fell to her knees before him. "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it!" She sobbed, tears falling down her cheeks.

"Get up," he sighed, "you're being ridiculous."

Melissa shook her head. "I'm about to lose you. I'm not being ridiculous." She felt her heart tighten, as if something had an iron grip around it.

"Lose me? Smoking won't kill me." He replied, coolly.

"You mean, you're not leaving me? But I...I was so horrible." She asked, furrowing her brow. But the grip on her heart did not loosen.

"I'm doing what you asked me to."

"Well now I'm asking you not to go!" She cried.

"I meant what you asked me to before. When you told me not to promise to never leave you, but to do it without being asked. Did I get something wrong?" He walked back towards her.

"I...I thought you were...I asked... you're not leaving me?" She stammered, confused.

"We came out here to get smokes. That's what we're getting. I'm sorry I over reacted." He held out his hand to help her up.

She shook her head. Taking his hand. "No...I," she paused. "I'm sorry." She wiped away her tears as they began to walk again. Soon they were outside a convenient store.

"Not very convenient is it?" He shook his head, picking up things that were far too over-priced.

"Why do you still need cigarettes?" She asked, still trying to rub the blood from her face.

"No point coming all the way out here to get something you want, and then not get it." He asked the cashier for the cigarettes, keeping his head down as to not be noticed.

"Lazarus." She shook her head.


"Oh. Nothing." She smiled.

"You need to be more careful where you say my name, Melissa," he warned, "they're still looking for me, right?"

"Yeah." She agreed, nodding.

"You should really practice thinking before you speak," he muttered.

"What about before I act?" She challenged.
"You only seem to be slipping with words, at the moment... well apart from slapping me,"

Melissa stopped, turning towards Lazarus. "Good because I didn't think much about this one." She smiled, placing her cool hands on his cheeks she brushed her lips with his, then crushed them in her kiss. Unlike the kiss before she hoped to show Lazarus the love for him she felt this time. He kissed back a little reluctantly at first, tensing at her touch, but he relaxed and returned the emotion he felt in her kiss. "I'm sorry, for everything before." She whispered, reluctantly pulling away.

"Me too." He muttered back. The iron hold on her heart released and Melissa breathed in, relieved.

She dropped her hands before wrapping her arms around him. She kissed him again, "If running means I get to keep you. It's not all that bad." She smiled.
"We wouldn't have to be running in the first place if it weren't for me losing my temper. I remember now, another reason why I kept myself to myself. I have a somewhat... explosive temperament." He grimaced.

"Then I mean to fight fire with fire." She laughed, kissing him again but more passionately.

"Fire with fire?" He asked, oblivious.

Melissa laughed again. "Your explosive temperament, for mine." Lazarus laughed, for a lack of anything to say.

"You're so cute." She smiled, as they started walking again. "Especially when you have nothing to say."

"Cute, huh!? Maybe I'll have less to say in future." He smiled.

Melissa nodded. "Actions speak louder than words you know." She wrapped her arms around him tightly as they walked and Lazarus did the same back to her. Kissing her forehead softly.

"Lazarus, you don't feel threatened by James, do you?"

"I would have thought that was pretty clear?"

"Don't be. For a start, I love you. More than anything. Secondly he kills mindlessly, he's so cold and...ruthless." She shivered, remembering how he had looked when he killed that hunter, how he shouted at her to do the same.
"I... I know, I just can't help feeling that no matter how hard I try, that next to him, I will always pale in comparison, because let's face it - I'm not even the same species as you, and he is. He's got more experience. He didn't feel the need to drown out the last four hundred years of his life with more alcohol than should be possible." There pace began to slow and Melissa could hear the pain in his voice.
"He never had your past." She paused, knowing how soft that subject was. "He doesn't have your heart, your mind. Your cute looks and personality. As for species, I would rather have you. The way he kills, the way he reads peoples minds so easily."
"He's seen more of everything. Perhaps the reason he's the way he is could just be that he's seen too much? He seems to have trouble reading mine, though."
"Because werewolves have two minds." She smiled, "even I know that. Logan used to be really annoyed by it." She laughed.

"This is news to me..."

"Your wolf, is unconscious within you always. It protects your mind from being read easily." She sighed. "But, I don't think that is it. The hunter he made me kill, the woman. I saw her memories. She had a family, she was only a hunter because it paid well. He must have known that! The woman wanted to run away Lazarus and he made me kill her!" She cried as the memories came flooding back.

"We'll be moving on soon. Won't have to worry about him again." He sighed.

They had reached the apartment and Melissa wanted to change the subject so James didn't hear them."Lazarus. How bad was your past, I only managed to catch some of your memories. That is my power you see, I can see images, memories. I have only seen some of yours. Your wolf prevented me to go further. Was it... that bad?"

"It could have been worse," a small smile spread on his face. "Everything could always be worse."

"How?" She asked, "I mean. If it does not give you too much pain."

"No, it's fine. I just don't know how I can describe it without you seeing or feeling what I'm trying to explain..."

"Don't worry. I won't see anything you don't want me to." She smiled.

"Hmm." He stopped, thinking. "I'll try describing first. Well... obviously when we were both humans, it was.. a scandal... crime to love another man. So when... when Gabriel and I were together, we always had to be so careful, so watchful, of everything we did. Hiding your feelings for the person you love most is so hard. Imagine if it had been us, if we had to hide our feelings so much."

"I would rather die, than not know." She looked slightly puzzled, "but how could it be worse?"

"It could have been a one sided thing. He could have had no feelings for me at all, and I would have spent my human life loving him and no one else, wasting my time on someone that had no interest. That's how it could have been worse."

She nodded, understanding. "Thats what I thought at first, when I met you. I had begun to fall in love with you and you showed me nothing back."

"I was just unsure. I mean, it turned out that Gabriel did love me, as much as I loved him, so the feelings deepened and when I... when he died, I was just so torn apart by it that it caused me to become a waste of space alcoholic." He laughed weakly. "I'd be the same if something ever happened to you now."

"Instead you have to put up with me for eternity." She smiled.

"Put up with? you make that sound like staying with you for an eternity is a bad thing."

"It's not?" She raised an eyebrow curiously. "After everything I put you through?"

"Why would it be a bad thing? At least I can be open about how I feel for you and not get flung in jail for it!" He paused. "Well... you know what I mean..."

"Yes." She nodded. "I do. Lazarus." She laughed slightly, "how did I ever live without you?"

"I don't know," He winked.

She giggled, "Lazarus..." She muttered through her giggles.

"What?" He looked at Melissa strangely, "did I say something funny?"

"Oh.. ha ha. It's nothing." She smiled, her fangs began to show, but not in a menacing way.


"Really. I'm just." She tried to silence her laughter, but failed. "I'm just happy, thats all."

"Good." He smiled.

"I'm sorry. I really have no idea what made me laugh so much." She placed a hand over her mouth, silencing herself.

"My wonderful charming personality, that amazingly, against all odds won you over? And don't be sorry. I like your laugh."

Melissa began to laugh again, "yeah, probably. I don't laugh like that often."

"Why not? You have a beautiful laugh. It makes me happy in here," he said putting a hand over his heart and smiled.

"Because... I've never had time to laugh before." She smiled, placing a hand upon his. "I'm glad." Somewhere, within her heart she felt it lighten, as if something was disappearing. Like a weight, upon her heart had gone.

"Never had time? What did you spend the last four hundred years doing? I mean, it's always seemed a painful subject for you, so I never asked..."

"Being chased." She sighed, "four hundred years traveling the world with a blood-sucking monster, Logan, at my heels." She smiled. Grasping his hand that was over his heart. "But now he's gone. Thank you."

"Not a problem. I can't believe you spent that long ruining around hiding from one person... He wasn't exactly... hard to kill," he grimaced.

"Have you ever seen me kill someone? I can't even break your embrace without feeling tired." She laughed. "I'm just weak."

"You've not tried to kill someone in the time I've known you though. And I'm still certain that there's a way to make you stronger. Maybe somehow with that shadow thing."

"I... I think it's gone. I felt it disappear when I started laughing."

The End

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