Why save the dog?Mature

Lazarus shuffled back to his chair as best he could with a gun pointing between his shoulder blades and his hands still cuffed behind him. The hunter put a hand on his shoulder and forced him back onto the chair, bending immediately to tie his ankles back to the legs of the chair. Lazarus didn’t even struggle; he made no sound as the man stood up and prodded his broken arm, chuckling quietly to himself. As the man moved back to his table with the microscope, Lazarus’ stomach let out an irritable growl.

‘Oh sorry,’ the man’s voice seemed to smirk, ‘did you want something to eat before you sat back down?’ he walked to the other side of the room, rummaging in a cupboard there. He pulled out a can of something and a metal bowl. Emptying the contents of the can into the bowl, the hunter carried it back towards Lazarus and thrust it under his nose. The content of the can was cheap dog food, and Lazarus retched as the hunter asked if it wasn’t to his taste. ‘No?’ he asked, pulling the bowl away again, ‘then you can starve, can’t you, because that’s all I have to offer you.’ The hunter threw the bowl to the floor, letting the dog food fall out across the floor in front of Lazarus. He disappeared behind Lazarus again and prepared the chemicals to test on Lazarus.

‘We’re going to go see your new room in a minute. You get to stop being tied to the chair for hours on end.’ The hunter said happily, as though moving him to the new room would make Lazarus cheer up. Lazarus shrugged wordlessly and dreaded to think what was making the hunter sound so cheerful all of a sudden. A few moments later, he was being untied again, hauled up off his chair and led through a door that he hadn’t even noticed before. They walked briskly along the corridor for a while, the hunter pushing Lazarus forcefully into a half jog.

‘In here,’ the hunter said as he flicked on another light. The door he indicated to was thick steel and it squeaked a little as he tugged it open, pushing Lazarus inside. He un-cuffed Lazarus carefully, holding Lazarus’ burnt wrists with one hand as he pulled a manacle hanging from the wall, clipping it around the werewolf’s good arm, before letting his half healed one fall to his side as he reached for the second manacle. The chains were long enough for Lazarus to sit or lay down, but he couldn’t reach the door. ‘Wait there,’ the hunter muttered. As if I’ll be going anywhere! Lazarus thought indignantly.

He sat in silence for a moment, trying to ignore the bad smell of the room. He looked around at the walls. They were plain, white. There was nothing in here. Just him, the manacles and the bad smell. Abruptly, the silence was shattered by a siren wailing somewhere around him. He clapped his hands to his ears, wincing as the manacles twisted against his burns. He looked up at the door, the dull metal revealing nothing. In the distance, Lazarus could vaguely hear the patter of gun fire and he numbly wondered what was going on. Melissa...? No. She... she has someone else to think about now... right? He bit his lip and closed his eyes as the gun fire got closer.

The gunfire seemed to stop outside his room and a man’s voice, muffled by the metal door, spoke clearly.

‘Here.’ He said. Lazarus looked up, silent, not daring to hope. The door was thrown open, the hinges protesting in a loud squeal. Beyond the threshold of the room, stood two people. Melissa and... the other man the hunter had talked about on the phone. Lazarus’ face fell into an unhappy scowl as he took in the other man’s appearance. Dark hair, blue eyes that sparkled with a deep colour, tall. Everything he lacked. But that was what women looked for, wasn’t it? Talk, dark haired handsome man with beautiful eyes. Someone that had the ability to sweep them away from their troubles. And here he was, standing at Melissa’s side, pretending to be some hero. Why had she come back, when this other man, this other vampire, was far more capable of caring for her than him – a dog?

‘Lazarus!’ Melissa cried, her voice tinged with concern and relief. She rushed over and snapped the chains that held him to the wall. Lazarus let his arms fall to his sides, but made no movement to get up. ‘Come on! We have to go!’ she tried to pull him up, but he flinched away as she made to grab his arm.

‘Why?’ he croaked, looking between the two vampires.

‘Not now, Lazarus,’ the other vampire said coolly. ‘We will answer your questions later, but the humans are going to be very angry if we are caught here. We need to move.’ Lazarus hesitated but slowly, he picked himself up, weakly staggering after them, Melissa’s hand tight around his, though he didn’t return the grip. Dizziness swept over him as he followed them, the lack of food and water slowing him down. The other vampire, seeming to sense Lazarus faltering, stopped for a second, turning and picking Lazarus up. Groaning quietly, Lazarus relaxed helplessly in the man’s cold arms, his eyes sliding shut.

The End

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