Not a KillerMature

Melissa hardly slept that day, she was thinking too much about Lazarus. Their conversation echoed in her head.

"What part of you loves me most?"
"You're more than welcome to make that discovery for yourself when we're both feeling better and have the time," he laughed and winked at her, "but in seriousness, I think my heart. You've been mending it since you first said 'I love you.' And I have no idea how I am supposed to repay you for it."

A tear came to her eye. Eventually she had cried herself to sleep. The night came but a few hours later. James had let himself in again, to find Melissa laid in a pool of crimson tears. "Melissa. Wake up." He sighed, placing a hand on her side, nudging her gently.

"Hmm? Lazarus?" She whimpered, opening her eyes slowly. James shook his head. "No. It's me James." Melissa sat up. "Oh, I'm sorry." She stretched her arms and stood up, just after James.

"It's okay, are you ready?" His voice was soft. Reminding her of Lazarus.

"Yeah. Lets go." She straightened herself up and once again, took James' hand.

The journey wasn't long, with their vampiric speed and the short route that consisted of moving back through the forest to a small house. It was a homely cottage situated in a small clearing. "That's it?" She muttered, unconvinced.

"The real compound is underground." James sighed, taking her round the back of the cottage, opening two wooden doors which opened onto some metal stairs, even the moonlight seemed to refuse to shine upon them. "Come on, I'll go first. He should be in the detainee room."

Melissa followed, cautiously. "How do you know all this?" She asked as they stalked through the shadows, down the winding corridors.

"I have my sources." He smiled, tapping his forehead. "Now hush. There are very few hunters around here, but we must be careful. We shall only engage in battle if we have too." He held a finger to his lips as they rounded the corner to the prisoner rooms.  

Melissa's heart almost skipped within her chest, if it was beating. She so longed to be re-united with Lazarus. Just the thought made her smile, but to think what they had been doing to him made her smile fall again.

They slowly closed in on Lazaru's smell, which was hard to find with the other smell of dead dog's...dead. Melissa froze as James pushed open the door. "It's empty!" He cursed, some blood was spilled on the floor, dried with time. Melissa's heart dropped. "They moved him?"

"No, he's still in the compound. You can smell it. Dog." He laughed slightly. Melissa rolled her eyes and clipped his ear. "Come on, I..." he muttered. But was cut off when a large siren went off, two hunters came round the corner.

Melissa ran round the corner, hiding from them, she hoped she was fast enough so they didn't see her. James stood up tall, looking at them. "You lost monster?" They growled, pulling their guns. James simply laughed. He lunged towards them, running on all fours. They shot bullets at him, but he dodged them, almost teleporting left and right to avoid the silver. He grabbed one of them, biting his throat, tearing at it.

Melissa winced as she ran round the corner, bowling over the other woman, but she couldn't bring herself to do what James had done. "Do it!" He growled. "Think of Lazarus, what these men have done!" Melissa nodded, the thoughts of Lazarus being tortured filling her mind, she ignored the images of the hunter's family filling her head as she neared death. Then snapped her neck. Melissa closed her eyes as she did so.

"Come on, we must move quickly. They know we are here." He grabbed Melissa's hand, reluctantly pulling her along as her mind swam with the hunter's son ran around with his mother, his mother that was no longer alive. "I am not a killer." She repeated to herself, but she knew that now, she was.

The End

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