Tomorrow, ThenMature

"So, you fell in love... with a dog?" James laughed. Melissa growled. "Yes! Now please. Leave it." James threw back his head and laughed once more, before returning it to look at Melissa. "Yes, of course. Now this shadow." James' face took a serious turn.

"Yes." Melissa sighed, but she was relieved he had changed the subject, her mind however, refused to. She constantly thought of Lazarus, about what they were doing to him. Her heart seemed to contort into a knot, making her feel sick with worry.

"A shadow, as you may have heard from the myths, is like a key. When you find why it is there you can unlock a power. That power is normally linked to the reason it is within you." He paced the room, allowing himself to make noise across the floorboards.

Melissa sunk down to the floor. "Yes. I think, I think it has something to do with Lazarus." She winced at the mention of his name, her heart grew tighter.

"Do you remember when it appeared? If it's what I think then unlocking it should be easy." He stopped, turning to look out of the window.

"Yes, when I was fighting to realise if he loved me or not." A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought of her arguing with Lazarus. But she wiped it away.

"Then it is simple. You must find out, you must overcome whatever obstacle is between you." He paused, turning to face her. "For a vampire, a merciless blood-sucking killer, you do cry alot." He sighed, bending down to her level as she sat on the floor.

She shook her head, "but it's not simple is it? The hunter's have Lazarus." She turned her fierce eyes towards him.

"Then we don't have much time, in a few days the cycle will begin. Who knows what the hunter's will do to him." He looked at her, at her fierce determination. "Lazarus is so lucky." He sighed.

"But we have no idea where he is! From the hunter I..." She swollowed what felt like a big lump in her throat. "The hunter I killed, he is being held somewhere near here. That is all we know!" She got up and paced the room.

"Yes, well I know of only one hunter's compound around here and it is swarming with humans and their guard dogs." He growled, "you won't be getting into there easily."

Melissa brought her arm across her chest. Placing her hand on her heart. "Anything. I would give anything!" She snarled, bring her hand swinging round.

"Good, because that's what it's going to take. Shall we say, tomorrow? By then I can get the building schematics." He looked at Melissa's questioning gaze. "I have my sources." Melissa nodded.

"But how can I trust you? How do I know you won't hand me in, or abandon me?" She tilted her head slightly, unsure.

"Have I done anything to make you not trust me?" He asked, looking at Melissa. She saw he had a point and did not argue with him.

"Tomorrow, then." She smiled. Her grin showing how determined she was to get revenge on them.

The End

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