Killed, in the Name of LoveMature

Suddenly, just as the pair had reached the end of the street, James stopped. He lifted his head. "What's up?" Melissa murmerred, looking at him. James held a finger to his lips. "Shh." Melissa heard it then too, a voice. "Okay. Have fun torturing the dog." He laughed. "Dog?" She thought... "Lazarus!" She growled, instantly running in the direction of the sound. "Wait!" James shouted after her, but could not seem to catch up.

Melissa jumped, landing atop the small shop that was beside the alley. She let her feet make a noise against the stone and the man looked around frantically. "Who's there?" He hollered, pulling out a gun. Melissa smiled. She jumped, landing ontop of him, forcing him to the ground. "Dog!" She growled, pinning him to the floor. James turned round the corner, "Melissa wait! If he's a hunter you killing him will just bring more at your heels!" She considered this for a moment, before turning back to the man, now whimpering in her grasp. "What do you know of Lazarus?" She persisted, running a finger down his cheek, making him shiver.

"Lazarus? N...n...nothing." He lied.

Melissa growled, "fool. You're lying. I hear your speech slur! What do you know of Lazarus?" She leaned closer to him, her eyes flashing red. Instantly a vision came to her, he had a wife, deceased. Killed by a vampire.

"Nothing." He persisted, his voice becoming clearer.

"Oh? Do you want to turn out like your wife?" She snarled, knocking the gun from his hand.

"My... wife. Elise. What do you know of her blood-sucker?" He snarled back, but when Melissa moved her hands to his head, he silenced.

"One last time." She looked at him carefully. Now she knew, what Lazarus meant, why people kill for the ones they love. Why Lazarus had killed Connor, why he stayed by her side. "Where is Lazarus? What do you know of him?" When she spoke his name her voice shook, almost slurring her speech.

"The hunters have him. He's being held nearby, I don't know where. I'm not from around here. Please, show some mercy!" He pleaded, the thought of his wife slowly breaking him.

"I will, I shall allow you to see your wife." She twisted his neck slightly, then bent down, whispering in his ear. "In hell." She pulled his neck further round, making it snap. She winced at the sound. She got to her feet and stared down at the hunter. "Let's go." She growled, walking past James slowly. James remained silent.

Melissa could not believe how quickly her demeanour had changed, she wasn't even sure they were on about Lazarus. But just the slightest chance of realising where he was, she decided to take it. She thought. Lazarus had said that if he ever died, or left her she would know if she loved him. She would know how he felt. She did. Just then. When she watched that hunter's eyes swim with guilt, treachery and death. She knew, they had Lazarus and she would not rest until she was in his arms again.  

The End

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