Midnight MelodiesMature

Sequel to Death's Symphony. Another romance story, enjoy.

Melissa sat on the cold, dark wooden floor of the apartment. She had no idea where she was, what she was going to do, or the greatest question that plagued her mind, where Lazarus was. The room was empty. A large window let the moonlight filter in from outside but she could not look at it, it reminded her too much of Lazarus. "You promised you would never leave me." She sobbed, her deep crimson tears stained the floor. The apartment seemed abandoned, so she decided she would stay there until someone bought it or if she found she could move on. Whichever came first.

She hugged her knees close to her chest and tried to make her breathing as regular as possible, as not to arouse suspicion from the neighbours. She heard footsteps pass down the corridor, some seemed to stop, to listen to the ghostly noises coming from this 'abandoned' apartment before hastily carrying on. "Lazarus, where are you? Did the Hunter get you? Did you leave me? Why, why did I leave you alone?" She thought. "Why. Why, Why?" She repeated under her breath cursing every cell in her pathetic body.

Another rhythmic pair of footsteps echoed down the corridor, once again they stopped. But instead of the running away that the rest did, the stranger knocked on the door. Melissa jumped, but remained where she was, unable to stop the tears flowing down her cheeks. "Come on. I know someones in there." The voice was deep, but soft. "I don't believe in ghosts." Melissa could imagine him smirking slightly. But still she did not move.

The stranger now growing impatient opened the door, he gazed around the room before settling his eyes on Melissa who sat in the furthest corner from the door. "Hey, whats wrong?" The man said, bending down to her level. She looked up, her eyes slightly blurry from the tears.

The man was pale in the winter moonlight. He had deep, jet black hair that sat in a mess on his head, but the dark black was contrasted with his bright blue eyes. His figure was slender, only slightly bigger than Melissa's and even bending down he was a few heads taller than her. But something, she guessed wasn't right. The man smiled, showing his perfect white teeth and with them two sharp fangs. She sighed. "Nothing." She growled, wiping the tears from her face with her arm.

"Well, that's an obvious lie. Not being very friendly, are we?" He laughed, looking at Melissa. "You're beautiful, even on a vampire standard."

Melissa sighed again and got up, followed by the man getting up as well. "Well, looks arn't everything. Are they?" She spoke, poison still tipping her tongue.

"No." He agreed. "But I bet you have an excellent personality too. Now, whats wrong?" He almost sung, his voice soft and calm.

Melissa shook her head slightly, her brown curls becoming a flurry around her face. "Nothing you need concern yourself with. Why did you even come here?"

"I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I don't believe in ghosts." He said, in an almost heroic tone.

Melissa rolled her eyes. "Well, we exist why not them?" She shook her head. Reluctant to start a conversation. "Now, you have your answer. Leave." She demanded.

He simply shook his head. "No, I believe you don't own this place, so I must go nowhere." He advanced on her menacingly, towering over her. The snap change in his personality scared Melissa somewhat, but she still stood up straight, not willing to be scared by him. "Plus, you are encroaching on my turf."

Melissa nodded. "Then I shall leave." She shrugged, turning from him.

But he wouldn't take that answer. He placed his arms next to Melissa's head, stopping her in her tracks. "No, you're not going anywhere." He smiled. "Not until I get a name." He looked at her and lowered his arms.

"Melissa." She growled. "And I am NOT glad to meet you."

He laughed. "Yes, I haven't been very gentlemen like have I? My names James. A pleasure." He gently took hold of Melissa's hand and kissed it warmly.

Melissa took away her hand, the gesture reminding her of Lazarus. He felt stung but did not let it show, instead he walked to her front door. "Well, the sun will be rising soon. I shall see you tomorrow I hope." He smiled once more before closing the door behind him.

Melissa shook her head for a moment, wondering what had just happened. She gazed out the window, the sun had just began to appear on the horizon. Her face dropped, her lips turning downward. "Lazarus. I hope you're safe."

The End

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