midnight bitesMature

a girl named angel moves to a new town she doesnt very much like .she starts up in a new school call rithbridge high she thinks she wont fit in but when she gets there she soon figure's out that she'llfit in quite well little does she know shell find love in a vampire and he'll turn her so they can be together forever .....now thats true love


I never thought of my life like this. I never thought id end up ten feet under, pretending I'm dead to protect my family from what I am or basically what I am to become. But I suppose it was inevitable. I mean who'd know id fall in love with someone that wasn’t even supposed to exist?


                         Chapter one: lost in thoughts

My name is Angel. I have pale skin, black hair, regular teenage  human gothic/emo girl look. I live in a small dreary  forest filled town, that’s so small everyone knows everyone. I recently moved here with my mother, Ellis, and my sister, Luna. we had to get away from our previous sun filled busy city San Diego.


We moved here because my mother and father split and ended badly so we decided to start fresh .

Okay, so anyway, today is my first day at the high school here. I'm  really worried – though, I’d never let anyone know -  id never fit in because I'm pale and I don’t fit in with their cliché’s and cliques. I didn’t fit in back in san Diego, so why would I possibly fit in here? to be honest i never think I’ll fit in anywhere, with anyone.

Here it goes,I thought, as i got in my little car that my mom bought me. it’s a small vaults wagon bug. its kind of cute but it doesn't go as fast as it used to, considering it’s like ten or nine years old, I think.

Im the outcast of the family, because I have long black hair, and I wear thick black glasses and im not a socialite. The fact that I don’t really like people doesn’t help. And I find most people are inevitably annoying. I wear skin tight jeans, mostly black, and band shirts. sometimes I wear white shirts; it really depends on my mood (which is mostly dark). my mom is always trying to change me, always trying to make me look more like a girl. I suppose I should, but its just not me. But I might do it to humour her maybe …maybe if I dress like a girl for a day she’ll get off my back and realise some people are just not meant to look like Luna .

As im driving to my new school - population one hundred and twenty, by the way -  this is going to be joyful i said to myself, with a slight hint of sarcasm. Mostly because, all I ever do, is stuff everything up; whenever I have something good happening in my life, I ruin it. Even if its the only good thing, I know I'm going to do this to everyone I get close to. So thats why I kept to myself, and pushed everyone away, at my old schools. Being a pacifist at heart, I dispise hurting people, but it always seems to happen around me, that's why my mum hates me; because im such a failure. The only thing im good at, is music, everything else i fail at; always D's and E's, very rarely do i get e C nowadays.

Mum's always going off at me, i hate it i wish she would just shut up with the "you’re going to ruin your life, and the, this year’s really important so start studying and what not". i hate it ,i wish she would care less i mean my grandfather back home even called me a disappointment to the family ..there always going on and on, i just want to run away my friend Tyler said i could come live with him but mum told me if i ever runaway she would track me down and kill me and possibly my friend, we planned to runaway together and get away from it all but no mum had to move to this stupid town rithbridge gahh i hate it here already even though i have only been here for a week and it’s my first day at this stupid high school.


i can’t seem to get him off my mind it kills me thinking about him i wish i knew if he loved me like i did him i mean he said it a lot and the times we had together i miss it so much i miss Tyler i miss the touch if his skin against mine the feel of our lips when they collided i truly thought i loved him even though he is my best friend like close best friends the kind that you love but are afraid to lose. I feel now that i lost the chance i could have had to be with him it hurts.

But its too late for that now im in a completely different town and a completely different country stupid mum she had to ruin everything I finally got close to someone and I knew I would never hurt him I didn’t want to hurt him but what do you know mom had to go and stuff everything up she had to take that one good thing away from me she had to make me leave him she had to do this just because of a stupid ex!? I don’t get it I mean she always taught me if I have problem sort them out don’t run away from them and what does she do she runs away from them ..great example mom! You’re a freeking hypocrite. How would you expect me to actually listen to anything you say when you do the COMPLETE OPPOSITE TO IT!!!”

At this point in my thoughts I was so consumed in them I completely forgot I was driving to school and I missed my turn off... “And I’m crying what the hell “–I sighed quietly


The End

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