Strange Dreams

"What do you mean you don't know?" The first voice hissed throughout my head

"I mean, I don't know where he went!" The second voice said, this one sounded somewhat nicer than the first, although I was still in the darkness, and had no idea to whom the voices belonged to.

"Well I swear if we don't find him soon, then something else will!"

"Alright alright! I get the picture, maybe if we-" The voices broke of, and I strained closer to listen why. 

"We're not alone" Whispered the first voice, it was not a question. I spun around in the darkness, looking for the threat. 

"One. Two. Three!" Several things happened at once then. firstly, there was a brilliant flash of white light, secondly, in the light I saw both the figures jump directly at me. And thirdly, I awoke.

The End

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