Ch.7 Saturday Morning

Christie? "Yes Mother?" Can you go get Franky from David's house for me?  I'm surprised he's not back by now. What are those boys up too anyway? Well, call me when you pick him up. "Ok, well you know boys. Their probably still sleeping because they stayed up late playing video games." I guess your right, just be sure to call me. "Mom, I know." Ok, bye. I'm gonna go now. 

Hey boy!!! You ready? Let's go see if he has calmed down. "Sounds like a plan, I hope he still isn't mad. He seemed severely pissed when we left." No duh. We scared his pants off. I'm sure he is fine. He just needed to sleep on it. "Ok, we're here, but...where is he? Are you sure this is the spot Christie?" I'm positive. This is it. Look, there's the tent and everything. What the heck? Ugh, I swear if he ran off I'm gonna kill him. 

Devin, over here. Look I found his phone. That's weird. That boy is a phone freak, he is attached to it. He never leaves it behind. "Well, maybe he is just taking a walk." Maybe...I guess we can wait here for a little bit. I'm gonna see if he has any food left in his bag. I'm starving. I didn't eat anything this moring. "Haha, get me some too." Really Devin...didn't you just eat like pancakes and waffles and a whole bunch of other stuff this morning? "Hey, don't judge. A growing boy has to eat. How else do you expect me to gain weight? I'm like a thin piece of paper." Being paper isn't all bad. Hehe. "Says you, your like the perfect normal weight." Haha. I already know I'm perfect. "Whatever, I'm gonna go walk and see if  can find Franky." Have fun, don't blow away in the wind Mr. Paper. "I will have fun."

"Christie?!?! HURRY!! CHRISTIE???!!!" Woah Devin, calm down. What's the problem? "Look!! It's Franky's favorite black and white jacket. He never takes this off." Dude, chill. He probably got hot and took it off. I's burning up out here. "No, Christie that's not all. Look, there is blood all over the jacket. And the trail leads that way." WHAT?! Oh God no. No no no no. This isn't happening. I have to get Franky!! Come on!! "No!! Stop!! We can't go out there alone. It's too dangerous. We have to tell your mom." No way!! She can't find out that I let this happen to him. She will never forgive me. I have to find him and bring him back. Please, I have to do this. "No, I am not letting my best friend put her life in danger." Devin, please. Do this for me. Please, I need you. Franky needs you. "UGH!!! Christie!! You know I can't resist when you ask me stuff like that. Why are you doing this?" He's my brother, I love him to death. If I don't get to him soon it might be too late. "Ok, I will go with you. But we need to grab the food, the flashlights, and everything else Franky has in that bag." Thank you so much Devin. "Im here for you, always. I won't let anything bad happen to you. Now lets go, we're wasting time." I'm gonna call my mom and tell her Franky wants to stay again at David's house and I'm gonna be hanging out with you. "Ok, hurry." I will.


The End

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