Ch. 6 I hate them

UGH!!! Why would they do this?! Especially Devin, I  thought he was cool. He acts so nice. I guess it was just a mask, or he just wanted to make Christie happy. You can tell he likes her. He just wants to impress her. Whatever it was, I still hate him. And Christie!!! Oh my gosh Christie, I know she likes to joke with me but it makes me so mad!! People tease and joke me because I get scared. So what?! Everyone gets scared. When I get home, I sware I'm gonna figure out her fear and get her good!!

I wish Dad was home, he wouldn't tolerate it. But Mom is barely home, I know she cares about us but she just is never there. She works all day, then when she gets home she wants to rest. I can never tell her all the things Christie does to me. I'm all alone. David even teases me and sometimes helps Christie play jokes on me.

Well I'm sick of it. I'm done with it. I'm not gonna tolerate any of them anymore. I'm finally gonna speak my mind. As soon as this night is over. Well, geez. Now I can't even sleep. Thanks Christie, thanks Devin. I'm just gonna go on a walk. Got my flashlight this time. It's actually pretty nice out here. Wish the trees weren't hiding all the stars.

Haha. I guess that squirrel was pretty funny earlier. I didn't know squirells would attack you like that. Then it took the food!! Hahaha. I just can't believe....what was that? Sounds like footsteps, is it mine?(stops) There they are's not me. Christie, I swear if that's you I will beat you up.(footsteps continue) Christie? If it's you answer me. (Mans voice)" I'm not Christie." WHA...?!?! (man grabs him) Let go of me!! HELP!! HELP!!! "Struggling will get you know where. Hahahaha."

The End

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