Ch.5 The Scare

Alright Devin it's time to go back in there and get that boy good. "Got everything Christie?" Yep. Follow me, there's the tent. Let's hide behind the bushes. Here give me the phone. "Here ya go." Thanks. Here it goes. Let's go with the girl scream.

(AHHHHHHH!!!!!!)  HOLY CRAP!! What was that?! Was that a scream?! Ok, Franky maybe your just hallucinating. That's it. Hallucinating, it wasn't real. (AHHHHHHH!!!!!)  Oh God, it was real!! Ok. I...I...I gotta get out of here!! (scrambles out of the tent) Oh geez, it's pitch black. Which way do I go?!?! (rustling in the bushes) Who's there? Stay back.....stay back!! (head rolls out of the bushes) AHHHH!!! It's a head!!! Someone was killed!! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! Gotta get out of here now!!

Devin grab Franky now before he runs. Quick!! "Ahhhh!!!, whose grabbing me?? Let go!! Let go!!" (laughter) "Wait a second, Christie is that you?!" I see you caught on. (flashlight turns on) "Christie what the heck!!! And you too Devin?! I HATE you guys!!!" Oh, come on Franky we were just joking. Right Devin? "Of course, we were just joking. Come on Franky, don't be mad. It was a joke." Yeah Franky, it was my idea anyways, not Devins. We were just having fun. "FUN?!?! You call that fun?!?! That wasn't anywhere close to fun. You guys just please leave me alone.

Franky, we're sorry. Come on, I'm your sister. You can't be mad at me. "Well guess what? I am!!" Dude, at least come back to the house with us. We will have real fun. We won't joke around anymore. "Says you, what about Christie? She lives for playing jokes on me." Well of course I like it, your my little brother. But I won't do it if you come back to the house with us. "Sorry sis, I don't believe you. Nothing could stop you from pranking and scaring. I'm staying here the rest of the night. Please leave me alone." We'll leave, but I really am sorry. We will come get you in the morning. Sorry.

The End

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