Ch. 4 Getting Settled

Ugh. Why?! Why did I agree to this?! I'm so stupid. Oh well, not much I can do about it now. Better set up my tent and get stuff ready before it's completely pitch black. Now, let's see. This should be easy, Dad taught me how to set up a tent before he left on his business trip. Aha. I got it now. This piece goes here, and this one goes there. Yeah!! I got this down!! Franky is unstoppable!!! Haha!! Take that stupid woods!!

There, finished. It's almost dark now. Gotta eat, my tummy ain't gonna starve!! Let's see what did mom pack me for goin to David's. A lunchable?!?! Geez Mom, what am I? Like 8?!?! I guess that's better than nothing. At least it's the pizza lunchable. And it's pepperoni!! That makes me happier!! Let's open this thing up. MMMMM!! This is yummy!!

Get away you dumb squirrel. Stay away from my food!!(squirrel gets closer) Shoo!!(squirrel jumps on him)  AHHHH!!! Get him off of me!! HELP!!! Here!! You can have the rest!! (squirrel runs and takes the food and goes up tree)  GEEZ. It's official, I hate nature. Well, now it's dark. I'm gonna go in the tent and text David.

Franky: wat up dude?
David: not much. you?
Franky: stayin the night in the woods alone.
David: wat?!?! your mom let you?! plus aren't you scared?!
Franky: she thinks i'm at your house. christie dared me too. i'm not scared!! geez!!
David: alright, fun times. lol. good thing your not scared.
Franky: yeah, i guess.
David: sorry, i have to go now. have stuff to do. ttyl
Franky: ok.

Now what do I do? I have this flashlight, make shadow puppets maybe? Nah, I'm not a complete dork. Let's see what else is in my bag. A book, not really into reading but I guess I can just read until I fall asleep. It's almost 11 now anyway. This book is called scary stories. Haha. I bet this was Christie's idea. Nice try. It's not bad to get scared sometimes is it? I will read this just for the fun of it. I promise myself I will NOT get paranoid. Here it goes.

The End

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