Ch. 3 Friday Evening

Hey Franky, Do you know where your sister is? "Yeah, she's in her room." Thanks, so I heard your gonna be in the woods all night. Lookin forward to it? "I guess, what a guy has to do to prove his bravery." Haha, yeah. Well at least you will have your cell phone if you get scared. "That's not gonna happen, I'm not scared of anything." Alright, just sayin. Well I'm gonna go talk to Christie now. "Ok."

Hey girl, what's goin on over here? "Just gettin stuff ready for tonight. Ahhh!!! I'm sooo excited!! There's so much stuff!!! We have scary masks, weird sounds on my phone, and a fake head!! Haha, calm down a little bit. A fake head?? What are we gonna do with that?? "Sorry, that's hard for me to do. You'll see, oh you will see" Ok then?? So, you almost ready to go? "Yeah, I'm ready." Then lets hit the road!!

Christie!!! Come here!! "Coming Mother!" Christy!! "I'm coming!! Ugh!! I swear Devin, my mom is becoming deaf. I guess that's what old age does to you. Haha. Let's go before she shouts again." Christy!!! "See what I mean? I called it!! Haha!!

Here Mother, what's up? "Just seeing if your leaving soon, I don't want Franky to have to walk in the dark. You know how many scary movies he watches. It's not normal for a boy his age to get that scared." Mom, were gonna be walking with him. "I know, but you know how he gets." I know, I will see ya later. Bye. Love you. "Love you too sweety. Be careful!!"

Let's go before the over protective mother stops us again. Haha. Ready Franky? "Yep!!" You ready Devin? "I have never been more ready in my whole life!! Let's go!!" Geez Devin, Haha. Calm down. "Sorry, but I actually have stuff to do tonight." Yeah right, Hehe. Fine, let's go. Since your so ready. "About time."

Here we are o brother of mine. See ya later. "Your not gonna say anything else besides that? Your just gonna dump me here?" Uh...Try not to die? Haha. "Oh, your such a great sister." Thanks!! I try so hard. "Alright, see ya Devin, see ya Christie." Bye!! Have fun!! "See ya dude."

The End

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