Ch.2 Planning

Hey Devin, How ya doin this fine Thursday morning?!?! "Eh, school is school." know your my best friend right??? "What do you need Christie?" Why do you always assume I need somethng? Hehe. "Haha, Christie we have been friends forever, I know you."

Alright you got me, I was wondering if you could help me scare Franky this Friday night. I dared him to spend the night in the woods. "You sure do love torturing that boy don't you?" Ohhh, I wouldn't say I love it. It's just somethin fun to do to pass the time. So you in?

"Ummm....I don't know, what's in it for me?" Devin, after this long of being friends you don't want to do it just for the fun?! "Haha, Come on Christie. I know your plans, they get really crazy." Hehe, They're not that crazy. But I'm sure I can find
somethin just for you.

"Well, I guess I will do it, just for you." Thank you sooo much!!! This is gonna be great!! "So what do you have on your mind to do to him?" Haha, let's see. He's already as paranoid as ever, so something simple will do fine. I mean, come on, Franky gets scared if you just start telling a ghost story.

"That's the truth, Haha." Ok, well meet me tomorrow evening at my house. We will walk Franky out to the woods and leave. Then come back to give him the scare of his life around 11pm. "Haha, ok. I'll see ya then. Text me later. Can't wait!!" I will, I can't wait either. Muahahaha.

The End

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