Brother and sister Christie and Franky are having an awesome time goofing around until Christie, 16, dares her 13 year old brother Franky to stay the night in the woods. Everything goes wrong when Franky goes missing. Christie and her friends set out to find Franky

"Christie!!! Where are you?!! Its Franky!!"  Haha...how can he think that would work? It's called hide and seek for a reason. I'm not 5 anymore, I'm 16 now. If he doesn't find me soon I'm gonna sneak up and scare him. Haha!! "Christie!!!????" he yelled again. Alright that's it I'm gonna go find that boy. Aha!! There he is!! Good thing I brought my awesome voice changer with me." Franky, come here", I said.

"Who's there?!?!" he stuttered. Just a friend, trust me. "Is that you Christie?! Show yourself!!" ROAR!!! I jumped out of the bush right in front him. "Ahhhhh!!!" he screamed. HAHAHAHA!!! I got you good Franky. "Don't do that!! You freakin scared me!!" That's the point idiot.

"Let's go home, I don't like playing in these woods." Franky said.  Why? You scared? "No, it's just dangerous". Franky, your the only 13 year old boy I know who wouldn't want to play in the woods. "Whatever, let's go home." Fine. But I still think your scared of the woods. "I am not!!" Franky says angrily. Prove it scaredy cat.

"How?" Spend the night in the woods. "You know Mom would never let me" Then don't tell her, just say your goin to a friends house. "Fine, I will tell her tonight that I'm goin to Davids house on Friday."  Good. Hope your ready for the night of your life. Hahaha!! "I am." Franky said assuredly.

The End

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