As I get into bed I fall asleep for a few hours.What woke me up was a sound in the kitchen. Something smashed.I crept in mum and dad´s room they were still asleep so it wasn´t them.Am I just hearing things?Am I dreaming or am I crazy? I bravely head down stairs. I´m scared. No one is in the living room,thankfully.So I decide to investigate the kitchen. Someone´s there dressed in a black mask.He´s a man.!Quite tall and skinny with a black uniform on.He has a sack over his shoulder.H can´t be Santa because it´s in the middle of spring.He´s a bugalar!!! I can  see him taking our china tea set.I immediatly have a plan.I´ll wait until he comes.Then I´ll sneak up behind him and bash him on the head wih one of dad´s baseball bats.So I wait patiently for the mysterious man.I grasp the baseball bat tightly.He carafully comes into the living room while I´m still ad silent.He is just in the right position.I lift the baseball bat up and...WACK!!!!!!He falls to the ground.I shout for mum and dad.They come running .They ask me so many questions and I answer them all.We call the poilice and I explain every single detail about the bugalar.When the bugalar finally comes round he is arrested and everything is returned to it´s rightful plave

The End

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