I´m in my dark silent room wide awake.I´m trying to get to sleep but I keep tossing and turning.Everwhere I lie is just lumpy and uncomftable.I´m starving too I didn´t eat dinner.My stomach is making strange rumbling noises so I creep out of bed and quietly open my door.I tiptoe down the landing and I slowly walk down stairs.I head for the kitchen and open cupboards. We need to go shopping, theres ony cereal left.I look through the fridge and find some choclate.I look at the clock its MIDNIGHT! I silently scatter off to my room.I turn on my lamp and hungrily bite choclate.It´s so creamy and tender it makes my mouth water.So I munch and munch until it´s all gone.Oh no I feel sick.I race off to the bathroom and sit down then in the morning I find mysef waking up in the bathroom!

The End

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