the midgets launch a sudden attack with dessert spoons

They attack me, striking out with the dessert spoons. Hitting me on the head, knees, back and anywhere else the saw an opening. How am i suppose to fight all these sticky, slimy midgets. Especially when they are armed.

 Then it dawns on me, this is my dream i make the rules. i shut my eyes and try to block out the pain but it does not work. I try to dream up  a big, brown, jam eating bear. After a few seconds and several more spoonings i hear a mighty roar and high pitched screaming. i realize i have stopped being attacked and open my eyes.

There at the far end of the room is the biggest bear i have ever seen. (which is not hard as i have never seen a bear before). It lashes out with its huge paws connecting with the midgets, it makes a slapping sound as the midgets hit the walls. everywhere the midgets are running in circles, running in to each other, running for their little jam covered lives.

The bear takes no mercy and gobbles them up like a fat kid with a bag of jelly babies. just as he is finishing his last jam covered midget i feel something wet on my forehead. it's running down the side of my face. I  reach a finger up and touch it, it comes away wet and sticky. i follow the trail back up to my head and realize the midgets have cracked my skull. i smell and taste the liquid on my finger.

The End

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