midgets in jams

i wake up to a squelching noise, the room is dark and there is the faint smell of strawberry. i reach over to turn on the lamp and my hand touches something hairy but slimy, i jump back and reach for the lamp on the other side of the bed, as my eyes adjust to the bright light i think i am seeing things, i rub my eyes but my eyes did not deceive me what i saw was horrible, there were seven midgets covered head to toe in strawberry jam, there was a ear piercing scream "aaaayyyyaaaa" followed by a smashing of glass it was the lamp light bulb, it was pitch black and there was silence i was too shocked to move, then i hear whispers full of malice, "ninja stealth, ninja stealth" over and over again. i stand up and jump out of bed, i make a dash for the bedroom door but there were two midgets in jam blocking the way. they were still chanting "ninja stealth", i spin around and dived for the window. my bedroom is two floors up, i was going to jump on to the grass below i was petrified. i grab the handle and lift it as hard and as fast as i can, but it snaps in my hand. i panic i freeze i don't know what to do. behind me i hear the squelching and the chanting "ninja stealth, ninja stealth" i close my eyes and pray like Ive never prayed before (in fact that wasn't too hard i don't think i have ever prayed before) i count to ten and open my eyes,

and when i do.........

The End

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