Jodie meets a few guys from Final Fantasy VII... Not to mention, they're INSANELY HOT!!! XD

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Far beyond the moon, stars, and all you can possibly see from your own eyes, lies one of the most beautiful sights of the universe. A lush planet full of life, named Kratos.

Kratos was once rich with forestry, flowers, and wildlife, and was definitently remarkable, with it's crystal mountains, valleys full of hot springs...

But that was then. This is now.

20,000 AC (After creation)

In the slums of Midgar, Kratos, thousands of people take refuge. Not from war, not from the harsh animals, but from the environment.

Scientists around five months ago, in an attempt to extract more mako from the core of their planet, decided to put a satellite in orbit that had magnetic properties that were known to help siphon mako...

...Not a good choice...

A few hours later, the sun was magnetized towards Kratos, and luckily, the high powered Air conditioner vents and the four hundred yards of concrete saved Midgar and the slums from being destroyed.

But, everyone was in great fear, riots took place. Buildings were burnt down. And all cities outside of Midgar's reaches were destroyed.

Nobody seems to think we will survive.

The concrete shield grows weaker by the minute.

What will happen?


The End

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