Middle School is the End of the World

Edie Bohanan has just started the sixth grade. Although her mothersays she is very mature for 11, Edie is faced with challenges and struggles this year that will test her faith in the world.

 "Edie!  Edie!  You have to get out of your seat!  It's a fire drill!"  I knew I heard the teacher calling my name, but I could not make my body move from my seat.  I didnt' have the power over it. 
     I remembered why I couldn't move.  If I got out of my seat, everyone would see that I was wearing my pink, fuzzy slippers.  I had begged my mother for them for weeks.  They were so fluffy and soft, I was dying for them.  If everyone saw them, I'd be the laughing stock of the sixth grade.  My beloved slippers were about to become the prime suspect in the death of my social standing.

The End

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