What Have I Done?

3 weeks went by REALLY fast. Our next rotation was reading. All you did was sit there and read the whole time. You were not allowed to talk at all. Sometimes you played the most dorkiest games ever invented on this planet. Yeah, something was wrong with the teacher. This rotation did not go by fast at all. Mia got more braver every single day about Justin. Mia would now follow him after school almost every day so she could talk to him. She wanted me to be there with her because it would "encourage" him to talk to her. I really had no choice because she was the person I hung out with after school because our parents picked us up later on. After reading class, Mia would wait for him and try to get him alone so she could talk to him. I was always with her. Even Cailey would be with us some time. All of these meetings with Justin being there piled up one after another. My mistake was being with too many people who wanted to mess with him. Amariah and Justin weren't even friends so she loved to mess with him. One day after school, she asked me to go with her to talk to him. I said sure. Soon as we walked up to Justin, Amariah asked to touch his hair. He has just gotten a haircut. WHAT THE HECK AMARIAH? She would always mess with him and I would sometimes take up for him and say leave him alone. I guess for Justin, that wasn't enough. Justin started going around telling everyone that I was a stalker. He also said I was the one who followed him after school everyday and I was the one who asked him weird things like to touch his hair. Mhmm, now as I recall that was MIA and AMARIAH. So why did Justin want to blame it all on me? That is exactly how my 6th grade year ended. I was known as the stalker of Justin and the girl with the bad attitude. Well.....I had no problem with the second one because it was true. 

The End

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