Hard to Move On

I think Mia took that acceptance a little too well. Oh, who am I kidding? She thought I could completely get over him in about a week. Everytime Justin would walk by, Nia had to comment. "Oh look Christina, he is so cute." or "What is he doing? Haha, I have never seen anyone do that before". I just wanted to yell at her to shut up. It was not fun for me to completely hear the same thing over and over again. Justin & I still talked but not like that. I tried to actually completely as just a friend to him except that I called him JJ which no one else did. Global Languages ended and I moved on to something called Rotations. For 3 weeks each, you would go to either art, religion, or reading with the same group of people. Guess who was in my group? Justin, Mia, AND Cailey. That was just my luck, huh? On the bright side, Cailey was mostly quiet. Mia and Justin were the main problems. Mia had more access to talk to Justin and well I wasn't the happiest about that. I guess inside my heart, I did still like him and I didn't want to throw the kind of relationship we had away. Our first class together was Art. We were in that class for about 3 weeks and it was actually fun. Justin kept trying to talk to me like how we did before and I was scared too. Mia would try to interrupt the conversations and put herself into them. I actually thought it was pretty fun. Everytime Justin said something to me, Mia just had to say something that would place her in the conversation.

Justin and I were doing really good on the complete friends level until one day. We had just come from lunch and a girl named Cameron had went and told everyone that me and Justin were dating. Of course, Justin would blame it ALL on me and got mad. Later on that day, we had art. He asked me why I went and told everyone we were dating. I did not was exactly my response. Guess what Justin told me? He said that he never wanted to talk to me again. I said okay. After school that day, Amariah, Kayla, Mia and I laughed about it. Soon after, Amariah and Mia left. It was only me and Kayla in the plaza. We were talking when Justin walked up to us and started talking to me. He was asking weird questions like "What kind of car does your mom drive?" and "What color is it?". I answered him and he just said simply "oh". He actually left before Kayla did. Once he left, Kayla started attacking me with questions which were actually good ones.

"Why was he trying to get rid of me by asking if all of the silver cars were my mom's?", she asked.

"I don't know", I replied. It was true though. He kept asking if all of these cars were her mom's car. I never really paid that much attention to it until now. I guess he was trying to get rid of her. Then, Kayla asked me a question about something that I should have paid attention to!

"Didn't he say earlier that he wasn't going to talk to you ever again", Kayla asked curiously. She was so right. I didn't even think about that. He said he wasn't talking to me again so why was he? He was acting like nothing happened. I wish I would have thought about that when he was here. Dang it Christina!!!

The End

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