I Had No Idea!

Believe it or not, my crazy life actually STARTED in 6th grade. I remember the first day of school. I only knew 5 girls that I had met before at orientations. Did I mention it was about 160 kids in my grade? It was pretty hard to walk through a hallway looking for someone I actually knew out of so many kids. It eventually got better with the students though. By the end of the week, words had gotten around about me. Everyone knew who I was and wanted to talk to me. That was pretty cool, huh? The first 3 months went by pretty fast and were actually amazing for me. I had made TONS of friends. I even started hanging out with some girls of half of my race, African American. I met a girl named Kayla and Amariah who were best friends. Kayla was on another team than me. There are 2 different teams in our grade. One team is yellow and the other is purple. The only difference between the two teams was that you had different teachers plus you hardly got to see the people on the other team. Amariah was on the same team with me. We were in all of the same classes except Physical Education. Amariah was really pretty, but her attitude *PAUSE* not so much. I would look past it sometimes and we actually became pretty good friends. Even though, I tried to ignore the flaws of Amariah, it did not work. She was the MAIN reason of how my troubles at school got started. Amariah liked a guy named Justin. Justin was a light-skinned African American with the most prettiest eyes. He was almost there on the chubby side but he was really nice. Did I mention that Justin was in my Global Languages class? Amariah was so happy about that. I told her it was no big deal. She asked me if I would ask him if he liked her. OF COURSE with me being so young, I was still immature and I told her I would.  The next day, I was on to my mission! I walked in to class early that day and to my surprise, Justin was already there. It was about 5 minutes before class started. So I was like Christina, this is your time! Go ask him! So I walked over to him and put my books on the desk next to him and sat down. I am assuming that at the time I was officially in the territory of trouble.

"Hi Justin!", I said with the most nervous smile ever.

"Hey", he said and smiled. That smile just made me feel extremely happy and comfortable. I felt like he was really cool and we could be great friends. I felt as if I might as well just get to the point and not just stand there smiling like an idiot.

"Sooo....I am just going to get to the point. You know Amariah, right?"

"Yeah. Why?", he said curiously.

"Well....she likes you and she wanted to know if you were interested in her too." , I said shyly. He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"I'm sorry but I don't like her in that way", he said in the nicest way possible. Whoa! Big Shocker there. She was really pretty and far as I knew, no one knew how she really acted. I guess Justin did. I don't know how but I guess that will always be a question that won't be answered.

With me being a good friend, I didn't want to tell Amariah the COMPLETE truth. I told her that he said that he didn't like her right now but it was because he didn't really know her, which in my opinion could have been the truth in a way. Her response was oh cool. She didn't say his name for about a week. I assumed she was really hurt. One day in English class, me and Amariah were just joking around. We have school emails and we were both logged on. Out of nowhere, Amariah stated that she wanted me to ask Justin if he liked her again. She thought maybe he had changed his mind. I wasn't so sure. At that point, Amariah grabbed my computer and sent the email. You would never guess that sending an email like that would bring so much crap into someone's life, would you? Later on that night, Justin replied. All he said was "No". Justin & I actually had become really good friends. We would sit next to each other every day in Global Languages along with another guy named Bill. So you know, we were buddies. So I started messing with him through email. This is our emails went:

Lol isn't it your bedtime? Why are you emailing me this late? - Christina

Haha actually I don't have a bedtime ~ Justin

I am so sure! You better get into your dora bed wearing your spongebob pajamas! ~ Christina

How did you know? & I happen to love them! ~ Justin

Hahaha you better go to bed. Your mom is coming down the hallway right now. ~ Christina

No she isn't. She had to take one of my family members to the airport. ~ Justin

Haha okay Justin! ~ Christina

Then, he went offline and logged off of the school's email. The next day when we were in Global Languages class, he sat next to me. He started laughing about our emails and so did I. He even told our teacher and the rest of the classmates who already thought we were dating. And he started calling me a name and joking about it. Ummm, excuse me? A STALKER?

The End

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