‘You liar’ I screamed running in to our quarters. Jumping on the bed pounding my fists at James, sleeping, all wrapped up in his silk Pyjamas’ and rich cotton sheets.

Hitting him as hard as I could shouting, with every pound I screamed louder. Like a mad woman possessed, I didn’t care. I just wanted to hurt him like he was hurting them. Oh how he had mocked me, laughing behind my back. The captain must thought I was so dull and boring, a meek and mild woman who does just as she is told. All that talk at dinner of the welfare of the slaves. All lies. He lied to me. The one I love the most, he lied.

‘You lied, you lied to me’. the tears running down my face. He put his hands up against his face, protecting himself as I slapped him bout his head. Not caring how hard I hit.

‘What are you rambling about woman’ he scolded in a tone I hadn’t heard before. Pushing me off him and jumping out of his bed, as I lay weeping, on my side, my head in my hands.

He paced the room his hands on his hips.

‘You mad woman, what have you done Annabelle?’ Back and forth he went muttering to him self then shouting out questions. Firing them at me just like he would a pistol.

‘Were have you been’ he said lowering his voice, finally calming down and coming over to me. Kneeling in front of me, pulling me up to sitting.

I didn’t want to look at his face. I couldn’t. This liar, who was making a fool out of me.

‘Annie’ He said softly, moving my hair off my face. Holding my hands together in my lap.

‘My dear dear Annie’.

‘You liar, you lied’ I sobbed.

‘They, them, the people’ I added lifting my head looking into his cold eyes. Seeing him for what he really was. For the first time ever.

A rich, only child, never had to fight for anything. Treating people like animals.

‘Oh Annie’ he sighed. Getting up and turning his back on me. The light of the candles slowly dying down. Casting shadows around the room. His expensive clothes hung up on the back of the door. His hat and musket standing next to his boots. A bowl of fruit on the table. His empty wine glass next to mine. Riches away from home.

‘Annabelle, Annabelle’ He turned pointing his finger out at me, his face stern, looking crossly at me.

‘When will you learn? The world is run by money. Its not all Needle work and ball gowns’.

My eyes followed hi around the room as he started undressing, getting his day clothes ready to put on.

‘You stupid little woman, they are the lowest of the low. They are well looked after, they have food and water.’ he shook his head.

‘You didn’t see how they lived, in huts made of grass and mud. They sat in the dirt, slept with their animals. This is far better than they deserve.’ He huffed, fastening his jacket and pulling it straight. Looking in the make shift mirror hung on the wall.

‘But the children’ I whimpered.

‘And the man with no hand, what did he do, what did he do to you’ I spat.

‘Huh’ he gave me a look of disgust.

‘Disobeyed my orders’ He shouted back. And he put on his hat, slipping his feet in his boots, standing by the door, just about to go out of it. Escaping the confrontation while he could.

‘And I obey you, to be sanctioned to this room until we dock’ And with that he headed out of the door, slamming it hard and turning the key in the lock.

His betrayal of words ringing in my head.

The End

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