11. LealaMature

"Morning, people!" I greet our little friendship group brightly, as I sit down at the breakfast table.

"Hi hi!" Leala exclaims happily. 

"Good morning" Damien smiles. This smile is a genuine smile, not a strained one like from last night.

"Hey" Sarah says. She doesn't smile or look up from her magazine, but at least she says something. 

"Yellope" Adam grins. He passes me a not under the table. "So... since it's a training day, what are we going to do?" he says to distract everyone while I unfold the little piece of paper.

you didn't come

Didn't come? Oh, oops. I start searching for a pen and Adam pushes one into my hand. 

sorry, I fell asleep before Sarah did

I shove the note into his hand.

"I think we should... ummm... err... uhhh... OK, I have no idea what I think we should do" I say. A few seconds later, the note comes back.

oh, ok. wasn't Leala in your dorm? 

no. she was going to get guess who but she disappeared

I put the note on Adam's seat.

"Why don't we go swimming?" Damien suggests as he piles up the bowls. 

"Swimming?" I ask "This place has a pool?"

"Three, actually. But you already knew that because you brought a swimming costume" Sarah says. 

"I actually brought it just in case"

"Uh! I'll go get it. make sure you're in the common room before I am or I'll waste time taking it back up"

"Yeah, sure, whatever" Leala says "I'll go get it for you. I have to get mine anyway, I don't want her touching my stuff" she runs off after Sarah.

"Damien, would you mind getting mine? My door's unlocked" Adam asks Damien.

"Coarse" Damien gets up and leaves.

"She disappeared" Adam immediately quizzes me.

"Yeah. She said she was going to get Guess Who, but she never came back. And when we went up to the dorm, she wasn't there" I tell him as we walk to the common room.

"That's strange. This morning she told us that you didn't come in till real late. She said she thought it was really weird because she got up in the night and your bed was empty, then when she came out of the bathroom, you were in your bed, asleep"

"Listen, she's lying. You know I went straight to my dorm when the bell went. I swear she wasn't there, the room was empty. I checked the bathroom" 

"OK., I believe you. It's happened before, you know. Leala was gone for three whole days, when she walked into the breakfast room as if she hadn't been missing. She told us this story about how she'd been looking for us for ages and she couldn't find us. Then she asked us where we'd been. I didn't really think anything of it then because she was new. But then it happened again, three times. It happens every time she has one of those dodgy mood swings. She just... disappears afterwards. And it's like the more we look for her, the longer she stays away. I'm kinda worried about her"

"Me too. I'll ask her about it later-"

"Ask me about what?" Leala asks. I realise that we've been standing outside the common room for a while.

"How much of that did you hear?" Adam questions her before I can answer.

"Not much. I heard my name so I came out to see who was talking"

"Oh, well, I'm going to ask you where you went after you said you were going to get Guess Who"

"I didn't go anywhere. The Dorm Bell went when I was halfway down the stairs so I just went back up and went to bed" she says, daring me to contradict her with her eyes.

"No, I came up when the Dorm Bell went and you weren't in the dorm. I checked everywhere" 

"Aislinn, I was in bed when you came up because I heard you" she frowns. Well, that sounds a lot different to what you told the others, Leala. Adam gives me a look that tells me I shouldn't say anything else.

"Oh, well, I might've missed you if you sleep close to the wall" I say, pretending I believe what I'm saying. I know she doesn't sleep close to the wall. She sleeps on her front right in the middle of the bed. "It's easily done"

"Yep. When I lived at home I kept thinking my brother wasn't there because he sleeps close to the wall" Adam puts in, but he gives me another look and I suddenly know that he doesn't even have a brother. He's an only child, like me. I wonder why he doesn't talk about his family, but then Damien comes out telling us to just drop it coz we've got to go otherwise the pool will be full and we'll have to trek across the whole school to get to one of the others. "Ha! Haven't we been there before?" Adam laughs before we set off.

The End

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