9. Code NamesMature

"Code names!" Leala sings as she throws open the door of the common room where me, Damien, Adam and unfortunately) Sarah are all sitting on a different coloured beanbag in front of the TV, watching Spongebob.

"Code names?" Adam asks through a mouthful of Pringles. I don't even know how he does it. I can only fit two in at once, he's got about five. And besides, Pringles should be eaten one by one so that they last longer, even if they are addictive.

"Code names" Leala repeats as she flops onto the red beanbag.

"What about them?" Damien asks.

"We need them" she answers.

"Why?" I ask, tucking a light pink streak behind my ear.

"Well, because if we're talking about something we don't want the whole school to know about, we need to use different names" Leala says simply. I give her a confused look.

Damien grins and  nods enthusiastically "Yes! That's a really good idea" he exclaims.

"God, get more excited" Sarah mutters.

"So Sarah" I say "Why don't you go first?" Adam opens his mouth, probably to object, but Leala stops him.

"No, that's a great idea Aislinn!" she says.

"Oh, OK" she sits up, all I'm-So-Important and bitchy. "I'll be Princesa"

That makes me laugh "Oh, OK. Let's stay on the languages theme. I'll be Inteligente"

Adam catches my eye and grins. "All right. I get to be Descarado" 

"Which makes me Parlanchín!" Leala exclaims happily

"So that means I'm Llanura" Damien smiles.

"Well, I have to go now" and with that, Sarah flicks her hair and leaves.

"Now, would Leala care to tell us the real reason?"

"Certainly. It's against her. If we're talking about stuff and we don't want her to twist it and spread rumours, we have to use different names. Hidden ones" she explains.

"Ah. I see" Damien says "I'll be That Boy"

"I get it" I agreed "I'm This Girl"

"This'll confuse everybody. I'm gonna be This Boy... or This Other Boy, depending" Adam grins.

"So that makes me That Girl. This is gonna be sooooooo good! We need to test it at dinner" Leala beams. "And Sarah is One Girl"

The End

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