7. DumpedMature

When I wake up, I'm wide awake. Did that day actually happen? Could Sarah actually be that mean? I look over at Leala, she's still asleep. 

I don't know whether I should tell anyone about what Sarah said.

It's only half seven, so I have a shower, get dressed and go to the cante- the dining hall. There's hardly anyone there, but I don't plan to get anything yet. When I go in I notice Damien sitting at our table. He has his head in his hands. 

"Hey" I say as I sit opposite him.

"Hey" he whispers. 

"Damien, are you OK?" I ask. He shakes his head and looks up at me. His eyes are sore and wet.

"Oh my God, Damien! What's wrong?" I exclaim. 

"She left me. She came in about five minutes after the bell and told me it's over" he sighs as tears start trickling down his cheeks. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" I go round the table and hug him. He hugs me back. Oh, speak of the devil. Sarah shoots me a venomous glare as she walks in, then she flicks her hair and walks away. She doesn't give Damien a backwards glance. She never loved him. She just wanted a boyfriend to be popular. She disgusts me. 

"It's fine" Damien smiles at me. We go to get some cereal and as we sit down, Leala turns up. She grabs a bowl of Coco Pops and sits down opposite us. 

"Oh Damien, I'm so sorry" she says when she sees his red-rimmed eyes. 

"I'm fine" he says. A few minutes of Leala chatting about how unfair her German teacher is, and Adam shows up. He picks up a bowl of Shreddies on the way to the table, takes one look at Damien and

"Told you it wouldn't last" he comments.

"Adam!" me and Leala exclaim at the same time. 

"What? I'm just saying," he mumbles, then adds "Sorry" to Damien. Damien shakes his head.

"It's fine" he says for the third time.

"That's good. Hey, Aislinn?" 


"I've decided I'm gonna call you Nerdina in memory of Weebchenina over there, coz I thought it was funny" he grins.

"First of all, it's Weibchen, with a 'vuh' sound. Secondly, if it was in memory if her it would mean that she's dead. And thirdly," I turn to everyone else "only Adam is allowed to call me Nerdina because he isn't giving me a choice"

Everyone laughs.

The End

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